Thursday, October 6, 2016

Diamond and Silk Blacks as Americans - United We Stand

Election News with JB and Tim 
authors of "TRUMPED"
Diamond and Silk  
-Blacks as Americans - 
United We Stand

Yesterday (Wensday) was a real heart clincher. Whenever you see and hear Americans of all different colors, faiths, and cultures coming together under the Banner of Americans you gain a real appreciation of The United States of America's success.

I thought that JB Williams did just a fantastic job as Host along with Timothy Harrington on the Show. My heart was moved at the personal revelation JB shared of raising three boys in his home as family who he helped guide through the racial divide to an American realization of opportunity.

The Guest Diamond and Silk with there delightful and fresh takes on the Truth in standing United as Americans was very encouraging and places the hope as the guiding light of the North Star for our United States of America to find a way through the haze and fog meant to divide and estrange our unique and brilliant Light here in the United States of America.

It was my pleasure to be part of the show as JB graciously acknowledged me and through the grace of God we collectively come together to help all of America understand Birthers as standing up for the United States of America in a unique and special American Qualification for the Office of President.

It's not about color , it's about the Constitution for which we Stand with Liberty and Justice for All. I don't want to spoil it all so I'll just encourage you to listen to the Show.

Breaking News:

 DIAMOND and SILK Highlight Predictions "American Birther Baby" prior 2nd Debate-  from Interview by JB Williams & Timothy Harrington ELECTION NEWS with JB & TIM with Guest Caller Presidential Candidate Cody Robert Judy.

 Before 2nd Debate Diamond & Silk Interview caught Question about Black Brown and White American Birther Baby of Hillary Clintons Trump has lined up. See their prediction about the Fight Trump's bringing that will in their words "take Hillary out like a gnat!" , in their take on 2nd Debate.

 Do you think it's True?
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