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Americans Tire of Being Called Racist by Race-Bating Media

Americans Tire of Being Called Racist by Race-Bating Media

The Main Stream Media  with all of it's professionalism, glamor, and advertising revenue was called "very corrupt and so dishonest" by President-Elect Donald Trump about as much as Democratic Party Coranated Candidate Hillary Clinton lashed out "Donald Trump was the leader of The Birther Movement that tried to de-legitimize America's first black President. " When it suits the Main Stream Media  (MSM) they sting Candidates with Fact-Checkers , but what about the same principles applied to them when it comes to exposing the 'corrupt and so dishonest' agenda that spews out like garbage on the American People? 

Racism is a crime in America and it's time that Race-Baiting be seen as an Agenda driven passive aggressive reporting tool used to incite violence and Injustice upon those it is being used against by the MSM. 

Frankly, I'm appalled by the dishonest Reporting that have hidden and covered up the Facts on so-called Birtherism as a Racist Bigotry Movement as if it was the new KKK of America, when as I'll show you, it is exactly the opposite and worse the MSM has been continually notified about the Facts making their action pre-meditated .  

Through the GroupThink syndrome of many MSM Sources, that seem to feed off the toxic air of their favored Candidate , they have set-up Camp on anti-American values and principles that requires an almost constant barrage of Race-Baiting Tactics. The crisis victims are the people who are trapped in their exclusive coverage-  The Democrats. 

Recently Jeffery Lord stated in a quick rebuttal on Anderson Cooper's 360 that, " Birtherism" was in no way Racist .  A panel of four others along with Anderson Cooper were aghast. Mr. Lord brought out two facts to back up his assertion. 

1- Chester Arthur who served as VP and took over as President after the President was assassinated  was born in Canada .  He was "caucasion" and suffered such a ground-swell of opposition as to not being Constitutionally Qualified that he burned his identification. 

2- Sen John McCain , also caucasion, was born in Panama never acknowledged as a 'State' of the Union was sued as the GOP Nominee by this author as a Presidential Candidate with Standing in 2008. The Judge abstentiously delayed ruling on the Case until after the Election and used McCain's loss as Evidence pointing to Obama as the responsible Candidate for Qualification due to his winning calling the claim against McCain after the Election "moot". 

Why has the MSM, including Wikipedia , actual singularized Birtherism as poignantly against Obama? Why did Candidate Clinton continually bring up Obama's "color" as the factor of Birtherism when the facts present the concern against two caucasion people who either inherited or came within a hair of the Office of President? And why has the MSM suddenly victimized Muslims as a tenant if Birtherism when not one Law Suit insist or claimed a Religious Test for the President was in violation? These are Legal Facts the MSM chooses to cover-up and ignore. 

On top of that, why has the MSM not covered in their presentation that every U.S. President Since the Founding was a [ Citizen at the time of the Adoption of the U.S Constitution ] or a [ natural born Citizen ie. Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents ] accept Chester Arthur and Barack Obama? 

The Law & Order never changed. In fact the Legislative Mandate remains [ Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents- as defining ( natural born Citizen) through eight attempts to change it since 2003 that all failed, as well as the Judiciary Committee of Congress taking up Hearing on it in 2000 and it failing. 

These are not ancient relics in Case and Legislation requiring weeks of microfilm study and deciphering of hand-written ACTS .  These are very well Googled and typed in discernable faunts. 

As a Candidate for President in the Democratic Party twice, 2012 and 2016, I can attest with some 15 Cases I've been involved in from sea-to-shining-sea across America including two in the U.S. Supreme Court 12-5276 & 14-9396 , that the Standard of Race-Bating Corruption and Dishonesty bluntly covering up and denying the Facts meets the definition of Corruption and Dishonesty. 

I am Taking A Stand, I have Taken A Stand, and I will continue to Take A Stand to Expose the dirty rotten corruptive corrosive and hellish stinking cesspool that is dripping out the MSM Facet labeling Americans , who have with their loyalty and allegiance of two generations, born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents, qualified for the Office of President and been called "Racist- Biggots" by the MSM. 

It is especially pungent that this American  loyalty and allegiance receive such nefarious ridicule and that well educated , articulate, and beautiful people on the outside in the MSM can be so ravenous and horrid on the inside as to disparage Facts and Evidence as horrid as Mrs. Hupp, recently featured on Dateline as stranger-than-fiction in an unscrupulous insanity willing to harm innocent people to absolve her own greedy selfish incessant appetites for murder, in the order of looking like an angel. 

To say JUSTICE for ALL is the Standard and than to disparage the poor with Injustice is a horrendous moral outrage of the current U.S. Supreme Court Justices, that unless somehow reversed and revisited or recompensed will remain a stain upon the MSM and Justice in America as a Race-Baiting Merit Badge by Corrupt Justices as the Example of Corrupt Political Practise that can only be regarded as Treason on Truth, Treason on Justice, and Treason upon the United States of America!

If President Elect Donald Trump and his Justice Department decide to do nothing about this, we will know it is business as usual and the Establishment Purge of both Major Parties the American People voted for in Electing him was a waste or is at best window shopping. The People looked but could not have any Justice. 

There is no Minority who is willing to sacrifice Justice on an individual who can claim a Righteous Cause; but only a Fraudulent one by the means of Race-Baiting - Repugnant Hypocrisy in the Almighty Creators Cannon of inalienable rights. 

The [natural born Citizen] Qualification for the Office of President was not a qualification about race, color, religion, or sex. It is,was, and will continue to be simply a qualification of Time in allegiance to this Nation. 

God Bless America and may God Bless our U.S. Constitution.


Thank You!

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Cody Robert Judy

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