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MONEY, POWER, and TRUTH in CONSPIRACY - The President's Day Super Bowl - WINNERS & LOSERS

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The President's Day Bowl - WINNERS & LOSERS
Does Crime Pay?

Hillary Clinton on December 8th, 2016 emerged from the cataclysmic shock of her loss in the 2016 Election that transcended every major Main Stream Media (MSM) forecast in the United States of America and vocalized the strident collapse in the emergence of a new epidemic of fake news and conspiracy that demanded the First Amendment be collapsed:
“The epidemic of malicious fake news and false propaganda that flooded social media over the past year — it’s now clear that so-called fake news can have real world consequences,” Clinton said. “This isn’t about politics or bipartisanship. Lives are at risk.”Clinton called for Congress to pass legislation to stop it and for tech moguls in Silicon Valley to continue searching for a way to block it from entering readers’ Facebook and Twitter feeds.
This signaled a focused national attention upon the subverted Public Attention; stolen from MSM! - a theft had taken place on truth. The power and money once secure was gone, and with it the Trust. No, the MSM hadn't been 'wrong' themselves but a theft of accountability had sprung upon the MSM like a tactical strike unforeseen.

Among the losers of the MSM and the declared winners pointed to by Mrs. Clinton, responsibly an intensive investigation of the new KINGS OF CONSPIRACY on the Right and Left must be searched out from behind the stage and proven in:


The Teams


Mr. Keven Davidson -self anointed "Dr. Conspiracy" at jumped upon President Donald J. Trump's assertion that Barack Obama was born in the Unites States as a fundamental reversal of teams- meaning President Trump abandoned Birthers and the evidence of Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Cold Case Posse delivered December 15,2016, just 7 days after Mrs. Clinton's announcement in the scandalous epidemic of Conspiracy & Propaganda.

Conclusion Post -
" So ultimately, who won? “Birther” is now a term of derision in the English vocabulary. Barack Obama was elected twice and served two full terms. He was not impeached. There were no Congressional investigations of his identity documents. His approval rating upon leaving office is phenomenal. Birthers lost 226 lawsuits. Still, the country took a turn for the crazy over the last 8 years. A turncoat Birther was even elected president. I think it’s too soon to count winners and losers."

Categorizing Mr. Davidson as simply a defender of the Constitution and in such a defender of Obama's eligibility as a U.S. President in the face of the evidence the Cold Case Posse brought out is possible, however begins to really unravel when you account for a recent post of Mr. Davidson's encouraging a different line of attack upon President Trump for impeachment that undoubtedly places President Trump's successes of business in the past as a mark of mental and incapacitating incompetence. 

This takes-a-toll on the advancement of Obama as an eligible person under the U.S. Constitution's qualification that anyone serving in the Office of the President be a {Citizen} [at the time of the Adoption of the Constitution] or a {natural born Citizen} thereafter- defined as Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents spiriting an American Allegiance by soil and parents, to simply a more realistic partisan defense for Obama.


The underground MSM collapse can most notably be seen with the advancement of INFOWARS own CEO Alex Jones.

Published December 22nd, 2016, is the Report at INFOWARS that "Case Closed! Trump Was Right. Obama's Birth Certificate A Fake"

So how can both Conspiracy Theorist be right? Mr. Jones says Trump was right all a long and Obama's birth certificate was a Fake, while Mr. Davidson says Trump is a Turn-Coat-Birther admitting Obama was born in the United States? How can President Trump who is now in the White House have both stories be true?

Well that answer might become more clear in the Federal District Court (Utah Division) with a Presidential Candidate who challenged both Sen. McCain and Sen. Obama since 2008 running for President himself in 2008, 2012, and 2016.

Sheriff Joe's Cold Case Posse Evidence from two different criminal forensic investigation units, both claiming similar circumstances in the high stakes Fraud and Forgery Claim of Barack Obama's identity document put forth as an Original to the American Public in 2011, nearly 50 months after Obama declared his intent to run for President, has been submitted to the Federal Court in a Motion for Relief of Judgement declaring the case frivolous with the Cold Case Posse Presser and 9 Points of Forgery as factual evidence.

The 30 Day dispositive motion period for the Defense named in Barack Obama and OFA Organization for Action as well the DNC Democratic National Committee ends this coming week February 24th with the Motion being filed January 26th, 2017. 

A Notice for Judgement will be filed than and the Court generally will rule on the Motion within a ten day period. The Judge will weigh factual evidence produced with the tenants of harm upon the Plaintiff with standing in the balances of criminal and civil penalties in all the appearances of wrong doing.

Cody Robert Judy


A MOTION FOR A RELIEF OF JUDGEMENT or to REOPEN the Case due to the new evidence provided by a law enforcement investigation Cold Case Posse unit deputized under Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa Country AZ provided the evidence that Obama's long form birth certificate is a Fabricated Forgery, not an original, with the use of Johanna Ah'Nees identity birth certificate and was only recently released and available for criminal consideration by the Judicial Branch.

The transition of power was afforded safely in 2016, but the usurpation tentacles of Obama run much deeper than just eight years. If the Trump Administration and the Justice Department continue to refuse to deal with Obama's Constitutional Ineligibility and the Cost yesterday, today, and in the Future, they are simply allowing themselves to be cornered by those who have profited off the crimes of the Obama Administration and at the same time committing themselves to be in Order of the Constitution. It in affect allows those who are anti-american the conundrum of  retaining their cake and eating it to.

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