Thursday, April 13, 2017

BIRTHER BLOOD MONEY - Spilling Blood for Justice.

Cody Robert Judy
Spilling Blood for Justice.

Never wanted to be a person or Politician whose words were weak compared to Actions. Hoped I've never asked anyone to do as I say,  and not do as I do.

Since the Action in Court Reported by The Post & Email I would like to thank the 2 modest donations I've received.

Unfortunately it doesn't cover even Postage and so I have covered the rest with 8 donations of blood. Saving lives with Plasma donations that pay modestly on a credit card that I can then use as cash for Postage.

It seems to me giving my blood for Justice saves lives both ways and modestly provides a way without excuse to donate a little bit.

When you believe what your contributing towards is a worthy cause, and who says Seeking Justice isn't a worthy cause, even President Trump publicly prayed for in the USA to be a place for Justice, who is left with an excuse?

Jesus Christ noticed the " Widows Mite" in ST. MARK 12:42-44 that she gave not of her increase, but of what she survived on. Oh that  we were also  noticed under the Heaven's?

If you go to a #BIOMAT USA and donate for the first time, mention my name, Cody Robert Judy, and I will receive a $50 dollar referral bonus.

Thank you again for the 2 modest donations I have received since January 2017- Every dollar counts!

Contribute on PayPal safe/secure


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