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Cody Robert Judy
1st Bomb-

 AFGHANISTAN —The United States released the “mother of all bombs” — MOAB- the largest conventional bomb in the US arsenal — The recipient? ISIS caves and tunnel complex hideouts in Afghanistan.  The Pentagon said,  the MOAB munition is so massive that it has to be dropped from the rear of a cargo plane.

The bomb, officially called the GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast — hence its MOAB CB Handle— has a 2000 yard radius blast and hit tunnels  in the Achin district of Nangarhar Province, according to a statement from the United States military in Afghanistan.

The Post Picture depicts two Dallas, Texas Football Stadiums that would be similar to the 3 square miles caught up in a MOAB Blast.

2nd Bomb Affecting 320+ Million Americans

UPDATE: Read another Feature Story here - The Post & Email April 14th
Obama Eligibility/Forgery Lawsuit Headed to Newest Member of Supreme Court
By: Sharon Rondeau


WASHINGTON DC - The US Supreme Court received today the first crack at Barack Obama's Ineligibility and the Crimes of Fraud alleged in his Identification since he was re-moved from the Oval Office in January by the U.S. Constitution's declarations of Law reining in dictators.

The US Supreme Court met with, what some reports said was a very threatening meeting after Obama's first swearing-in. With all the Court Justices cornered
many suspected the Justices received a no-holds-barred death threat if an Ineligibility Case saw the light-of-day. Something no constitutionally qualified President has ever done.

Many suspected Obama's temper was unleashed on the High Court Justices with a blackmailing scheme born of illegal surveilances collected by those using Obama as a puppet to drive the US National Debt another 10 Trillion in the Socialist hole of 20 Trillion.

No Constitutional President has ever in two terms come close to selling Americans out 10 Trillion. The figure amounting to 70K for every man, woman, and child in the USA.

The case filed in WASHINGTON DC Today, represents perhaps the first Test for Justice Neil Gorsuch, who was not at the Meeting with Obama.

"It's a chance for the Court to act out of conscience rather then fear of Obama's Regime ", said 08, 12, and 2016 Presidential Candidate Cody Robert Judy.

This case submits to the Court the latest discoveries of Obama's Fraudulent Long form birth certificate discovered by two independant forensic crime lab units who are very good at what they do.

 The Investigation conducted by former Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Cold Case Posse has never totally and conclusively been in a Court of Law. Judy's case is the first one.

The recipe for a failure of Justice was handed to the U.S. Supreme Court on appeal from the Federal District Court, Utah Division, Judge Ted Stewart - now Senior Status. Stewart refused to serve the defendants,  even with the Crime Labs Reports and Federal Crime Statutes cited.

Judy said, " The Application to an Individial Justice is a Petition for Mandamus,  which is the fastest way to bring a rogue Judge who is completely out-of-line with his Judgeship , stepping across the red-line as Defendant's Council, Jury, as well as Judge. It enables a higher Court Judge to bring by Order the lower Court in-line, sometimes very quickly.

It's a first shot of many Appeals Processes available. Other's include Circuit Court Appeals, but because this case has been in the U.S. Supreme Court already in 12-5276 and 14-9396. " I decided to give this route a shot as Justice Gorsuch is the Junior Justice available below Obama nominated Justice Sotomayor and Justice Kagan." , said Judy.

The Application spells this out very clearly. It was the highly unusual Denial of forma papers granted by the Federal District Court and 10th Circuit, that met with a Denial by Justice Sotomayor in the same calendar year, that really infuriated and insulted poor people all over America. It's as if she was saying to all poor people, " You have no business here in the U.S. Supreme Court."

Justice Gorsuch will have a couple of options with the Application. He can refer it to the Full Courts attention and they could reverse the denial of forma pauperis and hear the Writ of Certiorari.  He could also by Order simply tell the Federal District Court to issue the Order To Show Cause, reeling the Defendants in from their caves and hide-outs.

In any case, Cody needs your help and assistance in this very important case in protecting our National Security and National Election Integrity.  He hasn't had a lot of help on this, so it's Time to pitch in, and help out!

As seen on:

BIRTHER BLOOD MONEY - Spilling Blood for Justice.

Never wanted to be a person or Politician whose words were weak compared to Actions. Hoped I've never asked anyone to do as I say,  and not do as I do.

Since the Action in Court Reported by The Post & Email I would like to thank the 2 modest donations I've received.

Unfortunately it doesn't cover even Postage and so I have covered the rest with 8 donations of blood. Saving lives with Plasma donations that pay modestly on a credit card that I can then use as cash for Postage.

It seems to me giving my blood for Justice saves lives both ways and modestly provides a way without excuse to donate a little bit.

When you believe what your contributing towards is a worthy cause, and who says Seeking Justice isn't a worthy cause, even President Trump publicly prayed for in the USA to be a place for Justice, who is left with an excuse?

Jesus Christ noticed the " Widows Mite" in ST. MARK 12:42-44 that she gave not of her increase, but of what she survived on. Oh that  we were also  noticed under the Heaven's?

If you go to a #BIOMAT USA and donate for the first time, mention my name, Cody Robert Judy, and I will receive a $50 dollar referral bonus.

Thank you again for the 2 modest donations I have received since January 2017- Every dollar counts!

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