Monday, April 19, 2010

Believe the Constitution When It's Convenient ?

Recently Gigi Bowman of Facebook's Liberty Candidates Group with over 4200 members (!/group.php?gid=196730146003 )wrote to me : "Are we going to let these groups strong arm us and tell us how to run our campaigns based on their skewed logic of Liberty & Freedom? These groups that only believe in the Constitution when it's convenient?"

Yet I am the only U.S. Senate Candidate in Utah that has stood up and been an Article II Patriot and put my own money to work for defending the Constitution in bringing the argument to the court on Obama and McCain's elegibility.

Yet, I am deemed NOT a worthy "Liberty Candidate" here. Seems GiGi's last words are apparently true of this group also, "they believe in the Constitution when it's convenient", how else can you look at it?

While I respect the hard work GiGi and this group is doing, they are still bent on being seen by the public as good rather then being seen by the Constitution as being good and that by their own standard of reviewing candidates.

I say, be true to your principles and the other will come around. But when you denie the principles you are saying your upholding, you kinda of shoot yourself in the foot GiGi and if you haven't learned that yet.. you got a good lesson with the pitted letter a portion of which I relate here:

"Gigi Bowman April 17 at 7:47am ReplyOn April 15th, Tax Day, and the of the eve of the Liberty Candidate Money Bomb, I received a letter in my mailbox from aka Susan Wolf.

The signatories of this letter were the following groups:

This letter was cc'd to every liberty candidate as well.

We have no idea whom else they sent it to but I'm sure the list went far and wide.

A Classic smear campaign with perfect timing.

The letter was titled:

An Open Letter to the “Liberty Candidates”

Regarding: Adam Kokesh

and it went like this:

We are writing to you to express our grave concerns about one of your fellow Liberty candidates, Adam Kokesh. More importantly, in view of these concerns and to the point of this letter, we are asking that you disavow Mr. Kokesh and distance yourself from him politically.
..the Liberty Candidates know why they should distance themselves from Patriot and Congressional Candidate Adam Kokesh. In their OPINION.... "

While this may appear to be a divisive in nature it is actually a plea to GiGi and many others involved that hopefully we can settle this matter in looking through the Constitution's eyes, rather then what the media says is popular. It's just fundamental politics and I think if you want to be true to a cause you really can't dismiss someone like myself who has been fighting for an issue where so many others have shrunk... that's OUR Constitution they are shrinking from.

Cody Judy

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