Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cody Judy challenges DEBATE for Ballot Contenders Mike,Sam,& Scott in U.S. Senate Race Utah

As the time for the voters to become familiar with all their choices on Nov. 2nd 2010 draws closer, I would like to extend my invitation to debate all the U.S. Senate Candidates listed on the ballot Mike Lee for Republicans, Sam Granato for Democrats, and Scott Bradley for Constitution Party.

Just a word or two about each.
1- Mr. Scott Bradley believes that non-citzen terroris should be given the same rights as an American Citizen, which I believe pollutes and dilutes the privilege of U.S. Citizenship towards global citzenery.
2- Mr. Sam Granato may be the one candidate that I am just not sure has even read read the Constitution as I have watched a few of his answers interviews. When asked about certain measures he has responded over generally rather then specifically as if 'being our brothers keeper' was his answer to most everything Constitutionally speaking. Well, that is in line with the socialist point and he loves Obama and believes it's a health care ought to be a Constitutional right.
3- Mr. Mike Lee has pretty much laid down the gauntlet on Social Security and Medicare stating "not one more dime" you can see here and for a guy who says he believes in the Constitution sure wants to change it a lot, and never mentions Barack Hussien Obama's lack of Constitutional Qualifications.:

Here is the email I tried to send to Mr.Scott Bradley personally several times with a server error coming up on his 'contact' page. I also tried to tie this to my comment on Connor Boyacks' Connors Connundrums blog, but my comments have been cut off.

So last chance I had was to publically offer this up for discussion to all who might read this. I'm available for a debate.

Dear Mr. Bradley /or/Representatives:
Thank you for running as a candidate for U.S. Senate. I would like the opportunity to debate Mr. Scott Bradley and offer myself available at his convenience as far as time and place.

Personally I believe it will foster greater education, and a debate that both Mike Lee and Sam Granato will probably refuse to attend. If this is appealing to you-

Please contact me with your answer at
Cody Robert Judy
Write-in Cody Judy U.S. Senate
U.S. Senate 2010 Utah

Post Script:
2:10 pm I was able to extend the invitiation and link of this blog on Mike Lee's U.S. Senate page on facebook, Sam Grananot's U.S. Senate page on facebook, and also Scott Bradley's U.S. Senate page on facebook as follows.

Cody Judy challenges DEBATE in U.S. Senate Race for all of Utah

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