Sunday, December 18, 2011

Captain Pamela Barnett according to my record

thanks for getting back to me.. would you feel comfortable telling me what you were arrested for or showing me your record?

Cody I believe you to be a good person, I just need to verify it so that we can maintain a public relationship.

thanks, Pamela

Everything is on those two videos I sent you. I spoke with Orly last night on the phone and was angry because she wrote in that email that my 'felony' was a problem, and so Leah Lax was better.

I told her you should know more than anyone, that "justice" doesn't always come out in a court of law. I have made video, wrote a book, and blogged myself to death on this. If you can't take the facts I present in the videos and run with them in defense to anyone who attacks me, then I can understand your frustration.

In one of the videos I said, I was convicted of aggravated burglary, however its a unlawful conviction. I know more than anyone how damaging it can be when the 'media' is bought and paid for. Ask yourself if someone deserves the right to 'evidense' used against them in a court of law? Ask yourself if someone deserves the right of separation between church and state if they are being charged, or in my case 'framed'? Ask yourself if the Judge who was a Bishop of the LDS Church directly under the line of authority of Howard W. Hunter at that time the leader of the LDS Church, who I interrupted was not out of line not to recuse himself? Ask yourself why I fired my Defense Attorneys twice and took my case clear to the U.S. Supreme Court for evidense, the 'Church Copyrighted" , the State Had and used in my case, but refused to give me?

This is all in my book which I've encouraged anyone who 'wonders' about this to at least read, to see the evidence. I've made it easy also for people to see the evidence in videos and so forth. The bottom line Pam, I had no weapon whatsoever, was framed so nefariously and was trapped in a system that didn't give a shit about the Constitution.

The fear people should have about Mitt Romney... he says himself Family, Faith, Country... those priorities are screwed up for a President. It should be God, Country, Family.

I constantly address this Pam if people will read what I write., for instance as recent as this blog entry

The thing I was upset about Orly over, was saying that having a felony on your record was somehow a disqualifier, which it is not. Our Constitution makes it very clear in U.S.C. Amend XV 'rights of citizens shall not be abridged on account of race,color,or previous condition of servitude'.

When people say 'felones' can't vote its a damn lie, they can outside of the system and pay taxes too. Some States allow absentee ballots on Federal Elections of those who are even incarcerated. One in five Americans now on parole, probation, or in prison is a huge percentage of our population, which I've studied a great deal finding its an empire building system that is being used to virtually black mail appropriations with the threat of releasing violent offenders. Its a crying shame.

Anyway, I told Orly in running for Public Office you should know these things, and when she said she wished I had told her, I about flipped out on her because she and I had this exact conversation over a year ago when I was running for the U.S. Senate. I explained, "Orly you should know that you can be "right" and take it to the U.S. Supreme Court and if they don't think it affects enough people you won't get heard"

Finally, we should not be too harsh on those who having been accused of a crime have paid the penalty. Its over, when someone has paid the penalty. Its not right to expect someone to keep paying the freight on a package that has been paid for allready is it?

Even the P&E story that was done on me has mentioned my conviction, the thing that is less talked about is the unlawful prosecution and the biased media coverage. We, the general public, have learned a great deal about a biased media with Obama when we used to think everything in print was 'gospel', well biased media in my case was a real factor.

There is very few newspaper articles that detail the lines of Church and State in a criminal proceeding being violated, rights of evidence refused to the public and the accused, and biased Judges not recusing themselves and not being sensored for it; why do you suppose ALL of these happened in my case? They are facts, that have been swept under the carpet just like Obama's ineligibility!

I spent 3018 days in prison and no lawyer cared, no one cared about the injustice that was happening. I won't go silently into the abyss and we won't let Obama roll over our Constitution. I know more then anyone, except maybe Orly Taitz because she's lived in Russia and understands what happens to a system corrupted with communism, what the deprivation of our Constitution means exactly!

In an email I sent her I said something to the affect that " our past have brought us an understanding of why this fight is so important". I certainly meant her experience in Russia and mine in Prison.

Can you imagine being hauled off to a FEMA Camp? There with no rights, no charges, and no constitution... you might experience what I went through. I fight this fight because I know, I've experienced it.

Of course no one cares until it effects them personally, then they all will clamor for the Constitution but it might not be there to save them. I fight for the very rights of the people who accuse me, and don't want my Constitutional rights upheld.


Cody Robert Judy

Thanks Cody.

God bless you and your family.. I agree even if you were guilty that convicted felons deserve a second chance if the show promise of reform in following the law.

and yes I know that convicted felons can be POTUS legally as long as they meet the qualifications under Article II.


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