Saturday, December 3, 2011

Welcome to: "Operation Occupy the Democrat Primary"

Welcome to Operation: " Occupy The Democrat Primary "

Dear Registered Citizen Voters of America

The time has come for "We The People" to come out of the closet. I would like to Report to you that I am thrilled with the amount of people who are couragiously stepping forward as "Americans" who are concerned about our Country, the direction we are going, as well and most importantly, the corruption of the Constitution in Obama's Ineligibility, and where this is leading us.

The warm fuzzy fact about corruption is when the American People "GET IT", they move in such a force that hell hath no fire. Meaning there is no fire in hell the American People cannot put out. You've heard the saying "When Hell freezes over" as if that would never happen, I contend the exception is when the American People move for TRUTH and FAITHFULNESS towards our Constitution.

The courage a "Free Man" has is unlike any paid government soldier, or any paid federal employee. A free man fighting for a true and faithful course has the power of influence and pursuasion unmatched with any elite aristocrat.

That is the reason I am encouraging and reporting and predicting that the rise in Democrat Registration is going to hit an all time high. Republicans all over are going to feel the blanket pulled off their bare asses. Democrats are going to think they are in for a wind fall, until the Primary comes along and Obama finds himself losing!

Welcome to "Occupy The Democrat Primary", I don't think you'll like it unless you love the Constitution, unless you have some respect for the blood that has been spilt for that Constitution that is in full force and effect now. The same one Obama has been trying to change but hasn't managed yet. The same one the Republicans hide in shame from.

God Bless every American who registers as a Democrat for the Primaries and votes for Cody Robert Judy. That vote is NOT WASTED. That vote is a full fledged "Wake Up and SMELL the coffee cuz we are tired of the dog shit you serving Washington DC Insiders.

Not only is the Republican Party given a "sit up and take dictation" notice by a vote for me, but Obama is defeated. Can you think of a better way, a more civil way, to have Washington DC declare, "We found ourselves in a Revolution with the People" and we LOST!

If you think your freedom and liberty are important, if you think your rights as a Citizen should be stood up for, if you value the Constitution as the Declaration of those rights that unites 50 States then you qualify for "The Occupy The Democrat Primary".

If that is remotely of interest to you then join "The Occupy The Democrat Primary" party today, register as a Democrat, and contribute to my campaign. Go to my web site on the volunteer link, and help by learning the 10.5 ways to help my campaign for free.

Cody Robert Judy


  1. Democrats have the right idea with regards to getting the money that we put into government where it belongs, IE instead of trillions going to corporate welfare let it go to public welfare where the people that paid in those taxes can at least say the money wasn't completely wasted. However the entire country has an obligation to eliminate the Marxist economic system we are living in today and get rid of all welfare and make America free again so that we don't need so many complex regulations to try to keep the super corporations in order while they use those same regulations to garner support from the executive and legislative branches to subvert the judicial branch and property rights.

  2. That's why our system doesn't work unless we live under the banner of the U.S. Constitution., where R's and D's and I's can in some focus agree.

    As it is standing now, the R's and D's leaders have "silence" in common when it comes to O's eligibility and that breeds corruption and dis-ease like a plague of rats.

    Thanks for your comment