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New Commercial Featuring Judy v. Obama 12-5276 SCOTUS


New Commercial Featuring Judy v. Obama 12-5276 SCOTUS

If you've been hiding from the news that Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign has recently been accepted in the United States Supreme Court on a Petition For Rehearing that is scheduled for January 4th, 2013 a few weeks before Obama's is set to be inaugurated for 2nd Term, then this commercial is for you!

Some people may not know that construction laws prevent the adding and subtracting to the Constitution. Only 2/3rd of a Majority of Congress can amend our Constitution that stands as the United States Supreme Law of the Land.

Now that doesn't mean that politicians won't give it a good shot and try to circumvent it. That's one of the reasons that the Courts are there for We The People, and we in the United States hold firm to "Justice For All", rather then justice for the few, or justice for the rich.

Barack Obama brags about an administration where everyone "plays by the same rules", but he actually lied about being a natural born citizen qualified for the Office of the President, that's if you believe that he at least got his parents names correct. Barack's claimed father was never a "Citizen" of the United States and to be a natural born citizen, you must be born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents.

The Constitution itself discusses, in the same clause that outlines the qualifications of the Office of President,the boundaries not to be infringed. Yes, that's right. If you were a 'Citizen' at the time of the adoption of the Constitution, then you could run for President without being a natural born citizen. Many of the early framers of our Nation were either not born here, or did not have parents who were U.S. Citizens, so they exempted themselves, understanding that our new Nation would soon bare children who held no allegiance to any other nation either by birth or by parental heritage.

Many don't understand that being a dual citizen at birth prohibits one from qualifying for United States President, and Obama is by British Law a British subject and was so at birth. Contrary to what many understand Obama has never produced a genuine long form birth certificate. The one he released has been proven to be a forged document with excerpts muddling its originality or authenticity.

This isn't just me saying this, its been investigated by experienced law forensic specialist who have done this kind of work as a profession for years and years. So of course the big question is why has Obama been allowed to get away with it?

Well, Obama and his defenders have spent well over a million dollars in doing what anyone of us would do if we were charged. He's been getting off on technicalities. Of course technicalities are to be respected, after all who among us wants a different set of laws that moves back and forth, and shifts in the order of prosecution? The biggest 'hinge' of law that has worked in Obama's favor has been what's called "standing", essentially barring anyone who was side-lined from the presidential race as a spectator or citizen, rather then a participant.

Now, not only did you have to be a candidate in the race, but you had to show competitive standing. In the event that Obama was removed as a disability according to the 14th Amendment, Sect 3, any candidate challenging had to be able to show he was competitive with for instance the Republican Candidate Mitt Romney. Cody Robert Judy did just that, registered with the Federal Election Commission, has a detailed platform on a 100+ page web site, amassed nearly 190 YouTube Videos many tailored to specific State caucuses and primaries that begin in Iowa, and has been featured in interviews and articles throughout the entire campaign.

Of course the main-stream media tends to ignore candidates against an incumbent, especially within the same party, but that didn't stop Cody. He believes that the Constitution is meant for all parties and that Obama should not be allowed to get away with running the Presidential Race under a different set of rules then he has had to. Obama is not a natural born citizen, Cody is. The fact Obama has got away with occupying the White House because no one could challenge his authenticity and qualifications in 2008 does not make him a legal qualified person for the Office of the President.

Of course we know that technically Obama has received enough votes to occupy the White House for a 2nd term, however Obama is technically no more qualified in 2012 then he was in 2008; there is no 'status' for getting away and skirting the law with a lie for 4 years that all of a sudden makes you legal for another 4 years.

Cody Robert Judy's whole campaign has kept a focus on maintaining "competitive standing" while at the same time starting with the lowest level court challenges against Obama for not being a natural born citizen qualified for the Office of the President according to the demands of the Constitution. Cody has gone through some 13 Courts over the last 4 years on the demand for a natural born citizen because like any other part of the Constitution, de-construction of the Constitution is not a legal action, especially in the demands for qualification for an elected office like the President.

Not even a war-time emergency or national disaster should suspend the simplest qualification, as long as elections can be held with integrity.

That's what this commercial is about. De-constructing the Constitution is illegal, and Obama's not a natural born citizen. That said, we all can understand why the lower courts preferred to hand this case off to the higher courts and why it now has reached the United States Supreme Court. Actions like this are best handled by a panel of judges, and Cody Robert Judy sure has standing.

For all intensive purposes, Cody should be heard in the United States Supreme Court and that decision is going to be made January 4th, 2013. If Cody wins his case in the United States Supreme Court and Obama is found to have lied about being a natural born citizen, his whole campaign chest could be exactly what he loses. If that happens, of course then Congress would look very foolish and remiss if they didn't hold hearings and a court themselves to remove Obama as a disability immediately.

After that, Cody would either be declared President for not conceding the race as Mitt Romney did, or Congress could choose to hold another election and a President pro tempore could be assigned to fill the office until that election was held, providing he was also qualified. Who knows, George W. Bush could be called up as a man who last legally held the Office.

America has dealt with far worse crisis then having a rogue in office and the circumstance was actually contemplated by the Framers and Founders evident by the directions given to us to follow.

Stay tuned in and enjoy the latest Cody Robert Judy Presidential Commercial for 2012-2016, and it would be greatly appreciated if you'd make a contribution to the campaign, because while Cody's campaign has no debt the bills are continual coming and we need you help now more than ever now Mitt Romney has conceded.

Martin Luther King Jr. had a saying "The wheels of justice turn slowly, but they do turn"

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