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Republicans lose Election without Courage to pull Constitutional Trigger on Obama

Republicans lose Election without Courage to pull Constitutional Trigger on Obama

‘No dispute will be resolved out of Democratic Party favor, that’s the way it is, that’s the way it’s been for a long time” says Rush Limbaugh. Rush is right but it’s only because Republicans lack the courage to pull the Constitutional Trigger on Obama.

Its isn’t Fast & Furious, it isn’t Benghazi, it isn’t Abortion and it sure isn’t immigration policy that has beset the Republican Party in America, its the lack of courage to pull the constitutional trigger on Obama in his ineligibility to even be in the office of the President.

Not only do they lack the courage to pull the Constitutional Trigger on Obama, but they lack the ability to sell the Constitution to minorities. Who are minorities?
Well, the Republicans are a minority, the Wealthy making over 250,000 per year in America are a minority, the Black vote in America is a minority, the Hispanic vote in America is a minority, any particular religion in America is a minority, the women in America are a minority. Each individual is a minority in America.

So why haven’t Republican been able to sell the Constitution to minorities? It’s simply they don’t have the courage to pull the Constitutional Trigger on one individual who is ineligible for the Office of the President according to the Constitution– Obama.

Have Republicans lost the ability to explain Freedom and Liberty? What is that based upon, but individual rights of the minority? The absolute KEY to minorities is in fact The United States Constitution in America.

Republicans just don’t have the courage to pull the Constitutional Trigger on Obama and it’s ultimately corrupted their party.

Rush Limbaugh is upset that 3 million Republicans or shall we call them Conservatives didn’t come out to even vote. Rush calls the “good guys” the Republicans who don’t have the Constitutional courage to pull the trigger and stand up for the Constitution? Hummmm.

Limbaugh creditably acknowledged if 3 million more conservative votes had been cast, Romney would have won the election on the popular vote by 180,000.

So why have Republicans lost the ability to sell Constitutional Principles? How can you sell something you don’t want to take a stand for? Is anyone going to believe you? Hasn’t what the Republican Party been doing, for years, boiled down to brewing a potion of hypocrisy on the Constitutional principles?

Why have they lost the ability to sell the Constitution? They haven’t seen themselves as they are yet… a minority. There is only one advantage in being a minority in a Constitutional Republic. It’s the Constitution and its ability to defend a minority from the majority by its principles that counts. That is the KEY.

It doesn’t matter if the majority voted for Obama if he’s not qualified for the Office. Now if you’re afraid of riots and intimidated by bullies, then you don’t’ have the courage, and have sacrificed this nation to a gang. Obama loves the Constitution when he can use it for an advantage and he has used it time and time again with a “Racism” bully pulpit.

Why has it worked for him? He sees and has framed himself as ‘black’, and thus a minority for which the Constitution was made.

Republicans haven’t seen themselves as a minority able to stand against a majority, because they haven’t seen themselves worthy of the claim, so in some degree it is a consummation of inappropriate guilt.

Now why is it important for those people who have called themselves Republicans in the past election, to quickly abandon their leaders who have this inappropriate guilt complex?

The biggest reason is the mechanism for recovery isn’t going to be there that is in place now to save the Country from the economic or fiscal cliff.

Many conservatives recognize this and that is the reason they are so upset. They see the writing on the wall called Obamacare; They see that unemployment numbers, especially in two of the key election states- Ohio and Pennsylvania - sky-rocketed the week after the election by 78,000 bringing the total to near 440,000. They see the increase of spending proposed by Obama and simultaneously see tax hikes on the minority called the “wealthy” in this Country. Yes, the wealthy are a minority.

They know full well that the tax hikes on the wealthy are not meant to do anything but fund more Government programs and decrease the ability for the wealthy to make a Constitutional difference in elections. The Constitution protects the wealthy people’s right to property for which wealth is established. Seen what’s happened to that lately?

Obama is about funding himself as Santa Clause so he can give out gifts, the biggest difference between Santa Clause and Obama is Santa isn’t paying his elfs with the taxes from the minorities. That part of the story is Santa’s secret but it’s not a secret in the case of Obama.

What else can you call a 1.6 Trillion dollar increase in spending but no entitlement reform when we’re so far in debt now?

What are Republicans doing but caving in on taxes? Well, they are fretting about wither to change the position on immigration, abortion, and tax hikes rather than understand their power as a minority with the Constitution when the Democratic Party has put forth yet again an ineligible candidate for the Office of the President.

Obama is a master at dividing the Republican Party into those who want to sell out first on tax increases and those who want to hold the line.

Now another way to say this is Republicans are unwilling to pull the Constitutional Trigger on Obama’s eligibility thus forfeiting their ability to lower taxes and increase the tax base as GDP and pay the debt down.

So Rush, it’s the Republicans who are spineless on their own economic recipe for a recovery. That’s not a question.

Look at the ideas of these conservative hosts: Glenn Beck says, “Let Obama have it” Rush Limbaugh says “ Walk away”, let the Country go to hell so people realize how valuable we are, then we’ll really have an advantage in 2014 and 2016. This is a mentality completely devoid of hope. Obama’s managed it. How can Republican say they aren’t drinking the Obama kool-aid?

Rush recognizes something very valuable though, I thought, on the issue of Republican Party’s values on candidate electability. Rush played back a Jan. 6th playback of his friends reasons that certain candidates running for the Republican Party as President wouldn’t work and the also recognizes how flawed the theories were.

To sum it up Rush said his friends said the negatives against Republican Candidates revolved around things like “ability to talk”, “Success in Congress”, “Time in Office”, “Success in Private profession”, “Likability”, “Personal Wealth”, “Connected to Obama to closely” even “Appearance or looks”, these were terms used to describe the failed bids of Paul, Huntsman, Cain, Bachmann, Santorum, Gingrich, and Perry, but none of those identifies originated around “principle or policy” either positively or negatively.

You can see how flawed counting on “outward” appearances was. They found in Mitt Romney a man with 1 marriage with a nice family, very successful in the private sector economically, former Governor – experienced in Executive position, who is very handsome, and they couldn’t win? They couldn’t get out their vote. Now that just blew their minds, probably about the same way Jesse was blown away by the Lord’s choice of David among his 8 sons, for David at that time was the least of his brothers.

And the Lord said to Samuel the Prophet 1st Samuel16:7, “..Look not on his countenance or on the height of his stature; because I have refused him: for the LORD seeth not as a man seeth; for a man looketh on the outward appearance, but the LORD looketh on the heart.”

Now conservative people have generally been for holding Obama on the demands our Constitution has on the Office of the President, however the leaders of the Republican Party have generally been very opposed to it.

You could say the conservative of the conservative leaders in Congress such as Utah R – U.S. Senator Hatch who you would say on the outside is very conservative, is anything but that on the inside, and has actually charged for changing the eligibility qualifications of the President held within the Constitution.

If the Constitution has no friends in Congress on the conservative side, what friend does the Constitution have? Now you say, Cody, how much clout can one single issue in the Constitution have?

I want to try to explain a realistic down to Earth position on importance of defending the Constitution in increments, if by chance you could say one demand of the Constitution is more important than the other, by standing firmly on the Constitution’s effect upon the living, in other words, those who are here now, because there are a lot of conservatives who believe their “issue” is the most important one, who I think are mistaken, because I believe the eligibility qualification of the President is the most important one.

Of course I understand the Republican leadership is completely against me at this time, however, I do believe people like Mitt Romney who are very intelligent should be able to calculate I’m right if they’re willing to allow reason into their mind answering the following questions.

How many people’s lifes are directly affected by the President of the United States, economically and morally?

How many people’s lifes are directly affected by abortion? Immigration? Higher Taxes?
Now all those non-Birthers who call themselves Republicans that are supposed leaders can fully articulate that Obama has spent us blind, thereby placing a huge debt of 6 Trillion more upon everyone now living, and you cannot, will not, and refuse to pull the Constitutional Trigger on Obama’s eligibility whilst the burden has been so great upon the few of us?

Now you know why you lost. YOU DESERVED TO LOSE!!! Do you understand why God Almighty is angry with you? Why those who were divinely inspired with the Constitution by our Creator might be rolling over in the graves at your pathetic excuse of a defense for our Constitution?

If you do not understand that, I don’t think I can explain it any better to you, because I’m not well versed in any foreign language.

I am an American. I have rights as a Natural Born Citizen that a Citizen does not have. You have trampled them. You have trampled the Supreme Law of this Land. You are offenders of that Law in the highest office the law portends. Obama is not a natural born citizen, and its affecting everyone living, why worry about those who are not here yet, or those who are dead, or those who are not citizens yet? It makes no sense.

You’re cowardly actions have insulted all those who have died, have offended every minority in this Country, and are repugnant to my God, who is the same God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and I don’t say this in anger or in an insulting way. I say this in a pleading way for you to simply change your position while the mechanism to save our Country still exists, which again is The United States Constitution.

I have Obama in the United States Supreme Court 12-5276 and you have the power to show that Court you care, before the official January 6th Electoral College Vote, in a peaceful way. Will you, can you figure that out? The opportunity is yours, what will you do with it personally? The opportunity is here and provided on January 4th, 2013 upon the United States Supreme Court conference.

What you won’t be able to say if you do nothing, is that the opportunity was not afforded to you. That is a powerful message for you to report to God in your prayers, that is if you believe in God. If you don’t I suppose it doesn't apply to you, but Obama’s policies do, and he may have your job at his disposal.

Pass it on if you agree. Contribute if you can,we can do a lot to prepare for the Conference if we have the funds.

Cody Robert Judy

The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign

Cody Robert Judy
Candidate ID P20003372
Committee ID C00501593

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