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Why would the Poor plead as advocate for Wealthy? No Tax Increase Please.

Why in the world would a poor man, like myself, raise his voice to oppose increasing taxes for the rich?

Rush Limbaugh is being polite today on his call-in Friday show. He’s been on an hour and a half and hasn’t taken one call yet. He’s not being polite to the callers on hold, he’s being polite to GOP and House Majority Leader Boehner. Rush says in eluding to the fact that Boehner is willing to agree to a tax increase on the rich, top 2%, that, “Boehner is negotiating with himself”, in a frustrated voice.

After I peal myself off the ceiling and relax, I conclude, “Rush is simply being nice, because Boehner isn’t negotiation with himself, HE’s OBAMA’s MONKEY-BOY!”

If you don’t see the irony and resemblance of someone who is suppose to be apposing tax increases, advocating actual Government reduction in size thereby decreased spending, rather than calling a tax cut a reduction in revenue, or a tax increase an increase in revenue, and understanding that Boehner is actually using Obama’s language, as a monkey would copy or parrot an action, then certainly you could see the resemblance of Boehner as a monkey. He looks like a monkey and he’s acting like one too, maybe I’m being nice by not calling him a communist.

If you on the far left are saying, “It just doesn’t make any sense Cody, why would you as a poor man oppose increasing taxes for the rich?”, please allow me to explain.

First, Rush Limbaugh is right on the money, or should I say monkey, when he says that when tax increases go into affect Democrats won’t get any of the blame, and Republicans will bear the brunt of any negative effect. I don't know about you but the blame game is really becoming lame.

Let me explain why it’s nice to have the rich guys around from a poor man’s perspective because I don’t think anyone is telling this story.

Now remember I said “Poor”, not middle class, because there is a mis-perception that poor people are always pushing Government to increase the wealthy’s tax because they are actually coveting their neighbors wealth and want to take it. Not only do I believe that is not true, but I’ll explain the reasons why.

First, poor people are generally more humble, and I believe many believe the Lord’s 10th commandment given to Moses in saying “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s house, nor anything that is thy neighbors.” It was the rich people that the Lord really worried about saying in Matt 19:23-24 “..verily I say unto you, That a rich man shall hardly enter into the kingdom of heaven. And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God”.

Now with that said, should not the poor people be compassionate upon the rich men or wealthy, knowing the burden that they carry?

Obama insist that the tax cuts for the wealthy should expire and be raised, but I believe his intentions are poor; feeling as if he is the tax-master distributing to the poor what he says they have coveted but have not earned. Remember another commandment is #8 “Thou shalt not steal”, so in many ways taxes seen as revenue are in fact stealing, if the wealthy cannot benefit equally with the poor in their benefits.

Of course this isn’t the main reason I am opposed to raising the taxes on the rich, and advocate reducing debt by a reduction of Government size. There is sound wisdom to understanding that when you decide to “take” from the rich, they are smarter and with their wealth, do have the intelligence to take their dollars elsewhere. Ask Britain how they lost 2/3rds of their millionaires avoiding a tax increase?

[The figures have been seized upon by the Conservatives to claim that increasing the highest rate of tax actually led to a loss in revenues for the Government.]

That means taking their dollars where its friendly, where they will be taxed less. Perfect example of this was shown to us as the Democrat Party ganged up and showed Mitt Romney’s dollars being saved over in the Cayman Islands, rather than seeing America as a safe haven for saved or invested dollars.

You know Democrats often like to have it both ways but they really can’t. They can’t for instance hammer Mitt Romney for taking his dollars elsewhere, and at the same time not accept responsibility for making America a friendlier place for the dollars to come home. When the rich have dollars in America they spend them here too. Why not encourage a tax right off for eating out, the waiters and waitresses are benefited as well as cooks, dishwashers, and janitors cleaning up?

Of course this is still not the main reason why I advocate not raising taxes on the rich. For me the main reasons you want oppose the tax increases on the wealthy, is because once the rich people are broke the Country will fall. We will lose our sovereignty. When you take the incentive away by taxing so much, there is a sound wisdom that says your also hurting the poor people, taking their jobs, and we the poor know we did not receive Government stimulus checks.

What is more important to me than anybody else’s checkbook balance? Is the fact that once the riches are gone from everyone our Country is vulnerable to ceding is sovereignty, and I think Obama’s recipe is making a good case for conceding the United States sovereignty away. Obama is selling it as a recipe for making the poor and rich equal, but in a way he’s doing it by taking the rich’s property without recompense, or representation, because his plan is to use the “poor” as his force in the numbers game of elections.

Obama is selling the poor and manipulating them as the coveters of the rich, somehow owed something they didn’t earn in a grand scheme of entitlement that replaces caring for the people. That's why I'm telling the rich they better start using the Constitution as a minority and with me push for the demand our Constitution be upheld in the Office of the President for a natural born citizen.

As long as there are wealthy people our Country can stand, because there is a chance for a rich man to give to a candidate like me who is poor. If there are no rich people, then a candidate like me has no chance. If everyone, including the rich, are in the soup line, who has the power, but the State?

Why is a candidate like me valuable to America? Why does a candidate like me have something that the rich want and would want to support? Well there hasn’t been any rich people contribute to my candidacy, but there is still a chance for them to.

I’m not as responsible to “The Party”, as I am “The People”, and when there is corruption in parties towards the people, than a candidate like myself becomes the most valuable. How many main stream candidates have you seen come and go this year in the 2012 Presidential Elections?

ALL THE REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES fell on their faces, and none of them took a stand for our Constitution’s demand for a natural born citizen against Barack Obama and challenged him for not being qualified according to the United States Supreme Law of the Land. This articulates for you the corruption in both the Republican and Democrat Parties that needs to be removed like bad rust, and I don't think you have to be rich or poor to get that.

I alone as a candidate for President have Barack Obama in the United States Supreme Court and that is scheduled for conference Jan 4th before the Jan 6th Electoral College vote. The action of Judy v. Obama 12-5276 didn’t happen the day after the election. You don’t’ just waltz into the United States Supreme Court the day after the election. It’s a lot harder than that.

What it takes is being consistent throughout the whole election year, even though it cost you in popularity, even though it cost you in being demeaned and ridiculed, even though it cost you in media coverage and even though it cost you in contributions.

Most candidates cannot take it. They cannot stay in and fight as I have. They won’t take the time in the lower courts, risk being shamed by a loss, they don’t want to spend the money in attorneys’ fees, they don’t want to sacrifice their advertising budgets and commercials to the voters.

So why have I taken the road less traveled? Well, some might say it’s because I was crazy, out of touch, even delusional. I wasn’t playing the game as it is suppose to be played. What it boils down to is my believing the Constitution is more powerful then the Parties.

Is it crazy to say that the Constitution that has served for 225 years encompassing all the people during that time, is less powerful then the current day political parties agenda?

Is it delusional to say that all of the Patriots who have died for our Constitution died in vain?

Is it out of touch to say the majority of Americans don’t want the Constitution to stand up for their rights as an independent person, when the majority comes down on them in a corrupt way?

I suppose there are those who won’t change their mind about me simply because we have a disagreement in who exactly is crazy, delusional, and out of touch. Oddly enough many of those people are encapsulated in the thrones of power acting basically as domestic enemies towards our sovereignty and independence.

They have a check book that is so far out of balance that any economic soundness and arithmetic testifies against them and actually testifies in favor of what I’m standing for.

Please pass it on, and support and contribute to my campaign all that you feel you can. I suppose the rich have as much, or more, reason to support my candidacy then anyone, but oddly enough they are tied to the stake, the fire has been lit, and they haven’t yet seen themselves as being sacrificed yet.

I’m part of the poor who are defending them as the rich, I have the action that can help them. I ask the poor to sincerely pray for the rich people. This would be a wonderful way to help them in their own state of destruction.

Thanks for Passing it on, supporting or contributing in any way you feel you can.

Cody Robert Judy
The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign

Cody Robert Judy
Candidate ID P20003372
Committee ID C00501593

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