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Election Challenge in SCOTUS bids American's to Dig In, and Dig Deep!

Election Challenge in SCOTUS bids American's to Dig In, and Dig Deep!

Understanding the SUMMARY OF GROUNDS UNDER THE Electoral College Act (ECA) FOR DENYING ELECTORS SECTION 2 STATUS AND FOR NOT COUNTING ELECTORAL VOTES pursuant US Code 3 S. 5., when it comes to an ineligible candidate for President.

One of the primary reasons for demanding the Judicial Rulings on the eligibility requirements of the Office of the President be upheld by the Judicial Branch, such as I have undertaken in Judy v. Obama 12-5276 now in the U.S. Supreme Court and set for a Jan 4th Conference which is before the January 6th Electoral College Vote is indeed to necessitate action in the Legislative Branch when it comes to the Electoral College vote. Understanding the connection really helps and the following is a concentrated example of this:

Grounds for Rejecting Electoral Votes Submitted by an Elector Who Has Section 2 Status - B- Post Appointment Grounds - 1. The elector cast his or her vote in violation of constitutional and federal statutory requirements; for example, the elector did not vote d. for candidates who are constitutionally qualified to hold the President’s and Vice-President’s office.

I believe it is not unreasonable for the Legislative Branch to encourage the United States Supreme Court with all of their bully pulpits, to really look at Judy v. Obama 12-5276 rather then glossing over it, because its roots are deep in the integrity of the United States Elections and our Republic, which is undermined with an unqualified candidate such as Barack Obama.

I'm asking everyone to dig in and dig deep, we really need your help.Just to let you know I have contacted people who have in their collective BILLIONS of dollars. I've called on former Gov. Mitt Romney, Gov. Jon Huntsman, Mr. Donald Trump, and Mr. Joe Ricketts personally. I am highlighting these gentlemen because if we win our case without their support or help, you will know their conservative clout is a very clearly a few dollars in doubt.

Of course when America has given them such an opportunity, it would be very nice for them to turn around and really give the Constitution some support.

These people have given a lot to the process of our elections in money and their time, but have not seen the cause in the Court as worthy a dime yet. I'm asking everyone else to put it to these guys to find out if they are just living the good life and are about the show of conservative values, but not the dough.

The justice of this case could really be the making a strong conservative Independent Party in America with a resounding wake-up call. We would have a major conservative decision to rally the troops. We've seen a shake-up even within the GOP of conservative stands which has ultimate been seen as a blood bath of holding paying our debt and reducing our spending. Of course many of these so called leaders are more about just seeing their own time safely through and passing their debits down.

This is my goal, and I'm asking you to get behind it now while we have a case in the United States Supreme Court. Its not easy to get there, it usually 3 to 4 years. Ask anyone around who has a United States Supreme Court case that could basically change the course of the country by highlighting Obama's ineligibility and thus undermining the entire election.

There's only one and its Judy v. Obama 12-5276 Have you heard anyone report on that besides the Post & Email? Now ask yourself why?

Ask yourself if this case deserves to be, or should be undermined, with an ineligible candidate receiving votes and the report of unparalleled fraud, not only at the ballot box, but in the candidate receiving the most votes.

Do you like being deceived and treated so badly that you will continue being complacent and letting an establishment of corruption continue to erode and undermine the values of our Constitution which are conservative in nature?

Contribute here and support Cody Robert Judy's challenge that is in the U.S. Supreme Court right now and being heard Jan 4th, 2013 before the electoral college vote which is Jan 6, 2013. What kind of timing is that? (smile) You should be grinning from ear to ear.

Please take a look at the following two commercials that are now just waiting for your support to engage America. We want to tell you that these two commercials have been absolutely the fastest growing most well received commercials we have ever put together.

That is a statement that America is making right now in the political arena! Help us make it bigger!


Spot #2 A New Ride!

Ask yourself what is The Republican Party, what is the Democrat Party, what is the Tea Party without you, and without an action? They are nothing but empty and shallow promises.

In the next 30 days we'd like millions of Americans to see these and its not without merit or context of at least a challenge to the establishment that in fact needs to be challenged in the support of Americans. They have had your support and what did they do with it?

The establishment is watching you to see what you will do. They have to have your support or they lose what they have. That is power America that you hold as part of We The People. Parties are not mentioned in the Constitution, We The People are!

You hold the keys to supporting any party in America. Can you imagine the message you'll send directly to Congress if you will dig in, and dig deep now?

Supporting and contributing now is a demand for Congress and the Courts to support the Constitution of the United States. Is there anything more powerful as far as a message you would like to send to them now?

This has teeth, its got action, its got a case in the United States Supreme Court, and it sends a powerful message to the people who need to hear from you: Your Elected Officials.

If your will and intent was that you elected your Representatives and Senators to hold their oaths to our Constitution high, your will must send a chill up their spine and down their leg they won't forget!

You have got to support your will and let it be known. We are in a fight for the very soul of America, the spirit and the body make up the soul. Breath it in and breath it out, inhale the spirit and BE the body of America... BE the body of America.

I have faith in You, and that is why I have fought so hard for this case, now I need you to fight for it too, like it was your future and you own child's future. How will you fight for your future and your children's future?

Dig in and Dig Deep America!

Please pass it on.

Thank you so much!

Cody Robert Judy

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