Saturday, December 15, 2012

SCOTUS Election Challenge Update: Electors Warned of Dismissed Electoral College Vote

SCOTUS Election Challenge Update: Electors Warned of Dismissed Electoral College Vote

One of the problems with the Republican Candidates Romney and Ryan is they continually deny the fact that the Constitutional requirements for the Office of the President are entirely different than the Constitutional requirements for office's such as U.S. Senator or U.S.Congressmen. We see that in Paul Ryan's answer dealing with Birthers, even this year.
“We make it a priority to respond to all our constituents, so we had a staffer — a junior level staffer — doing some independent research to ensure that we were able to properly communicate to our constituents that he [Obama] was in fact a citizen of the United States,” Anderson said. “We respond to our constituents the best we can. If we hear something from constituents, we’re going to address the question, even if it’s outdated, it will be addressed.”

"..was in fact a citizen of the United States", HELLO! HELLO! HELLO! The demand for the office as set forth by the Constitution for the Office of the President is a 'natural born citizen', not a "citizen". So in Ryan's own words, in other words, Obama is not qualified.

Do you think there is a difference between 800 Billion and 1.6 Trillion? Well, there's a difference alright in "Citizen" and "Natural Born Citizen"! Maybe Bill Clinton was right in R's not being good at Math and now we can add English to the topics they're getting an 'F' in.

Congressmen Ryan took pride in actually sending his constituents the fabricated long form birth certificate that showed Obama's father from Kenya as a British subject, full well knowing that duel allegiance is not allowed in the Office of the President.

Mitt Romney's loss may not mean a loss for Conservatives, how could his loss translate into a conservative win? If Republican leadership players had an ounce of courage they could make the play that Electoral College Votes for an ineligible candidate should be dismissed; that's exactly what needs to happen!

Could Republican leaders like Mitt Romney hold the keys to unhinging Obama's Electoral Votes and joining the chorus that electoral college votes for an ineligible candidate will be dismissed, sending his the electoral college vote and Obama's to Cody Robert Judy for a conservative win? Its possible, especially given the United States Supreme Court is reviewing Judy v. Obama 12-5276 this Jan 4th as an extension of it's previous denial.

That hardest part of this is basically America is witnessing that these so called leaders would rather elevate the debt and sell America's future generations down stream than make a stand on the Constitution, which is the law of our land, and through the Constitution demand Obama pack up and leave as he's not a "natural born citizen".

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Dear Respective Electors, Secretary of States, and Applicable State Executive Authority & Governors:

The following notice is hereby given to each State as official notification that any Elector voting for an ineligible candidate for the office of President of the United States will not be counted! It is imperative that Electors understand through this notice that a Natural Born Citizen is a person born in the United States to Citizen Parents.

Understanding the SUMMARY OF GROUNDS UNDER THE Electoral College Act (ECA) FOR DENYING ELECTORS SECTION 2 STATUS AND FOR NOT COUNTING ELECTORAL VOTES pursuant US Code 3 S. 5., when it comes to an ineligible candidate for President.

One of the primary reasons for demanding the Judicial Rulings on the eligibility requirements of the Office of the President be upheld by the Judicial Branch, such as I have undertaken in Judy v. Obama 12-5276 now in the U.S. Supreme Court and set for a Jan 4th Conference which is before the January 6th Electoral College Vote is indeed to necessitate action in the Legislative Branch when it comes to the Electoral College vote.

Understanding the connection really helps and the following is a concentrated example of this:

Grounds for Rejecting Electoral Votes Submitted by an Elector Who Has Section 2 Status - B- Post Appointment Grounds - 1. The elector cast his or her vote in violation of constitutional and federal statutory requirements; for example, the elector did not vote d. for candidates who are constitutionally qualified to hold the President’s and Vice-President’s office.

Electors case doubt on O's Eligibility and ability to be Pres. based on U.S.C.!

Mr. Barack Hussein Obama is not a Natural Born Citizen according to the demands for the Office of the President pursuant the United States Constitution Article II, Section 1., Clause 5; and Barack Hussein Obama has not met the criteria of being a "Citizen" prior to the Adoption of the Constitution which would exempt him from either being born in the U.S. or except him from having a duel citizenship through one or both parents, according to the same demand of the Constitution.

The United States Supreme Court having received these, and warranting the facts of Barack Obama not being a "Natural Born Citizen" qualified for the Office of the President pursuant U.S.C.



Electors are now formally notified that any Electoral College Votes made for Barack Hussein Obama will be dismissed, and thus each Elector is given a choice to vote for a second Democratic Party Candidate, who is qualified as a "Natural Born Citizen", according to the Constitution, and has met all the other Constitutional qualifications for the Office of President - Cody Robert Judy, rather than having their vote dismissed on an ineligible candidate.

Republican Candidate Mitt Romney has officially conceded his electoral votes in the concession of the election, however the concession to an ineligible candidate negates them. Thus, both Red and Blue States have the select opportunity to vote for a candidate whom is qualified in the 2012 presidential race, and who has not conceded any electoral vote.

This Official Electronic Notice is also recorded in The Supreme Court of the United States of America.

The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign
Cody Robert Judy for President
Plaintiff/ SCOTUS Case No. JUDY v. OBAMA 12-5276

Candidate ID P20003372
Committee ID C00501593

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  2. Grammar nazi: 9th paragraph, 3rd line, 3rd word: should be "Than" (comparison) rather than "then" (progression in time). Makes it more credible. Great article and I concur wholeheartedly!

  3. @Teri 9 - Keep up the good work..its appreciated!