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Time for a Serious Conversation: What’s Happening with Your Kids?

Time for a Serious Conversation: What’s Happening with Your Kids?

As every generation passes the hope of parents to have things a little better for their children is natural. With the recent mass killing that left three stabbed to death and three shot another seven wounded with the manifesto of a disturbed 22 year old male in Santa Barbara, California the thought crossed my mind, yes we do need a serious conversation about this.

Some of the victims parents screamed outrages towards elected leaders in Washington DC saying nothing has changed. Some media sources have looked to an agenda of banning all guns, but that seems to excuse and actually leave out the victims of the knife violence and it in no way addresses the psychological violence that was happening with the young 22 year old male who appeared a handsome, affluent, and well taken care of individual.

Glenn Beck proposed this morning getting the kids off the “reality games”. As it was described by the 22 year old he lost himself in the games and a ‘killing order’ that he felt rise inside of him and another side of him die. Well, what part of that young man was being nurtured, taken care of, fed, and nourished? What part of mental character was being starved,famished, and tortured? What part was strong, what part of him was weak?

The practicing of something, anything could be called a religion. If you practice killing in a game religiously , in some ways ‘gaming’ might be considered a religion. The fact the government doesn’t qualify it as a ‘religion’ because someone didn't file a 501c3 form doesn’t really mean its not being practised three times a day, or three to six hours a day just like a religion.

I’ve even read reports that say we have to include race in the equation and the white entitlement that was referred to as a cause in all but one of the incidences over a recent time frame the story cited. This of course leaves out a great many other incidences that just don’t make headlines. Chicago went through one blood weekend not even a month ago where 44 people were shot.

If you’d prefer the labels of maniac, crazy, monster, for the 22 year old man who had lost his way, there are lots of stories out there to satisfy your thirst and your quick fix for reason, but this is probably not the post you’ll find that on. A serious conversation need only be held with yourself to ascertain the damages.

1- Do you like quick fixes?
2- Do you like things fair?
3- Do you view entitlement as a good enough excuse for bad behavior?

The real question for everyone is how do we “control” this, and keep it from happening again? And the real answer is to accept some responsibility for it. Our children are indeed a reflection of ourselves, but the age of accountability had certainly been reached by the 22 year old man. Taking parents to prison because of an action their child did is not something that’s going to happen.

One of the things this 22 year old man left behind was that he was seeking 'revenge'. Well Revenge is a 'quick fix'. and its this got to have it now attitude that was fueling his fire and it seems he had nothing to compensate or fight back with. He had no defenses. This is what practicing the principles of religion really gives our children. You don't have to join a religion to find out the principles.

The blame game only goes so far, and if its not taught then your still guilty for Adam’s transgression I suppose if we wanted to take a walk backwards through the generations. So when you say what’s wrong with our children what you’re really asking is can we do better?

With this particular young man, I understand he had been involved with therapy since age 8 of one kind or another. He was involved with two therapist within the recent time frame of his rampage, so that we could say he was under treatment at the time of this horrendous event. The answers are uncomfortable because they indeed reflect upon us and we’d like to distance ourselves as far away from that horrendous action as we can.

Government’s solutions have long been known to associate depriving the “tool” of destruction as a ‘control’ remedy, but if we have learned nothing else, we have a high incidence telling us that is not working. If Government were to take a serious look at violence the study would consider why shaking a bottle of champaign up creates pressure and then it would consider how to let that pressure out in the way which is most advantageous and less destructive so it doesn’t explode in a release that hurts other people.

Getting back to my three questions
1- Do you like quick fixes?
2- Do you like things fair?
3- Do you view entitlement as a good enough excuse for bad behavior?

One of the biggest chide’s I get as I have blogged is that I need to shorten it up abit. The next thing that comes I can almost predict. The same person telling me to shorten it a bit tells me that if I will do that I’ll have more success. The me-me-me generation want’s it now-now-now because they don’t have time-time-time to what? Process and assimilate something that makes sense?

I reject this as nothing more than exactly the problem we are having. I mean if quick fixes are what’s most important why not ‘legalize prostitution’, so that the young men could take the money they got from folks or work and go get his desire in a legal way? The quick-fix is exactly what Obama represents also. How many people don't care to understand his violation of the natural born citizen clause of the Constitution or the seriousness of it? Well,ok, besides Congress? How many people won't read ten pages even if eight billion dollars is tied to it?

Does California’s Legislature bare some responsibility towards’ this young 22 year old man’s inability to get the desire he felt he was entitled to? Now in a neglect of that responsibility California Law Makers would justify the man should probably have learned one of two things: 1) how to satisfied himself without needing a women 2) That he was responsible for harnessing his own appetites and or desires, yet many would not recommend any particular religions practice for fear of offending someone or not being politically correct.

The fallacy of this is that the State needs a moral people to be successful. And its the immorality of law or our Constitution that contributes to the downfall of the State. The separation clause was not intended for the State to lose its morals that are taught in many of the Churches, but was intended that any particular Church wouldn't be wiping out other religions with the power of the State's army, like what happened in Libya. Thus, the best way to wipe yourself out of a nice cushy job for bad behavior is indeed to promote and even make illegal good moral behavior which promotes in silence or essence bad moral behavior and then sit around and wonder what happened and whose to blame?

Wait a minute, what kind of philosophies teach the children those types of things? Well, most religions I know of teach some form of discipline and management of the self. The conundrum of Government Legislatures is they have certainly drifted into the abstention of religion as a remedy, yet they have’nt legalized prostitution as far as I know except Nevada. The point is when you bottle up what God has called natural, you can expect to get things exploding unnaturally, especially when you shake it up. Then these Government Legislatures look around for someone to blame? It doesn’t make any sense.

The point of my post here is to recognize what most religions teach on the subjects of the three questions and to say if our children are not going to church whose teaching them these valuable lessons and principles? Are colleges? Do they teach 'fairness' should not be looked at in the narrow field glasses of this short time we have here on Earth? Do they teach that 'entitlements' are weak excuses that have been used as a sales tactic for votes without a notice of robbery?

1- Quick Fixes – Probably the biggest story in the Bible as we understand it is the story of Jesus delaying gratification, which is just the opposite of a ‘quick fix’. Its not that Jesus didn’t recognize the ‘quick fix’ as necessary sometimes. The story about him taking the crowd’s nourishment into consideration understanding they hadn’t ate for 3 days and would probably pass out walking back home was the precarious circumstances that led to his feeding the crowd with bread and fish in one undertaking. His subjecting himself to the cruelty of man was a very big lesson for us to be patient, enduring, and tolerant with the law wasn’t it?

2- Jesus’s constant reminder that Eternity was what we should focus on here on Earth as far as time because there was so much more of it on the other side of the veil then there was here on Earth, was a reminder of patience, and understanding that sometimes we had to endear things on Earth that were not fair to learn valuable lessons that would serve us well.

3- Entitlements is a big one. Jesus taught us that entitlements was an excuse not to work for things, and was very weak. If Jesus had run around screaming he was entitled to be King would his sacrifice of love have reached down through the ages as it has?

In looking for falses men will certainly find them in any script, but in looking for truths we can certainly find gold nuggets that will serve us first as individuals, and second as a society. I can’t help but wonder that the deprivation of this young 22 year old man was of a different kind of religion.

In our own political era we find people not willing to read 10 pages of information about how important the qualification of the Office of the President is. Is it any wonder no one was paying any attention to me or my law suits from 2008 to now that have continually insisted that many of the problems we face now are rooted in this?

You know Jesus never really got mad or angry at people so much as he did the leaders of the people. I admire him because of his constant reminder that love is the greatest character we can develop and nurture. That includes so many different area’s and fields in our life, but when we apply love even to the most cruel and unusual circumstances, the results will never die in vain.

Can you imagine a society that was so wealthy that the streets were paved in gold, no one went hungry or was cold, and everyone had what they wanted free in the pursuit of their dreams? Barack Obama contended that if the principles of Jesus were followed there would be no need for armies. How foolish is that? From the beginning darkness wasn’t unusual but light was. Jesus defended the holiness of his Father’s house casting out with a whip the money changers in the court yard. Enforcing our borders is no different.

Jesus understood that if the light was not defended the darkness would over power it and there would be no light. Ronald Reagan referred to the United States as a shining city on the hill and referred America in the divine scheme as the promise land and the admission was pretty simple. If we worked hard, following our dreams, upheld the United States Constitution, we would reap what we sowed. Bankrupting the system so it would fail was certainly not in the directions so it is a great defense is needed.

If you followed this post you actually would have gone right through the 3 ropes of my Platform and I think now you can easily understand why they were made ropes that we must grab a hold of to swing forward, rather then hang ourselves on till our light no longer shines but is extinguished. Here’s the video of the 3 Ropes Platform.

I certainly hope you had a great Memorial Day! Like to make a contribution or help out, our ABC American Birther Campaign ABC is available here for Cody Robert Judy for President 2016

Sincerely, Cody Robert Judy
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