Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Time to Pony Up in that Saddle!

Time to Pony Up in that Saddle!
Breaking News: Will U.S. Supreme Court Document Crack the silence of the Justices on Obama's Eligibility?

I wonder if it’s a sad tune that bares my name “Cody of the Pony Express” or a fast paced rockn one with Cowboy and Indian Outlaws screaming in the background to the thunderous beat of the horses hooves and Colt 45 Revolvers going off as fast as they can be loaded at the fleeing pony express rider whose pale with the fear gripping his scrawny bones?

You know that expression its lost in the mail? Well, just in case anyone hears that from me its true. I have no idea why or how a two day priority envelope takes 9 days to deliver, but its true. I’ve only really noticed that when sending important court documents to the United States Supreme Court.

A funny conspiracist would say that the U.S. Postal Service just “said” or “posted” that your envelope had been delayed so that the U.S. Supreme Court could have a few extra days to mull over what you’d sent them. A real serious conspiracist would just say anything with my name on it just get's put in the slow bin and the U.S.P.S sits back and laughs at getting the money I had to fork over for 2 day Priority Delivery Service, just because I made a joke about not wanting the Postal Service to pack heat on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday in the post, 11 paragraph, that detailed what the court was receiving in the package.

Can I get my money back? I mean I think the reality is that pony express reduced the mail delivery service for small packages between the Atlantic and Pacific coast to about 10 days. With modern high tech sorting machines, jumpo jets, and an elite tracking system meant to show off the ability of knowing where your package is at any given time, I noticed a cut in delivery time of only one day.

I also noticed that it did get to DC in 2 days, but that as soon as it got to Washington DC it took another 5 days for delivery.

Well, anyway it finally got there. This is going to be interesting I think. Oh yeah, since I've been the butt of so many jokes I made one up today that has to do with Obama's first attempt at taking the oath of POTUS. You do recall he had to have a-go-at-it two times?

Kinda Funny, but it's not?

Foul has been found in Obama's Oath recited the first time after Chief Justice Roberts repeated it correctly causing Obama to have to do it again without a teleprompter !
"I do solemonmoney swear,
That I will execute fatefully the United States Constitution, along with the rightful President of the United States,and will do to the best of my Ineligibility, to
Prevert, Subvert,and Defect the Constitution of the United States faithfully in Arab Springs
To help my dogs.. oh I have to do it over?"

To all the people who say I can't write a short post, this one is for you! I'm done, (smile), and the Court document that I submitted to the United States Supreme Court in Judy v. Obama 12-5276 is only 5 pages and double spaced if you want to talk about getting to the point fast. Come on ,you have to give me some credit where credit is due.

Remember if you'd like to change Washington DC: The Disproportion of words to deeds is ultimately what will fail politicians. A good way to silence your own favorite politician is by asking the question, "What did you do and where were you in the biggest scandal to every hit the American People with Obama's ineligibility in the elections of 2008 and 2012?"

A fellow patriot commented to me, "Its time to go to Washington DC" and my comment back was, "It would sure be nice if we had an appointment with the United States Supreme Court". I wonder if we had an appointment and a hearing there if people would show up to that to support it?

I'd sure appreciate your helping me out in the American Birther Campaign (ABC) Campaign for Cody Robert Judy for President 2016. Thank you for your consideration.

Cody Robert Judy
YouTube: Code4Pres

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