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Obama's Qualification - Same Sex Liberation- and Excommunication - America's Reflection

Obama's Qualification - Same Sex Liberation- and Excommunication - America's Reflection
Obama’s Hit-And-Run Mentality- A Reflection On all of America?

A landmark case is being both celebrated and lamented here in Utah where a panel of three judges from the 10th Circuit Court in a ruling said it was illegal to deny a marriage license to two people based upon their gender identification.

By a 2 to 1 ruling the panel of judges ruling over a Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Utah marking the first Appellate Court decision since the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a key provision of the Defense of Marriage Act in U.S. v. Windsor last summer. The action by the panel of judges overturned what was in 2004 a 66% margin approval by Utah’s residence voting for the amendment to the State of Utah’s Constitution and its traditional definition of marriage between a man and a woman.

For people celebrating this case as a victory recognition of the celebration came by way of the United States Constitution as the Supreme Law of the Land actually being upheld for a Nation over a State, and was certainly a greater victory for the Democratic Party in the political arena over say the Republican Party who traditionally has supported “marriage” as defined between a man and a women.

I wrote earlier here, here, here and here to Utah’s Governor Gary Herbert on the issue trying to save the citizens of Utah via the Republican Party in Utah a whole lot of cash, but they obviously didn’t want to listen to my meanderings which now has cost the State over a million dollars in litigation fees. In a reflection of jubilation the Plaintiff’s from their attorney said:

“From a human standpoint, the 10th Circuit as we all believed from day one, validated the United States Constitution, that the 14th Amendment applies to all of us with equal force, no matter what your sexual orientation, and it is the first federal appellate court to ever hold that same sex couples have a constitutional due process right to marry the person whom they choose no matter their gender.”

The expression of the United States Constitution as a reflection applying to “ALL” of us under the supreme law of the land really sounds good accept for whom? This same Democratic Party celebrating the same United States Constitution now as we had yesterday is in total tyrannical usurping revolt of the United States Constitution as it applies to the demand of the law for a ‘natural born citizen’ in the Office of the President in the case of Barack Obama.

Excluded from even entering the halls of justice is the deliberate hit-and-run of Barack Obama’s fabrication of an identity upon my presidential campaign in 2008 and 2012. The patent barefaced long form fabrication of Obama’s identity he passed out in the White House press core room for ALL of America is a manifest and unashamed deliberate lie but who of the Democratic Party is celebrating the United States Constitution as a point of law for the nation in the call for justice in this matter?

Do the Republicans cry out for the U.S. Constitution of the United States to be upheld in the obvious fraud and forgery and deceit of EVERYONE who voted in the elections of 2008 and 2012? Do the Democrats cry out for the U.S. Constitution to be upheld when money has been stole from presidential campaigns in 2008 and 2012 ‘harming’ the candidate’s life who appealed with reason and by the United States Constitution as law to the Court clear up to the United States Supreme Court? (Judy v. Obama 12-5276)

Have you ever heard someone say something like this? “I don’t hate choice; People should be able to do what they wish, so long as they are not hurting others. I am for progress in all areas of society, and I see inclusivity as progress.”
As it applies to Barack Obama actually violating my protected rights to have a fair campaign race under the qualifications of the United States Constitution where do you stand? Do you think it fair I am held to obligations he is not? Do you think it fair he can hit my vehicle in the commission of a crime and then take off with no responsibility?

Because that’s what’s happened; am I not included in the “ALL” part of the equation of not being hurt under the U.S. Constitution Representative Nancy Pelosi and U.S. Senator Harry Reid? Judges of the Nation do you think it okay that a whole nation can be deceived in election fraud and it does not constitute your moral defense, but the marriage of two people of the same sex, ignite your righteousness for the United States Constitution?

Well, I can tell you if the United States Constitution were upheld in the principle of the ‘natural born citizen’ for the Office of the President, which does indeed set the standard for the presidential contest whether you like it or not, and the decision by the Court shows you that the majority of the will of the people can be over-turned just like what has happened with this case for same-sex marriage, that indeed not only does justice need to be served as a reflection of our nation, but that justice will no longer tolerate Barack Obama in the White House usurping the Office of the President in a fraudulent election based on his forged and fabricated identification.

If you celebrate the ‘same-sex’ marriage decision and at the same time conceal Barack Obama’s identification in the cover-up of the Constitution’s demand for a natural born Citizen, then you identify yourself as a hypocrite.
Just go look in the mirror right now all you gay people and call yourself a hypocrite unworthy of the United States Constitution by your support of the usurper. Go do it. How can you stand yourselves? You want and love the United States Constitution when it works for you and hate it when it doesn’t, is that it?

Isn’t it interesting that just as soon as you are granted a victory with the law, you find yourselves opposed to it? I ran as a candidate for President thinking the DNC’s grand ideas of “inclusivity” would apply to people who stood for the Constitution and found really unless the Democratic Party wants to remove Obama as a disability to the Constitution , they are exactly what they are accused of, just a bunch of hypocrites.

Oh yes, you had better believe I wasn’t a hypocrite when I ran for President. I sued Sen. John McCain and Barack Obama because I believed the United States Constitution applied to all. I believed that it didn’t matter what party you belonged to that the law applied to us all. What I have suffered is unbelievable harm. Picture your whole house being blown to smithereens and your car run over by a tank when you ran into inspect your house and then from your porch steps in the rubble seeing your family shot in front of you. Oh yes, and then you want me to clap for your celebration of support for the United States Constitution?

I actually kind of get that sick feeling in my stomach that you might when you as same sex couples are sitting down in the pews of the church and you hear a Bishop or Priest bellow to the congregation that the Church is compassionate and then he points a singular finger at you as a couple and blows, “ You need to repent!”

Now if you don’t think you’re in as much trouble as the Bishop/Priest for being a hypocrite with your tacit support of an illegal usurper as a hypocrite of the Constitution while pretending you love the U.S. Constitution I think you need to reconsider where your standing because it looks like there is an X under your feet to me.

I have advocated that in the civil government all civil-unions should be treated the same for indeed can justice under the U.S. Constitution reflect a couple of the opposite sex be given a “civil union decree” and forbid same-sex couples the same tax right off?

Unfortunately, married couples of the opposite gender in the States are unwilling to hand over their “marriage licenses” for a “civil union decree” so the alternative is to allow “same-sex marriage licenses” and “opposite gender marriage licenses” as different types of marriage that basically are separately defined, yet considered the same when it comes to taxes under the law.

I don’t think a couple given a ‘same-sex marriage license’ is going to have any success in Court insisting they be given an ‘opposite –sex marriage license’, so give them what they are with a little box on the corner of the marriage license just like you have little check boxes in a long form birth certificate recognizing the type of gender of the child. How hard can it be?

I mean is it really that hard for State Governors to figure this out, or do these elected officials really want to waste tax payers money on a legal fight that is pointlessly going to be lost? The State of Utah says through the Governor it needs another million dollars for it to go to the U.S.S.C.

On a lighter note I had a fun conversation with a friend who advocated that the word “repent” made her ill in a conversation generated from the LDS Church excommunicating a woman recently for apostasy who in their opinion was advocating, with extracurricular activities, that women should be given the priesthood in the LDS Church. I asked if she was offended with the word “do-over” or “mulligan” to which she laughed. Of course that made CBS headlines, but Obama's forged long form birth certificate and draft registration can't?

I told her we can celebrate our diversity and that there was no reason that the women excommunicated should not feel free to go start her own church rather then feeling obligated to change the one she's now been ex'd from. This is the USA. Why all this negativity about wanting the LDS Church to change? Just change churches. There’s no law against that and if you can’t find one that suits your beliefs start your own if you’re convinced about your own believes that much.

You might think that sounds funny coming from me who was Ex'd from the LDS Church. My stand wasn't so much about changing the church as it was showing you just how bad a Theocracy can be that actually throws the U.S. Constitution out on its ear. Maybe the women should feel happy she's not going to prison for 8 years? Its just a thought.

She’s an atheist and I told her that such actually required a “set of standards” or beliefs and that constituted its own religion minus the 501(C) (3) tax-exemption. Of course they don’t want to see themselves that way but I always see atheist as individuals are just begging for more time (smile) which of course God is more than willing to grant in his great patience and love. If it takes a life time so be it.

Mean time, why are you trying to convert people to your religion of atheism by opening your mouth about your beliefs, if your beliefs don’t fit a standard of religion that you see fit to guide your life with?

When you ask people if they advocate “Justice” the answer will most certainly be “Yes”, because no one wants their home robbed, their car smashed, or their legs broken without being compensated. The states’ require insurance if you drive because so many people can’t get out and write a check for the repairs. Yet, today when you ask people if they would like to repent for their wrong they bristle.

The three R’s of accountability are Repentance, Restitution, and Responsibility. Part of repentance is recognition though. Yes, I indeed did smash your car. I’m sorry, it’s my fault. Let’s get that car taken care of and I will make restitution for the damages. How do you feel about someone who hits your car and takes off? Well, that’s exactly what Barack Obama has done to my campaign as an unqualified candidate, but the Halls of Justice won’t hear me. How do you feel about that?

Where is your sense of “Justice”, if you do not understand “repentance”? You know I feel very confident that if the Courts had stayed out of the election process and kept their nose on the U.S. Constitution in 2008 Sen. John McCain would have been removed as a qualified candidate for President first, and I would have gained the support for that ‘just removal’ and went on to face Barack Obama who I also challenged and he would have been ‘removed’ as a qualified candidate after that and I would have won the Office of the President, because the two top dogs weren’t qualified and I challenged both of them equally and removed them under the qualifications for the Office of the President in the U.S.C.
The Courts do have an obligation to the U.S. Constitution and the line on the natural born Citizen Qualification standard for the Office of the President actually takes less brain power to conceive then the implications and obligations of the 14th Amendment to same sex couples; that I promise you!

So why do the Courts have an affinity for the obscure and a loathing for the simple and plain?
Well, the real question and point of all of this is why does it matter after an election? The whole justice process as we would like to be treated if we are harmed in body or property in our civil rights, is indeed a reflection on our Nation. That’s why it matters.

Ponder for a minute “The reflection of a Nation”. What do you see when you look at the mirror staring back at you. Do you see balance, truth, justice, honor, integrity, courage, humility, love? Those are the reflections that will bring us joy and happiness and if you have ever felt joy or happiness in your life, even one time after a Court decision that upheld all of those I just mentioned you know why our U.S. Constitution is so worth upholding all the time, before, during, and after an election.

If Barack Obama is so right, why have the Courts refused to give me a hearing to disseminate and obliterate the entire Birther movement and why didn’t that happen 5 years ago? Are the Courts really responsible for upholding politician’s egos in place of the United States Constitution? It’s a sad thought, but in this particular field that’s exactly what they are doing, and the victims are you and me and everyone you see.

So when it comes to reflections, hey you gotta look at the man in the mirror and if you want to make the world a better place, better look at yourself and make a change? The reflections of our nation are very important as we reap what we sow.

Cody Robert Judy


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