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FOX NEWs unloaded on Obama this week with a couple of their superstars. Sean Hannity and Judge Jeanine Pirro, as a guest on the Michael Savage Show, in a closely approximated narrative blurting out “Manchurian Candidate” and the "I" (Impeachment) word with Obama as the declarative nativity surrounding the circumstances of their displeasure.

Is this feigned disgust or just another one of the rant and raves we’ve become accustomed to with Fox acting out in panderous outrage about the latest scandal with the promise of a parent that if he does it “one more time” after the 24 other scandals he’s through, insinuated former 1998 House prosecutor of Bill Clinton's Impeachment trial S.C. Senator Lindsey Graham whose facing a primary in deep rooted red state this Tuesday.

How many parents would literally let their kid get away with 24 and counting scandals and issue ultimatums that if it occurred one more time they would discipline the child? I don't believe there's anyone from South Carolina that would let that happen in their home. We have literally seen Congress throw a temper tantrum at Obama with the “Enforce the Law Act” passed in 2014, yet Obama as the belligerent child has basically turned the tables on Congress. One wonders if the Legislative Branch has a check and balance equally on the Executive Branch and the Judicial Branch how is Obama so errant. How does he gloat with such disdain if the check and balance system is so effective? What does he have over Congress? How is he able to treat them like puppets on a string?

Blackmail is the use of threats to prevent another from engaging in a lawful occupation of writing libelous letters or letters that provoke a breach of the peace. The offense of blackmail is often taken or carried out during an act of robbery. This occurs when an offender makes a threat of immediate violence towards someone in order to make a gain as part of a theft. For example , “your money or your life”, is an unlawful threat of violence in order to gain property. Blackmail is an act, often a crime, involving unjustified threats t make a gain or cause loss to another unless a demand is met. It may be defined as coercion involving threats of physical harm, threat of criminal prosecution, or threats issued for the purposes of taking the person’s money or property. Blackmail can be considered a form of extortion or taking of personal property by threat of future harm.

The short answer to this quarry is Congress has used up its “check and balance” powers with the Executive Branch under Obama, and Obama knows it. Creating a legislative act to state what the executive branch is rogue as Congress did in the entitled “Enforce the Law Act” was about as severe a measure as Congress can put out to announce their displeasure with action of the President to enforce the laws. Of course this Act feigns disgust to their constituency at home as a matter of fact. Therein lays both another problem and the question.

You see somehow, some way Congress bought into the fact that Obama was eligible to serve as Commander in Chief in the Office of the President simply because of an “Election”. Now you might think or say, “Cody, after an election it’s all over, that’s it”. If you are saying that it is simply your naiveté about the Constitution’s language that if a “President elect” shall fail to have qualified he can be removed in many ways but for Obama as a disability”.

You mean to tell me that after an election if the President fails to qualify under the Constitution’s qualifications clauses he can still never be allowed to hold the Office of the President? Yes, that’s right. Election be damned, the Constitution’s qualifications for the Office of the President is what comes first and foremost. That is the oath all take before they even get to Congress, over and above bringing the pork home. So, how did this “Pass” Obama received slide out from under Congress’s noses and how does it prevent Congress from acting in a more severe measure to “impeach” or "remove" Obama?

Well, no one knows better than Obama that he actually isn’t qualified as a natural born citizen. Yes, you heard me right, no one knows better than Obama himself. Oh the tangled web of regret Congress has now in tangling with the spider that has them all wrapped up. The tailored way this happened actually occurred when Obama was a Senator in Congress himself.

A deal was constructed with the Democrat Party and the Republican Party that McCain would get his ‘non-binding’ U.S. Senate Resolution 511 declaring him a ‘natural born citizen’ from at least half of Congress and Obama would never be challenged on his because the deal would have been impossible without the majority of the Democrat Senators voting for it along with every Republican U.S. Senate accept Sen. McCain. (Text of 511 here.)

D- Senator Barack Obama and D- Senator Hillary Clinton were actually co-sponsors of that non-binding senate resolution but EVERY SINGLE Republican Senator voting for it added another nail to the coffin of the Constitution, accept McCain who abstained from it basking in the glory he had been drafted by his esteemed colleagues who insisted even upon his adamant vote to refuse such glad tidings. Who would have ever thought a non-binding U.S. Senate Resolution would have such a long lasting and incredible defense for Obama and simultaneously cost Americans untold fortunes through future generations?

There was no objection vote in Congress’s Counting of the Electorate in 2008 because every U.S. Republican Senator had bet heavy on McCain and come up short losing their bet in the election. They would just have to ‘deal’ with Obama even though they might not like it for four years until Gov. Romney would bail them out right?

Certainly they could handle it for 4 more years; they’d done it with Clinton but they had “impeachable powers over Clinton to keep him in line a little bit, and they demonstrated it over a little lie to Congress. Obama has over 24 scandals, big ones, and nothing? Who can escape the illogical and apparently obvious fairness of it all?

In the U.S. Senate Resolution every single Republican U.S. Senator had basically voted to change the Constitution of the United States without consulting the House of Representatives, because their vote was a vote for a ‘hands off’ Obama on his Eligibility Question in exchange for McCain’s Res. 511 which Republicans did not have the vote to carry in a majority controlled U.S. Senate in 2008. Why do you think Democrats were so eager to say, “Sure, we’ll give that to your boy, Sen. McCain”? We won’t allow partisanship to stand in the way of something like that.

Now when someone’s got you over a barrel because you’ve done something wrong in the first place, they can roll you over and over and over that same barrel because the only way to get off that barrel is to admit you did something wrong in the first place. That is always hard to do. As a lie is built upon so are the cost of the lie increased and also the damages of the lie recognized as needing to be defended until it’s “too big to fail”. When did we start hearing that? Federal Reserve Chairmen Ben Bernanke defined it in 2010.

But Truth was what we were taught would prevail. Truth is what we were told would set us free, and cannot stand a lie, especially when the cost of defending the lie threatens the national security of U.S. Sovereignty and future generations wanting and deserving a chance at American’s opportunity and dream. Let me tell you something about former SOS Hillary Clinton's vision of 'globalization'.

It doesn't bode well with individualism and the blessings we seek here in the United States of American. It bodes well with a sacrifice of the individual's rights for what the State sees as the greater good. That message is being channeled through everything she's apart of and says "State first, Individual second" right down to her clothing if you have an understanding of it.
Globalization at what cost? The cost is greatest with the individual, the threat of the individual is the greatest threat perceived by the State. That was the fear of allowing the United States to exist in the first place remember!

Congress can threaten to impeach Obama, but no one knows better than Obama that you cannot “impeach” a person in the Office of the President who isn’t qualified. Impeachment is reserved specifically for a “qualified person in the Office of the President” who has done something wrong. We all recall former President Bill Clinton’s impeachment due to a lie stated under oath to Congress that he had not has sex with Monica Lewinsky, which Lewinsky’s own affidavit and testimony confirmed.

What put President Clinton over the barrel were actual recorded conversations Lewinsky had with a friend she did not know about that were recorded. When those tapes came out Lewinsky’s own word was as muted as President Clinton’s was. She couldn't cover for him with a lie anymore. Sex was not what the Impeachment was about; it was about lying to Congress, impeding justice in a cover-up of what had actually happened. It was the truth we wanted.

If those tapes had not been made and released the whole thing would have never been uncovered. President Clinton surmised it better to be prosecuted for lying than a sexual relationship with an employee or intern subject to his authority. In the end it proved the best course and the U.S. Senate excused him. That acted as a dousing hose on the flame in the House of Representatives. So picture Congress saying to Obama we're going to impeach you and Obama saying "You Can't" as his defense! Congress is caught in their own trap, and Sen. Hillary Clinton is a big part of it and has been from the beginning. She was of course a co-sponsor of U.S. Sen. Res 511.

Now over the course of five years many laws and policies have been enacted under Obama including the granddaddy of them all Obamacare- indeed 1/5 of the entire U.S. economy is under this Act. 1/5 of the entire U.S. Economy represents a lot of money that Congress didn’t have to spend before and now they do. Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats want it to “Go Away” due to it not being signed by an eligible President. Like U.S. Sen. Res 511, the Republicans and Democrats are united on Obamacare. If that wasn't true Republicans wouldn't have financed it in the House.

You do recall that every Act must be signed by a Qualified President right? Think about the "National Defense Authorization Act", that provides indefinite detention of terrorism suspects without trial.

All those laws and all that money, and all that 'control', would just go “poof” if Obama was found “ineligible” to be signing with the authority granted a President’s pen in the Office of the President. Congress would in affect be throwing out a ton of work they have been doing for years. The more time Obama has been in office the more laws have been passed and in such the more insurance Obama has that his “Eligibility” as President would never be questioned in Congress.

The more insurance Obama has that:

1) Congress wouldn’t/doesn’t want to lose all their work, and
2) Congress would not want to admit they did something wrong by not challenging his eligibility right at first regardless of the bi-partisan pass that was given to their loser McCain in Sen. Res. 511.

At least admit with me that had Republicans challenged Obama on his eligibility it would have been an injury to their cooperation with Democrats with U.S. Sen. Res 511. Now you know why Obama can push them over and over the over the same barrel and they just emphatically claim Obama won the election and there's nothing we can do about his fraud and forged documents of identity. In fact, we just have to tell America that forensics on documents is a lie and keep repeating it until its believed.

Obama knows they cannot “impeach” someone who isn’t qualified. Impeachment is reserved for a qualified person who’s done something wrong. The only measure left to Congress is to toss all their work out and admit they messed up pushing politics over principles of the Constitution in order to gain powers since U.S. Sen. Res. 511 was passed.

This is the tailor made blackmail Obama has come to push the envelope on over and over and over in scandal after scandal after scandal.It wouldn't be blackmail if the Constitution was being upheld, it would be politics, but Obama's a walking talking violation of it in the Office of the President. That makes it blackmail. He knows, Congress knows it, we all know it, but Congress doesn't want to trash all the work built up on Obama's false narrative so they keep building upon it which is only going to increase the toxicity and damage of it when it crashes.

The only freedom from this tailor made blackmail is that Congress hold a “disability-impeachment” proceeding which effectively removes Obama as an unqualified candidate and certainly gives up every law that has been signed by Obama as pending for the next qualified person in the Office of the President. I think we could actually make it through that transition smoother than anyone might think.

Now you know what’s at stake, the interesting question to ask is, “if you were in Congress which way would you go?” Well, of course to the Congress as of now they have sided with Obama and the cover-up right through 24 scandals and counting.

The latest has Americans’ screaming about the exchange of 5 Taliban Leaders for one soldier who has allegedly been reported as a deserter by some of his fellow soldiers but has been called by the Obama Administrations Susan Rice as serving honorably. The same Susan Rice who was the star of the Sunday talk shows in claiming Benghazi was the result of a videotape that an investigation supported by Congress has now been leveled as false and Benghaze preventable.

Congress now debates their bloody noses being rubbed in the dirt of Obama’s ineligibility at the cost of 13 years of war in Afghanistan, all the life’s that have been lost, and all of the danger now presented to Americans for a greater incentive to take American’s hostage all over a non-binding U.S. Senate Resolution allowing a unqualified candidate who was not born in the United States to be declared by an Act of Naturalization that he was a “natural born citizen”. The second such Act of Congress the Senator from Arizona has had on his foreign alien-ship.

Do you think it was worth it? All of the life’s lost, all of McCain’s contributions a waste, all of Romney’s contributions a waste, all of the money Afghanistan has cost in getting the 5 caught and captured over the ten years a waste, all of the 24 scandals and counting Congress has not been able to do a thing about, and all of the cost and rights those scandals have cost every single American?

Only one candidate for President in America sued McCain and Obama in 2008 and 2012 that has continually held his hand out to Congress and the Judicial Branch Courts as an aide and a servant of the Constitution in “Standing” to stop the madness. Only one candidate in America with a record of holding ‘principle’ over ‘politics’ regardless of party and irrespective of race. That candidate is I, Cody Robert Judy, and of course that’s another big reason Congress with all of its potential presidential candidates thus far refuses to shake my hand in the offer. Ask yourself a good question, "Who resents the truth and Why?".

In shaking my hand, they also admit they have allowed this mess and it doesn’t bode well on their aspirations for President. That is what you call a tailored blackmail because the Constitution is what’s right and every Congressmen and Justice for that matter is being held up from doing what’s right because they are caught doing what isn’t right and that is covering up this identity scandal and the Constitution's claims about it. They’d just as soon keep me covered up in the dust of the dustpan, which represents the biggest cover-up of all.

Your recognition of this is the other key of the puzzle. In truth We The People indeed do have a choice right now to support the truth and pass it on. "Truth is Real" may seem like kind of a weird campaign slogan when you first read it. However, reflect on it abit. Think about the destruction a lie can cause in your marriage, in your business dealings. When you have been lied to and lied to and lied to what becomes so valuable that you would price it like gold in value? Truth.

If you think “Truth” is worth it, support it and quit supporting the lie. That is the beginning of change, or we can just keep on going down this road and see where it leads with Obama. Which is it going to be?


I'd sure appreciate your helping me out in the American Birther Campaign (ABC) Campaign for Cody Robert Judy for President 2016. Thank you for your consideration.

Cody Robert Judy
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  1. "Congress can threaten to impeach Obama, but no one knows better than Obama that you cannot “impeach” a person in the Office of the President who isn’t qualified."

    I say go ahead and impeach anyway. If he states this, then he is admitting he isn't a natural US citizen and has no right to hold the office he has. Then kick him out of office, and arrest him under US constitutional violations and throw him in jail.

  2. Ovomit has committed so many crimes that he needs to be charged with all of them. Since one includes treason, that alone could be enough to have him executed. If it comes out in his defense that he is not a US citizen and therefore not subject to treason laws, then he has admitted he is a spy and still subject to execution.

    The problem with any scenario is congress is complicit with Ovomit so they will not do anything against him, for he would then expose their complicity which would mean they are all subject to punishment as being accomplices to all his crimes, which they are. That leaves We the People who must act which we have the right to do since the government exists by our giving them certain rights, BUT no more. Therefore, the People have the power to arrest Ovomit should they decide to do so. For the sake of America, for our children and all future generations, and for all those who have fought, bled, and died defending this country, I pray We the People will find the courage to do what is right and arrest him for his multitude of crimes.

    If we do not, then they have already won and America is already dead but just unaware of it.

  3. @Anonymous Praying is a good idea, having faith justice will come is something we all must count on. The USA was forged and though we may see as we are now our U.S.C. hanging as it were by a thread, we do have a promise that it will survive and O's unhallowed hand in the executive office of the President is no match for the blood of those who have died and the sacrifices that have been made.