Thursday, July 17, 2014

Breaking News: Judy v. Obama-Motion to Proceed Granted Summons Served and Returned

Breaking News: Judy v. Obama Judge grants Motion to Proceed. Twenty day Summons issued by the Court, served, and a Return of Service filed.

This is a big part of the go ahead to step forward in the proceeding. Judges have seen the filing before it was served and recognize the complaint with a case number and the first Motion to Proceed was granted.

The Twenty Day Summons was served on the Defendants, or substitutes admitting they are capable of receiving service for defendants.

A Return of Service is then witnessed and filed in the Court marking the time table to respond and the beginning of the twenty day time period given the Defendants to respond to the complaint.

It was a very difficult day to say the least as so many people are fearful of retaliation for serving the complaint. I asked for help from many who said politely, "No thank you".

In the end I was so humbled and confirmed with the courage that my own Mother demonstrated at 78 years old who gave me a call of her own free will and said without my asking, she'd be happy to do it.

To understand that courage, you'd have to know she's had three back operations and been through cancer and chemo treatments twice over the last four years and at 78 has some great disability at moving and traveling like she used to.

I was floored as I had not asked her before she called me. I hope some day the courage of this woman might be recognised as the foundations upon which mine was built.

My cars air conditioning is broke and its about 75 miles round trip, plus I had my 5 yr old son with me. I could not serve the complaint but I could help her out of the car, down the stairs and into elevators.

The day seemed like it was in full blown slow motion to me. I felt honored to be between these two individual who seem like my favorite angels on earth.

One crying for his cup of juice, the other how much it would cost to get my air conditioning fixed and why fighting an infection she wanted to do this.

She said, "Cody, I've watched you for seven years apply your time and talent to an issue for our Constitution. You're contributions have been great, but the contributions from the public small. I know your heart is good and you wouldn't call what your doing a waste of time. Who am I to say it's a waste of time? If its important to you it's important to me."

I thought I want to remember those words forever because they meant so much to me. In the end, of course the legal system is frought with peril, and it is not always easy to navigate it's treacherous twist and turns, but let it not be said that I was not grateful for the love and courage those around me exhibited.

As I have felt I could not let those who supported me as a Presidential Candidate down in doing my best to defend, protect, and preserve the Constitution, I hope they will also notice the hardships and courage of those around me.

Success is not always about winning, but we have learned it is also about doing your best at whatever it is your doing,let the consequences follow.

I was grateful and honored to have my Mom introduce my nomination for other political races I've run as some may recall and which is also written in my book, "Taking A Stand". Some said a little of this or that about it, preferring or advising a more popular political figure, but as for me, I don't know anyone more responsible for instilling in me a defense for what is right.

That's ok with me. There are many individuals standing up for what is right in history who were not all that popular with the law. Contributions of what is right made by less then perfect people are none the less valuable.

Just wanted to keep you updated and informed of the legal Entry of my case. For more detail also check 3rd Post back at: post back.

Those wishing to read the U.S. Federal Civil Rights Complaint may now do so here now as it is public information: Judy v. Obama 2014 U.S. FED Case No. 1:14cv00093

Cody Robert Judy
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  1. Your case will get tossed for lack of standing. If Alan Keyes couldn't make his stick and he was a candidate, you won't be able to either. Our judiciary is wholly owned by the NWO.

  2. You' may' be right, is Alan Keyes case handled by Esq. Orly Taitz any different than mine? Of course it is. That case sought to dismiss Obama from the Office of the President and actually was against a state elections SOS.. rather then Obama his campaign org. and the DNC . COMPARING the two is entirely Apple's and Oranges legally. Keyes failure w Mrs. Taitz certainly has no bearing on the injuries I have suffered.

    To say so implies I should claim injury on your car getting smashed. I certainly can't do that now can I?

    Hope that clarifies the differences. Now since you have made a future prediction, you must be of some sort of religious practice prophesying with what authority may I ask?

    Histories authority? Well, histories authority I remind you also testifies of an impossible revolution that founded and bear an impossible narrative called the USA. You may have heard it?

  3. Cody,

    Your analysis of the SR 511 is correct as far as the collusion of the Parties is concerned, but you could have put some REAL teeth in it by
    explaining that the 1795 Act of the US Congress REPEALED the act of Law,
    (provision of law), that allowed for "foreign born (US) natural born
    Citizens, therefore the SR 511 was not only factually incorrect it was