Sunday, July 13, 2014

National Security Compromised

National Security Down - Did Obama Crack the Border?

How does the balance of fault lie with Congress?


The U.S. Border Scandal is vastly shaping up to be one of the most crucial aspects of why a natural born Citizen in the Office of the President is a vital requirement for the Republic. In the following excerpt Judge Jeanine Pirro definitely outlines with intensity what problems follow the lack of enforcement of our border. What she completely misses though is Congress’s dereliction of duty to enforce the United States Constitution’s requirements for a natural born Citizen as President that Obama fails.

Having it both ways described as, “having your cake and eating it to” is a dream for everyone but it’s a particular sweet one for politicians. Republicans would like nothing more than to assail the Democrats with Obama contrived as the nightmare that is being created with a bursting border like a dam’s trickle becomes a stream and then burst open its borders.

To understand what’s happening on Obama’s watch, you just have to look at the numbers of before and after, and Judge Jeanine adequately rehearses those numbers. Listen carefully as border crossings have jumped nearly tripled within the last year.

IF Obama were a “natural born Citizen” Congress would have a “leg” to stand on with this one. As the Legislative and the Judicial Branch share as two legs of a three legged stool the burden to balance our Government, the Legislative Branch is not accountable or responsible for HOLDING A HEARING on Obama’s eligibility and Constitutional Qualifications that are fraught with identity forgery and fraud according to lawful investigation professionals Congress refuses to hear.

That is a first duty and a first line of defense for submitting the authority the people have vested in the Office of the President. When the first duty is shirked and passes as a dream in the night vision and then an aberrant malignancy appears on the Border shouldn't the first line of defense even be considered?

The National Defense of Americans vitally depends upon the qualifications of the Offices outlined in the U.S. Constitution.How is it that Congress when it comes to their responsibility and accountability are held blameless for not requiring the Constitution's qualifications for the Office of the President on Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro?

One of the top THREE Ropes I have put forward in my 3 Ropes Initiatives
3- America’s Enforced Borders Initiative
America’s borders perpetrated by illegal aliens abroad, shall, by any means necessary to maintain the dictate of Independence and liberty, be secured by the use of her military ingenuity and intelligence of deadly force. A nation without borders is no nation at all, and the security of our borders is every bit as important as any foreign war in the Middle East. Would any one of us just leave the front door open to our house for anyone to walk through?

Unfortunately for you Congress along with Fox News's Judge Jeanine, ABC,NBC,CBS and every other mainstream news outlet refuses to hear the arguments of Obama's ineligibility continueing rather to perpetuate the false presumption Obama is a legally qualified president under the Constitutions demands and in so doing encourages fraud, and forgery upon the American People with discontent for the United States Constitution. They love passing the buck on for fault rather then accepting the responsibility and accountability to the people for the Supreme Laws of the Land.

Recently I went and saw Dinesh D'Souza's "American 2014" and would highly recommend you going to see it because at the heart of this is the premise that America's exceptual idea of freedom and liberty has been a beacon for the world. That beacon is set as a standard of the U.S. Constitution and the greatest national defense danger is the real possibility that we lose it from within. Nothing exemplifies this point better than the problems we face at the border- A Nation without borders is no nation at all.

If by chance you prescribe to the shame America has endured from within and without as the greatest evil upon the planet you certainly have no conception of the roots of that shame being fraudulently perpetrated upon you, just like you have no conception of the trap being laid around your feet seeking to ensnare your freedoms and liberties and you have all the more reason to go see this movie with all of your doubts and perceptions in place. I don't think anyone can accuse Dinesh D'Souza of not being a good listener and he listens to your complaints in the movie. Go See it!

If you hold contempt for justice, admire intolerance, and absolutely can't stand freedom and liberty then you probably shouldn't see it. As for me, I left celebrating along with the rest of the cheering and clapping audience, the contributions a friend of America has in Dinesh D'Souza and every other immigrant or naturalized Citizen in American who has come through the front door with an understanding of the opportunity America provides.

Along with Citizenship in the United States of America comes a responsibility and accountability of upholding America's dream. It seems almost unfathomable to me that those wishing to come in and partake of America would root themselves so deeply in destroying the national defense of the natural born Citizen clause that uniquely earmarks as a qualification for the Office of the President - Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents.

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