Thursday, September 11, 2014

Reflections of 9/11 in 2014

Reflections of 9/11 in 2014

Today Americans will be reflecting of the nightmare that occurred on 9/11 in 2009 when 3,000 people lost their lives in the attacks on on the Twin Towers and also in 2012 when Chris Stevens and 3 others lost their lives in Benghazi.

9/11 Tribute

We reflect not only on the lives that were lost but the circumstances surrounding those tragedies in our history that are all to often forgotten. The latter portion of this video is indeed a tribute to the lives that were lost, but the beginning of this you tube video reflects on the jokes Obama made at the correspondence dinner about his identity poking fun of the stand for the Constitution so many of us have stood up for in the qualifications for the Office of the President he fails, also a recognition of the circumstances around Bid Laden's death said to perpetrate and mastermind the 9/11 attacks that must be recalled and the 'honorable' burial at sea Obama was said to give Osama as a respect for Muslims when no muslim state would take his body, rather than bring Bin' Ladens' body back to the U.S.

If the very essence of stopping world war is to criminalize the actions of a few, rather than allow the actions of a few to be blanketed upon whole populations, criminal investigations can save us from global catastrophe and are very important.

Our hearts can not help but grieve for our losses. The troubled waters of our peace cannot forget watching all the buildings fall at different times and under different circumstances as we watched suicide planes crash into a couple of them, and we must recall the 'video tape' that was blamed on Benghazi by Obama and his Administration just a month before the 2012 elections generating the sparks of unrest and infuriating muslims all over the world after September 11th, 2012 in the arab springs saga.

Sometimes it is difficult to understand the differences of why Obama chooses to honor Muslims in a burial of Osama bin Laden, yet infuriate a blind rage within their radical elements against America blaming Benghazi on a videotape. Why the White House and our Government strongly objects to pictures and analysis of a shot dead Bin Laden for a forensics and a criminal investigation, but request removal of multiple video's showing beheadings of american journalist only after they have gone viral, like the video tape they attributed to Benghazi's circumstances.

May God Bless America for the truth and help us with our troubled waters. May we as Americans continue to understand as the example that our Constitution defends all religions and the freedom established here. May we as Americans continue to understand all religions also are afflicted with the challenges for good and bad that people in their individual capacities are trying to overcome as weaknesses and that we in defending our own personal religion must fight to defend that which we may not entirely agree with, that in this resolve peace can be found and a harmony of spirit championed we distinctly call American.

That religions of all types in their essence have a purpose to make good people even better, wishing to worship God according to the dictates of their conscience, allowing all men to do the same and that to be just we must act justly realizing in our Constitution the qualifications for the Office of the President, when corrupted, can quite easily lead to the corruption of our religious peace dividing us in a disrespect and discord.

My prayer for the United States of America is to preserve our Union and to this end I have dedicated much of my time,my passion, and my life in the understanding of how very important our United States Constitution is as the Supreme Law of this Land upon a happy people.

Cody Robert Judy
Candidate for President 2016

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