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BREAKING UPDATE OBAMA INELIGIBILITY: What is your ‘Brand’ or “Label” of American Patriotism Gwyneth Paltrow?

What is your ‘Brand’ or “Label” of American Patriotism Gwyneth Paltrow?

You know I’ve been so upset the last week over some developments on my law suit against Obama/the DNC/ and the Obama Campaign Fund Raising corporations OFA combining to overthrow the U.S.C. Qualifications for President and in such over throw in a coup the U.S. Government under the standard of the United States Constitution I haven’t even been able to write about it.

I just responded to a POST made by Bill Sharpe in a “Friends of Liberty” FB Group. His Post went something like this:
[ What all American citizens need to do, is to file a law suit against Barack Obama (if that’s his real name) and the Democratic Party for endangering every American citizen life, for putting every American citizen’s life in jeopardy for allowing illegal’s to come into this country and bring weapons of mass destruction (biological weapons of mass destruction) into the United States, and then distributing these individuals in undisclosed locations across the United States. Anyone who has lost a loved one should contact her District Attorney’s Office, or the Atty Gen. in their state, and file murder charges against Barack Obama (if that’s his real name) and the entire Democratic Party, if they contributed to the death of your loved ones or children they should be held liable!!!!!!!]

My response:
“Well, I got mine filed…But I’ll tell you from 7 years experience with exactly this; You’ll get dismissed for a lack of standing. Even better why not support people who won’t get dismissed. It cost $1,000’s of dollars to get a law suit off the ground to start with. Doesn’t contributing a few hundred make more sense? If Americans really want a change they have to support one. To Date, they have not.” (link)

People all upset about all these ‘Cover-ups’ and ‘Scandals’ haven’t contributed a single dollar to a candidate who has fought for the U.S.C. on both sides of the isle. I filed against McCain and Obama as a Pres. Can. W standing. The Media angle is very important to consider. If you fight against Obama’s eligibility you have to fight Cruz’s and McCain’s as well or you are a racist. The facts don’t lie. Do Americans’ really care about it? Those who say they care haven’t contributed $1. You know if you could find 500,000 people who care and would contribute $1, you’d find Congress paying a lot more attention. There’s 300 Million Americans and we can’t find 500,000 to contribute a single dollar? Nope..”


If your Patriotism is tied to a ‘Band’ or ‘Label’ like ‘Republican’ or ‘Democrat’, you can’t win because you have all these leaders who are compromised. They are entrenched to money, much of it foreign money that is earned here, sent over there, and then returns to support candidates like Obama. You all know his Harvard Education is thought to be financed by a 20 million dollar grant from S.R’s, and he sure didn’t have the grades to get into Columbia from Occidental with a C+ average and there’s a lot of evidence to circulated support that a ‘foreign student’ entry forum was used to get Obama in though no college transcripts have ever been released.

Bottom line is you don’t need college entrance papers proving a foreigner exist in the White House. I mean we have Obama’s own word on his long form Birth Certificate his father was not a citizen at the time of Obama’s birth. To be a ‘natural born Citizen’ both being born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents is considered in the context of most cases in the U.S. Supreme Court the primary precedent case being Minor v. Happersett.

Now if you forget about all that and excuse it, not because it’s the right thing to do but because you just don’t care that much for arresting the fundamental abuse of civil rights upon candidates for President like myself who has stood up tooth and nail be it against Republican or Democrat Candidate Ineligibility, then you are left with a law enforcement’s legal investigation.

That investigation revealed complete forgeries of the short and long form birth certificates as well as a forged draft registration on Barack Obama aka Barry Soetoro. Bill Sharpe’s request in his post has been adequately represented by legally qualified persons but it hasn’t worked and I think the biggest reason it hasn’t worked is because Americans’ fundamental patriotism is severely and justly called into question.

I mean if you just took the Tea Party People into consideration. They have the ability to raise a lot of money and contact well over a million people. They have the ability to get behind a Presidential candidate who could not be called a ‘racist’ on the integrity of the record like mine, but they just refuse to do it. What can you say about that?
We can get mad at Judges and all of that, but do you really think Judges don’t notice things like your lack of patriotic support?

I don’t think you can find a Presidential Candidate in the whole USA that has a better record, a more sound record for taking a stand on the ineligibility issue of the Office of the President. I chose the record because I could see clearly if you get that office you can fundamental transform American just as Obama saw. Obama wasn’t alone in seeing that.

Sen. Hillary Clinton sponsored the U.S. Sen. Res. 511 for McCain along with then Sen. Obama in 2008 which led to a defeat of Mitt Romney in 2012 for failing to take a stand on the Office of the President’s qualifications. Can we even figure out the cost of that now? I mean it has to rank somewhere in history to the cost of The Tower of Babel which was a completely foolish endeavor from the start, but they kept building on it until God himself put a stop to it.

Yes, I think it would be extremely nice if God decided to strike deaf and dumb the Judge in my cases because clearly they are not defending the United States Constitution in calling my case filed in 2014 Judy v. Obama “frivolous or malicious” which was the argument for the ‘MEMORANDUM DECISION AND ORDER DENYING PLAINTIFF’S MOTION FOR SERVICE OF PROCESS’.

Mind you, this decision and the argument for it has come weeks after the complaint was notably served upon the Plaintiff’s, just like I served the McCain Law Suit in 2008, and the Defendant’s failed to respond leading to a “Default Judgment” by execution of the reasonable parameters of time given to the Defendant’s by a Court issued 20 Day Summons. This all comes down to the Court’s unwillingness to actually play by their own rules which is what happens when you don’t hold people in office to the same accountability standard of the law. They become ‘immune’; another word for that is ‘elitism’, and yet another word for it is ‘royalty’ something we have assumed to be against, but as transparently awkward as it is seems to be is disingenuous of the actual standard of the law enforced.

In truth it meets very precisely the exact abuses that constituted the need or reason for our very own American Revolution.

Not only did the Court refuse to acknowledge the three witnesses in Affidavits of the Service of Process,, and the failure to respond resulting in a Default, but the Court refused then to carry out the service as it is obligated to itself.

The logic the Court used was indeed a presumption of “the failure to succeed in prosecuting” the Plaintiff’s due to “their immunity under the color of law”. In this instance what that means is Rep. Nancy Pelosi and U.S. Sen. Harry Reid can say and do anything they want to get their candidate on the Ballot regardless of the person’s eligibility for the Office. No, it’s not right. Life isn’t fair, but fairness and equality are not about what Obama is all about. It’s just the opposite and if fraud and forgery are not your witnesses brought to the Court as I brought in Sheriff Joe’s Law Enforcement Investigation, as a secondary witness to the already violated U.S.C.’s order of qualification for the Office of the President, than you have to figure the Government is on an unlawful heist of epic proportions.

Not to be outdone however is the shear unwillingness for Patriotic Americans to simply pour in money to solve a problem. I’ve seen millions of dollars raised by Americans who finally see a cause worth supporting in nothing short of a weeks’ time. The problem is reaching the millions of Americans who would care.

Republicans and Democrats aren’t going to split easily with their treasured political war chest and the Tea Party Leaders seem bent on supporting candidates who like U.S. Mike Lee here in Utah refuse to talk about the ineligibility issue and lawful documentation of fraud and forgery. I am not sure, “knowing who did the forgeries” as far as Obama’s Identification fabrications, is as important as the fact that he has used them.

Yes, this is a complete and utter diabolical disaster happening right now in American in front of your face! Yes, you have available to you a Presidential Candidate who has honorably and notably in a legal record stood up for it against both Republicans and Democrats representing a sound standard of equality that is not racist. No, you have not supported that at all!

Are you liable as Americans for this? The sad truth is “yes”. I don’t know that I can tell God any different could you if you were in my position? I mean, if you believe in God. If you believe God has founded this Nation. If you believe borders are important. If you believe the Constitution is important. If you believe the scandals and murders of border agents and those at our embassy are not to be swept under the carpet. The crux of this exists in Obama’s ineligibility like the base of a tree exists as the main foundation for the branches. Get off the branches and get back to the base of the tree if you want to chop it down. When you chop it down all the branches fall.

This order was signed by the Judge October 7th and I have 10 days to appeal that decision to the 10th Circuit. Should I appeal it? I’m asking you?

Are you willing to send $2000 or $1,000, or $100 or $50 or $25 or $10 or $1 in exhausting the effort to lawfully handle the circumstances or have you also given up? If you don’t believe in the record I have to offer, what good is it to me?
If you don’t have the intestinal fortitude to stand up, pass on, and contribute this request like a fire across the Nation what sort of Patriots are you? Certainly you desire more defending your children out the window with your rifles and just shooting the zombies walking towards your house with diseases and forged passports? Certainly you’re inviting with your actions the kind of plagues and wars that will enter your own back yards and neighborhoods and you ‘think’ that won’t ‘cost’ you anything?

It’s going to cost you a lot more then getting off your rear end and passing this on with your social media bull horn this post and passing the contribution hat and getting those dollars to me in this patriotic cause for all of us. If you can’t do that, please, just look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you are a loser and have given up on the United States of America.

I’m not sure that if God were to strike the judge deaf and dumb, until he reversed his decision, that you would be satisfied because ultimately you’re not paying anywhere near the price that is going to be required of you and if that is the case you deserve it just as much as the Judge does right?

Yes, it is a little bit of what we call “your own medicine”, but it’s not like the good Lord is not willing to give you a little sugar for the medicine to go down. Our Constitution is wonderful! Our freedom and liberty are bastions of light in a stormy sea. Those who have become so cynical and apathetic that they have given up on supporting a ‘good cause’ which centers and focuses with pin point precision on the trunk of the tree of Obama’s ineligibility, will no doubt find their reward in gun fights and plagues but don’t you want to even want to try to avoid that?

If you don’t, just ignore this and the price to pay will find you very shortly. Don’t let it be said, God did not grant you a choice. Don’t let it be said, God did not give you a warning. Don’t let it be said that you couldn’t have made a difference because you can make a difference. You are very important in this fight.

Please, join me and help us save the United States of America. Stop letting people muddle your brains out of the reason and facts that are sound here. Devote your time, talent, and money then devote your neighbor’s time, talent and money if they will let you. (smile) Have a wonderful day and may God Bless America and especially those who will help in this fight.

I’m really sorry Gwyneth Paltrow, but if you want to give Obama all the power to accomplish all he’s set out to do, I’m pretty sure that means an elimination of Congress and Judicial Branch Judges’ , but ultimately your articulating for all of us exactly what is in fact happening right now and not at all what might happen. I love you, you’re a beautiful actress whose brain is so fogged up on the character of a man on the outside, and you probably couldn’t recognize the quality of a man’s heart inside and you certainly have never stood in the presence of a great President like George Washington the character of which Obama will never realize.

I pray your fog and muddled speech can be removed in time for your dress not to be impressed and veiled in black as Obama’s Muslim Heritage actually calls for your head or stoning for such damages and I pray your own head slid under the sword is not the moment when you decide the Constitution is worth taking a stand for because you must understand now that if it’s not the Constitution your taking a stand for than its another type of Government your bowing to. Obama as a walking talking violation of the United States Constitution can in no ways represent it truthfully. He is a fraud to the concerns of your liberty and freedom and your ultimate disillusionment to those facts make you look ridiculously stupid.

I don’t want you to look stupid, I want you to wise up and learn the facts that beautify the character of you inside as the gem you are on the outside. I don’t think you even know my name or who I am or what I’ve been doing for the last 7 years but when I LOOK at you, I am reminded that I am indeed fighting for who you are and even though you may not appreciate me now or know my name, if our United States of America is to survive I have no doubt my name will someday cross your lips because I have your back and am on the front line to the liberty of your dress and the freedom of your speech that has paved your red carpet walk.

Without “Freedom of Speech” and “Freedom of the Press”, Hollywood Actresses would be the nothing more than the beggars in the cardboard shelter slums seen in places like Jakarta, Indonesia; a home to one of Obama’s citizenships outlawing his eligibility in the Office of the President and fortifying his unconstitutional occupation of the White House as a usurper.

If you want to give up everything you have and go there and donate all your possessions and wealth, than I will believe you don’t have a secret love that honors the United States Constitution and I have got your all wrong. You need to understand that if you don’t have the protections of the U.S.C., your wealth is gone. It only takes being put in prison one time for you to scream I am an American! What does that mean without the U.S.C.? Nothing!

So why are you losing your ability to speak plainly and clearly about a walking talking violation in the Office of the President? Why can’t you support the true efforts fighting for what your heart truly loves? I want a contribution from you. I really do.

If you agree with us and would like to make a contribution you can do so here.
Cody Robert Judy

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Cody Robert Judy
For U.S. President 2016

If you think “Truth” is worth it, support it and quit supporting the lie. That is the beginning of change, or we can just keep on going down this road and see where it leads with Obama. Which is it going to be?


The Commercial is simply called "America"

This placed me back at the beginning of the rollercoaster ride with an upset stomach and my choices were ‘quit’ or request the Court to serve the Defendant’s if, and as was the case, they didn’t like the way that I did.

1- Affidavit for Certificate of Default

2- Response to Notice denying Certificate of Default

3- Request for Service of 9 Summons and Complaints upon Defendants by U.S. Marshal or other Court Agent including Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Debbie Wasserman Schultz,Mitch Stewart Jeremy Bird, Jim Dabaki, Matt Lyon involved in DNC and OFA.


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