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National Defense Secretary Panetta extrapolates- Worthy Fights,-Not bad for Cody and his little band of Birthers

National Defense Secretary Panetta extrapolates- Worthy Fights,-Not bad for Cody and his little band of Birthers

The effects of reaping what you sow are most often not apparent until much later. Often seeds take time to sprout and grow. The general impact of Obama, 10 Trillion dollars later, and wars in 5 countries, 25 scandals and counting are seeds upon the American Population that undoubtedly will come to bear some kind of a reward though the concern is it won’t be the kind of reward many had bargained for.

In the reflections of the political arena there is little doubt that “Birthers” have been at the bottom of the food chain and media ladder and certainly off the recommendations of the administration in the White House for advisory positions and ambassadorships.

Obama’s ‘think tank’ has definitely been impressed not to employ anyone around him that actually opposed him. Yes, he may have employed some Republicans for appeasement purposes, but for certain Republicans in office and those most generally running as Candidates have been corralled in the administrations net in U.S. Sen. Resolution 511 excusing McCain from the qualifications of the Office of the President.

Of course ‘natural born Citizens’ don’t need Congressional Acts to certify their runs for office. McCain’s own conscience testified of his concern and in fact his witness not voting in favor for it. One must ask why McCain needed and embarked his fellow U.S. Senators to vote for such? Why then ask yourself the question why Sen. Obama and Sen. Clinton were sponsors of such? The picture becomes quite clear in the ‘corralling intention, and over all affect.
Obama/Clinton rounded up the Republican U.S. Senators in one twiddley-dink non-binding resolution. You either agree with that or the other option is that the Republicans had a bigger gang to protect even than Democrats in candidates who were not eligible and this played right into their hands, but you have to believe one or the other.

It really has been “Birthers” who have taken the best, or high ground, in modern day fields of Gettysburg. Paltry in numbers, the “Birther” influence on the high ground of the Constitution, while taking some time is emerging in history as mirroring the most courageous in the battle for justice and equality. The intentions of those opposed to it are clearly quite the opposite of just, fair, and well intentioned and are clearly centered in elitism, subordination of the law of the land, and contempt for the civil rights of equality protected in the United States Constitution.

In what may be the biggest lie in all of history the Obama Administration has been veiled in obfuscation, covered in secrecy, and cloaked in a black veil of feigned transparency. No portended husband has been so snookered in the promises of the bride’s beauty then has the American public with Obama more than 50% who actually planted the seeds of Obama’s corruption in voting for him; some perhaps beguiled in racist intentions, some perhaps wise and ready to implant the manipulation for short term gains.

However the effect or real time point is, nowhere is the effect more devastating then in the future of the United States of America’s children. The seeds of this corruption will not spare the cruel intentions of, to quote McCain’s admission, ‘generational theft’.

While ‘Birthers’ have been in the dog house framed in the worst of expletives, and the American Public not much better off then when Obama started, things might be much worse without Birthers. Yes, powerful witnesses in history are revealing the tenacious Birthers, almost as a silent alarm alerting authorities for the Constitution, have handicapped Obama much more than we are led to believe.

While Birthers might not have gotten the burglar, their influence and protection, their bark and their growl have been a weighty deterrent to what may have been much much worse in the state of affairs then what we now know. For that, the American Public can be very grateful for their protests. They have distinguished themselves as a guard dog for America for which the lives and children’s’ future may yet be hopeful.

The testimonies of these actions are only now beginning to surface and dawn upon the American public. In an October 13th, 2014 article by Jack Cashill entitled “Panetta Book Bombshell: Challenges to Obama’s Legitimacy Affected His Presidency”, former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta is referenced as follows:

“Largely lost in the hubbub over former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s new book Worthy Fights is one intriguing revelation. As reported in the New York Times, the accusations that Barack Obama was not what he appeared to be, perhaps not even a natural-born citizen, caused him to become tentative on the national stage. “Those challenges have encouraged the president’s caution and defensiveness, which in turn has emboldened further challenges,” Mr. Panetta wrote.

What a patriotic and welcome compliment for me and my little band of Birthers coming from a man whose roots are/were very deeply involved in America’s national security.

Can anyone doubt the staggering and transparent witness of man so close to America’s national security that Birthers have not been a guard dog? However,even within the Birther rank and file there have been contentious battles fought. The greatest of these have been cries that McCain was qualified and so was Cruz, Rubio, Jindal, and (Santorum ?), when they were not ‘natural born Citizens. These were/are largely charged with political power pity-party cries fearing that if they didn’t or don't join the rank and file of the Democrats they would be left behind. The only problem I see with that is that both R's and D's are contributing to their record and defining their character of actually abandoning the Constitution substantially demanding Americans congregate under an Independent banner in the political arena more especially for 2016.

The 14th Amendment has been used like a gatling gun to mow anyone down who said that the unique qualifications for the Office of the President in ‘natural born Citizen’ was distinct from the qualifications of ‘Citizen’ mentioned in the 14th Amendment required for U.S. Representatives and U.S. Senators, and if that didn’t work the term ‘racist’ has worked well for those who supported and opposed Obama but gave or delivered to McCain in 2008 and the gang of ineligible Republicans gathering at the starting line of the 2016 race for the Presidency a free pass.

The term “Standing” has been used like an RPG to blast most Birther Court filings away by Obama’s own attorneys. The term was indicative of someone who wasn’t in the race for President and so lacked credentials to call foul on Obama’s eligibility. Remarkably only one man in America stands to the square in the Birther Movement having a record, both amiable of standing in a bipartisan defense of the Constitution as a Presidential Candidate in 2008 and 2012 as well as 2016 having the battle scars of this incredible battle.

The racist insinuation doesn’t work on him because he first filed against McCain and the RNC in Las Vegas Nevada’s Federal Court trying hard to bring the ‘conservative arm’ of the political arena back into lines procured in the United States Constitution for the Office of the President. His political weight has been wielded like a sword in Amicus Curiae’s for Democrat Phil Berg who filed and got the first case into the United States Supreme Court, as well as a Amicus Curiae filed in defense of Lt. Col. Surgeon Terry Lakin who was hung out to dry by the military Court for refusing orders based on the assertion the chain of command had been breached in Obama’s ineligibility, which as a C.I.C does hold a constitutional basis in fact.

In 2010 a jury was selected in a 10th Amendment sanctioned trial from a panel of citizens that come from all over the United States of America in the Obama CIA Columbia Sedition and Treason Trial . Cody Robert Judy (I) became the the first candidate in American History to take an oath and swear on the Bible that his testimony in the Court was true and correct as a Candidate for President testifying that both McCain and Obama were not eligible for reasons of not being ‘natural born Citizen(s)’ as was required by the United States Constitution. Incredibly, the Jury of American Citizens from all walks of life and states in the Union with my testimony and the evidences and facts presented in the case held in New York found Obama guilty.

In 2012 from the onslaught of the Iowa Caucus, Democrats heard of my name, Cody Robert Judy as a Democratic Party Candidate for President opposing Obama, and the facts surrounding Obama as an ineligible unqualified candidate for the Office of the President by the standards of the Constitution. The rallying cry barreled onto the east coast in New Hampshire’s primary all the way to the State’s Supreme Court, and then traveled down to the now famous stand in Georgia where Obama being subpoenaed by a judge in the Administrative Court flatly refused to show up and was told by the Secretary of State in Georgia that if he chose that route, he did so at his own peril. Truly Obama is not out of the woods yet.

In March 2012 Georgia and Cody Robert Judy (I) were the first ones to put two and two together presenting and submitting hard evidence to the George State court conveyed in Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse’s Investigation declaring Obama’s identification documents (long form birth certificate Obama presented to the White House Press Core for distribution and also Obama’s draft registration) were forgeries fabricated, and that evidence was maintained in presentments to the Georgia Supreme Court and then on to the United States Supreme Court originating as a Ballot Challenge.

One might pontificate that such hard evidence presented to sound legal minds grounded in the defense of justice wielding a standard held fast in the United States Constitution might gasp and shutter at the audacity of moral neglect and outrages of law that common folks could understand and illegal aliens were quite accustom in court proceeding to, but if one thing has been taught to the American People in the Obama administration it is that “elitism” is favored, equality shunned, and a good ole boys club continues in favors of greenback pats on the back. If you followed the money trail you see at the time Georgia received two very big federal contracts.

Decay in confidence, a tryst in trust, and a disparagement of hope are seeds of a dictatorial Obama that have been planted as foreign goods in our domestic soil. The hope of America was to leave such across the sea and to find a land of milk and honey wherein the Supreme Law of the Land in the U.S. Constitution reigned supreme in the Republic for which we stand. That hope and change has been anointed in the blood of America’s battle ground, for slaves and subjects that found a nation fighting for equal civil rights as citizens of the Union and all Obama has done is rooted in the wrecking ball, squalor, and disrespect for us as American’s and our principles of law.

The common decency towards all Americans has been exposed in a ruling class of elitism that favors corruption with a promise of transparency that now has been exposed as a noose of hate and one continuous lie camouflaged and veiled in blackness rather than light. This is not an example of race ethnicity, or religion, but one of truth Obama has avoided in the foundations of his character. It is weakness and does not strengthen America but makes America weaker. Embracing Obama’s actions of deceit is a call for truth to come and find you if it can. Rest assured the light will find and penetrate the darkness and the darkness will be pushed out by the light.

A walking talking violation of the qualifications for the Office of the President might serve as a wake-up call for all Americans, but it is in no way shape or form is nearly strong enough to transform America. America’s transformed in the light of truth and equality: This is my stand- This is what I have fought for very plain and simply in our Republic. There has never been a stand I have made in protest that didn’t represent a stand for truth and light against a veil of darkness.

Privacy exists, and American’s are constantly reminding the Government that they do not want the Government in their private places, but privacy does not exist on a level for corruption of Government; and that is the extent that it has come to. In my Judy v. Obama 2014 Case 1:14-cv-00093 (Utah- U.S. Division) that I am appealing to the 10th Circuit Court in Denver I am fighting the Courts agreement with Government unaccountability cloaked in the word ‘immunity’.

Immunity was never a word given to Government so that Government could do anything they wanted to you including raping, pillaging, and robbing you of all your rights in said U.S. Constitution; and as it has been interpreted as such the American People are threatened with being wiped out as citizens. Immunity doesn’t cover Rep. Nancy Pelosi in the deliberate deceit /crime in knowingly using her office as a laundry unit for submitting fraudulent documentation about Obama to Hawaii any more then it would cover her from walking out with an oozy and slaughtering all voters coming out from the voting booth after casting their ballot. Gun violence pales in comparison to the nuclear effect of her pen and signature on that document.

Citizen’s verses slaves/subjects is sadly what Judy v. Obama is all about, and I say sadly because the man in the White House office of the President is not the one fighting for the civil rights of citizens, it is me. The color of one’s skin and the place of one’s office has nothing to do with the character of the heart; and while Obama’s face might be recognized by a lot more people on the planet, his heart is the sorrow of all of heaven more especially to those who plead at God’s Mercy and Judgment seat that their blood has not been spilt in vein nor their cause neglected.

Fast, friendly, and convenient in America does not give McDonald’s a license to serve a cow-pie burger in place of real beef. The hope of the Obama Administration and those who support him is that you’ve been fed so much of the one that you don’t know the difference from the other.

If you agree with us and would like to make a contribution you can do so here.
Cody Robert Judy

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Cody Robert Judy
For U.S. President 2016

If you think “Truth” is worth it, support it and quit supporting the lie. That is the beginning of change, or we can just keep on going down this road and see where it leads with Obama. Which is it going to be?


The Commercial is simply called "America"

This placed me back at the beginning of the rollercoaster ride with an upset stomach and my choices were ‘quit’ or request the Court to serve the Defendant’s if, and as was the case, they didn’t like the way that I did.

1- Affidavit for Certificate of Default

2- Response to Notice denying Certificate of Default

3- Request for Service of 9 Summons and Complaints upon Defendants by U.S. Marshal or other Court Agent including Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Debbie Wasserman Schultz,Mitch Stewart Jeremy Bird, Jim Dabaki, Matt Lyon involved in DNC and OFA.


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