Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A Picture Says a Thousand Words


Trautman: “How will you live John? Rambo: “Day by day”. Conservatives yesterday were not talking to John Rambo as Trautman in the 1985 First Blood Part II, they were talking to the new Speaker of the House John Boehner as the picture above moved through the ranks of disenchanted conservatives who were upset about the narrow loss of voting to a second round for the majority Speaker of the House election.

Phone lines had been jammed in Congress all day; Glenn Beck had interviewed Louie Gohmert the bold Texas Representative Republican, supported by Sarah Palin, myself and others, who had put his name out there publically for all of the GOP to consider on Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity’s conservative talk shows the days preceding the election. Daniel Webster R-FL. managed 12 votes. He and his fellow Florida Rep. Ted Yoho had been circulated on,, but the 29 votes necessary for a second round would be missed by just 4 votes. You’d think R’s could have mustered 4 from incoming freshman?

Bohner, reported as stating he was Obama's best friend, was reported by Politico as moving ‘swiftly to boot two of the insurgents Rep. Webster and supporting Florida Rep. Nugent from the influential Rules Committee’ and noted that could be just the start of perks falling away from those who dared challenge his established role in a 3rd term as Speaker of the House. What was behind this fall-out of support from fellow Republicans was the “Crominibus” a 1.1 Trillion dollar spending package that financed everything Obama wanted including Obamacare and what some have termed ObamaAmnesty and prematurely neutered the incoming 114th House’s ability to check and balance the Executive Branch controlled by Obama in the Office of the President with the power of the purse. Conservative Heroes were touted as courageous and worthy of re-election while others missing the list, were put on notice they had not impressed their constituents, and broken the promise including Mia Love from Utah who was serving her first day on the job.

Rep. Justin Amash, Mich.
Rep. Rod Blum, Iowa
Rep. Dave Brat, Va.
Rep. Jim Bridenstine, Okla.
Rep. Curt Clawson, Fla.
Rep. Scott DesJarlais, Tenn.
Rep. Jeff Duncan, S.C.
Rep. Scott Garrett, N.J.
Rep. Chris Gibson, N.Y.
Rep. Louie Gohmert, Texas
Rep. Paul Gosar, Ariz.
Rep. Tim Huelskamp, Kan.
Rep. Walter Jones, N.C.
Rep. Steve King, Iowa
Rep. Thoma Massie, Ky.
Rep. Mark Meadows, N.C.
Rep. Rich Nugent, Fla.
Rep. Gary Palmer, Ala.
Rep. Bill Posey, Fla.
Rep. Scott Rigell, Va.
Rep. Marlin Stutzman, Ind.
Rep. Randy Weber, Texas
Rep. Daniel Webster, Fla.
Rep. Ted Yoho, Fla.
Rep. Brian Babin, Texas

Conservatives from all over the Country including members of the Democratic Party, Republican Party as well as Independence and Tea Party folks were so sickened with the gaffel with the gavel between D- Nancy Pelosi and R-John Boehner that parodies began popping up like blossoms in a January thaw. Today just might be the single biggest day of INDEPENDENT voter registration upon clerks all over the Nation we have ever seen.

The secrets lying within charlotte seemed to Conservatives enraged by a seeming deaf ear to their ringing was more than Ben (Nicholas Cage) bargained for in National Treasure in a vision to see the treasured past come as the timely shadow crosses in front of the House. In our minds, Congress has completely forgotten the United States Constitution’s demand a qualified person be in the Office of the President refusing to hold hearings on law enforcements’ publically pronounced declaration Obama has got a fraudulent or forged long form birth certificate, draft registration, and has been using a social security number duplicate also associated with a person who has no birth certificate.

The blatant disregard for the ‘natural born Citizen’ clause of qualification for the Office of the President, was indeed a barrier of national security a lot closer to the inside of Washington DC then the border to the south. If politicians have no scruples for upholding the national security demand that no foreign citizenship of any kind, via parent or place of birth, be allowed in the Office of the President as the ‘natural born Citizen’ demand intended as a distinct qualification for President that Representatives and Senators were not held to, what security concern have they for the Nation at all?

Indeed Republicans are seen through the Speaker of the House to be financing Obama Amnesty and Obamacare, and IRS Profiling, and the Justice Departments hacking of Reporters computers while the people just turned to them to stop Obama. Americans can barely hold down their lunches at the fix that apparently is no fix at all as Republicans and Democrats, especially those in leadership positions are seen as one.

Of course Americans want the elected leaders to work together and get along, but not at the expense of setting the Constitution on fire they have sworn oaths turning the United States into a Communist Bloc were the standards of the Republic for which we stand are burned at the stake. It’s been a hard lesson to see unfold for many voters who have bounced from one leader to the next to the next as quickly as they folded their principles or seemed ready to in abandoning what they set out to uphold with even the ineligible for President likes of John McCain, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal, Rick Santorum, and anyone elected who was not born in the United States to U.S. Citizen parents.

Indeed, the United States Supreme Court has a precedent case acknowledging foreign citizenship are conceived from both place of birth (soil) as well as each parent and if there is a foreign allegiance stemming from any of the three there are doubts to person being a ‘natural born Citizen’. The office of the President controlling nuclear bombs and heading the entire U.S. Defense as Commander In Chief is a place where we want ‘doubts’? The assumption seems supercilious to a serious national security but most of the Democratic Party is all in, and with U.S. Sen. Res. 511 John McCain drummed up co-sponsored by Sen. H. Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama, you understand Republicans made the deal with the devil with all Republican Senators voting for it.

Indeed Republicans and Democrats are working together gleefully smooching each other in back rooms as the American People fume about what to do. As a candidate for President in 2008 and 2012, the only one in America to hold McCain and Obama’s feet to the ‘natural born Citizen’ requirement in U.S. Courts of law, I have long stated the very best way to show Washington DC you were serious was to contribute to my campaign, even a few dollars.

If I had the privilege of reporting to the Federal Election Campaign that 50 million dollars had just been deposited in my election account from 50 million Americans who chose to contribute $1 , that’s 50 million Americans of the 320 million roaming around the United States, Congress would be pissed they didn’t get that money. They would be looking at one another as Democrats and Republicans thinking we better get on the ball because this Cody-Kid is doing something we are not doing.

It’s the simplest solution in the world, but American’s haven’t done it … yet. They’ve stocked up on ammunition, bought guns, and prepared for battle in their back yards and I’ve thought, ‘why would they want to do that?’ Conservative Radio Show host have supported any candidate that came along as long as they were not a ‘Birther’. If you haven’t heard the term it was invented for people like me who think national security in the Office of the President is important.

My new year’s resolution is to take this message out to you in every state but I can’t do that if I don’t have gas money and transportation. My poor car has over 240,000 miles on it and I’m thinking by the time I crossed the border of one state to go into another I’d really be out on the road. Well Americans its really totally up to you.

Fight with a dollar or two as a contribution to show some good faith in the principles you believe in with a Candidate who has born the expense of the fight pretty much alone up to this point, or you know, watch Rep. John Boehner make out with Rep-Nancy Pelosi which tells you in one picture much more than a thousand words could. If you don’t have a dollar, I’ll betcha you could pass it on to someone who does, and start working a little bit for my campaign rather than just being the couch quarter back and complaining about what’s happening or all my misspelled words.

Yes, we have a decision coming up in the 10th Circuit Court in Judy v. Obama 14-4136 which could be big, but ask yourself why you should have to have a Court tell you what is wrong and what is right? Do you really not know this for yourself or are you a participant in the nanny state? If so, you might as well line up behind Rep. Boehner for a kiss upon the cheek of Rep. Nancy Pelosi.

You know there are a few courageous politicians in our midst and I’d say God is working very hard to get your attention to support them but you’re not doing it. Your relying on the big PAC’s and the Corporations to fund your politics and slowly but surely you as an individual is being lost. Can you feel that? You gotta fight and if fighting means you contribute a dollar that’s a lot less painful then black eyes like Sen. Harry Reid is sporting from his domestic accident at home.

I sent a message to him that said in effect, ‘You know, people at home know just how you are feeling with black eyes and a broken face. They feel just like you at home having an accident on your own exercise equipment, with the Constitution being tread upon by our own elected leaders.’

I hope he gets better and I hope we in America get better to. We don’t deserve this but it sure is happening isn’t it and we have to do something about it. There are a lot of conservative people out there who feel a third party in American Politics is not viable, and that a vote for a third party is a vote for Democrats, but if this picture is any indication of the truth a vote for Republicans is indeed a vote for Democrats and third party is actually what we need to oppose the ReplicanDemocrat Party who has bonded as one.

If the two have bonded as one, then a third is really just a second choice. In the Office of the President I think Americans would benefit in a big way if we were to invest the trust of that office to an individual rather than a particular party per se. As is happening, parties often count their chickens as controlling Branches of Government by Party. So when an interest in principle seen from the eyes of the Constitution comes along we suffer the loss of the rights and the Party wins against us.This 2016 Commercial was the first one in the 2016 Race for President with over 1500 views already. The commercial emphasize why Republicans and Democrats are not fit or really in a position to lead America at this time. Please watch it and share this with your friends.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Americans could trust again in the Office of the President as one of them rather than being missed or rolled over by the Corporation of it all? That in a nutshell really explains my law suit in the 10th Circuit. If I lose, essentially the individual loses to the Corporations. That’s been a message the Democratic Party has preached to their constituents but in the big arena it’s been a fabrication essentially emblazoned by Obama’s fabricated identification.

Sometimes people look at getting half the popular vote as too hard and the essential electoral votes as impossible. People want you to believe it’s impossible because they couldn’t do it. I sat in a cell once twenty two years ago the size of a small bathroom for years with guards coming and mocking me near every day telling me it was foolish to sit there over a simple grooming standard that was not equitable between genders. Did you hear me say ‘years’ over a standard not equitable between the genders?

Yeah, you should read my book about that. After fighting for years in court, guess what? The standard changed and a simple basic individual right was honored and respected. Has the Democratic Party ever patted me on the back for that respect for a minority? (laugh) Right, no but you’d think anti-birthers would have some sense of balance about me but it seems they have none, not even to the principles they supposedly uphold.

Republicans – whew.., Republicans touting what- a strong national defense? (laugh) Not a single hearing on Obama’s ineligibility in the Office where it matters most and they controlled the House since 2010 which was the purse string for Obama to finance everything.

Anybody see a wide open gap here that can be exploited in the political arena for a touchdown mostly on the conservative side? I hope so and hope you’ll contribute a dollar or two and pass it on because we don’t have any more time to waste going from D’s to R’s only to find there is no difference. There should be a union of parties when it comes to the Constitution but in fact we see there is a union of parties against the U.S. Constitution in the most serious part of the whole document!

That at least has to change and that change happens with you…right now.. at this moment. What’s it going to be? Pass this on – contribute a little or bury it and leave it be? The choice is everyone’s’ to make.

Judy v. Obama is indeed in chambers and is set to be ruled upon shortly. I don’t know exactly when it was submitted for a decision as ripe by the Clerks and I don’t know how long it may be in chambers much like one doesn’t know how long it will take for a jury to reach a decision but we do know now for certain that the process of a decision is underway, that all arguments have been submitted and now are closed. The U.S. District Court Records submitted and a decision is now close at hand.
Cody Robert Judy

For those wishing to read the court action I have filed in Judy v. Obama filed in the Tenth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals, Denver, CO. I invite you to here. I also would like to make an appeal to you for contributions which you can send to the address listed on the Court document to me if you'd like or you can now do that online at the web site now.

We need your help. Will you help us or are the outrageous lies your being told by your elected leaders okay for you and your children? If you won't defend your children and their future who will you defend?

The 2016 Campaign begins now. Please send your contributions and help with the ABC (American Birther Campaign) today and my election for President in 2016 and Join the 252 of us now on my Facebook Cody Robert Judy for U.S. President 2016 site.

Cody Robert Judy for President 2016
3031 So. Ogden Ave. Suite #2
Ogden, Utah 84401

Thank you
Cody Robert Judy
Candidate for United States President 2016

The Commercial is simply called "America"


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