Saturday, February 7, 2015


Recently I have come under a barrage of criticism from folks both for and against the Article Two Patriot or Birther Platform, and it has a lot less to do with agreeing with the issue and general format of taking a stand then it does with nit-picking. Of course I expect it from anti-Birthers. People pitted so far against the Constitution they'd invite Vladimir Putin here to run for President and contribute to his campaign wholeheartedly. I don't have anything against Putin being President in Russia, but this isn't Russia. This is the United States of America and our standards are afforded us by and under the United States Constitution.

Once in a while the Coach gets the team together and reflects to them in a manner of discipline what can only be considered for their good, by telling them 'They suck', 'are very poor as a team', are engrossed so much in their individual stardom and self importance that they are not acting like a team. This is one of those days and from the broader picture from which I have a unique view, I'm going to tell you suck Birthers and your tacit lack of discipline in defense of our U.S. Constitution sucks to. I mean that in a positive way and relate it to you in a hope that you will get your act together,take a good look in the mirror, and start acting the way your speaking, and start supporting the way you believe for the cause irrespective of your individual aspiration to be a star on some kind of frivolous and even malicious off-the-field attempt at arm-chair spoiled little brat quarterbacking.

Minus about six individuals who have contributed to my campaign in 2012, this applies to you. Its my job to ask and beg you for your help after that the burden upon me is lifted and its on you. You haven't donated or contributed to my campaign(s). You haven't thought $5 dollars in your change drawer would make a difference. You have expected someone with 'deep pockets' to finance your 'freedom and liberty' and they are doing it in the opposite direction because they don't see you as thinking it worth to you what you spend running down to the 7/11 for a drink and a candy bar. Believe me when I tell you that you suck it is with my the deepest reluctance to do so.

I want to say that you're awesome and report to God that you actually are willing to sacrifice one trip to the Circle K or convenience store for your 'freedom and liberty', but I really can't make that recommendation because it just wouldn't be true. You have paid more attention to syntax errors and grammatical spelling errors than the errors of your not supporting with any of your dollars this effort in which our whole Country and way of life depend. This report is made possible by the absolute total drought of donations in 2014 and 2015. I could NOT give up or I lose my you understand that? I quit its gone!

Now you say, "Cody, you're really over-stating your own importance and we don't need you on our team, coaching our team, and we sure as heck are not going to support a former convict who has paid dearly for his crimes in reputation".

Oh yea, but you will support every Candidate and elected official who has stung and hung you out to dry, taking part in the biggest fraud and collaborated effort against the Constitution in upholding Barack Obama's fabrications that you know have been fabricated from the information report of a legal criminal investigation team? Your excusing all the Republican Candidates and for that matter former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton from those crimes of reputation you have witnessed and they have never paid for and probably never will? Do you think that's ok?

Ask yourself, "What is involved in this massive Criminal Cover Up?" Does it involve murder? Yes, ask those who have died in Fast and Furious? Ask those who have died in Benghazi? Ask those who have died out in Hawaii? Ask those who have been murdered and had their own deaths covered up? Ask those families who have had their military sons and daughters flown home in caskets' draped in a U.S. flag. Does it involve criminal actions against the public? Ask the IRS Profiling Investigation. Ask Verizon and so many of the social media corporations who have been tapped by the Government. You excuse all of these alleged crimes but refuse to support one candidate who stands against the root of the problem legally. You really suck. Have you left the room yet? If you have you were really weak anyway. if that's you, I don't want you and I don't need you because your playing better ball for the opposition than you are for me and the cause.

You Article Two Patriot Platform Birthers know better than anyone in the Country that nothing goes anywhere without two very important things in the Court. Number one 'standing', meaning you have to be in the Presidential Race as a Candidate to assert damages in the three prong test of standing and number two and this is a doozy, you better have made the same claim against Sen. John McCain in 2008 you're making against Obama for not being "Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents' or the Mainstream Media is going to crucify you as they did Donald Trump as the example of being a racist. The problem for you is there is only one candidate for President in 2008, 2012, and 2016 whose got that clean and good record. What's his name? Well, its my name - Cody Robert Judy.

I've never run on anyone that I wasn't. I've never said my reputation was without sin. Rather I've nearly kept up and alive the very reasons that you know who I am because at the very least that is real. Its not a cover-up. It embraces the truth, it encompasses honesty, and is inclusive of truth. I'm not going to deny I have been to prison...are you going to deny that those covering up the BIGGEST CRIME to ever hit American Elections in our lives are free from sin,free to be supported, and free of collaborating in these criminal acts against America? Where is your conviction for truth? If that's the case, you certainly need to take a priorities look in the mirror and see what's staring back at you in your appreciation for freedom and liberty.

Now, please don't think that I was not once in your shoes because I was. When I take a look in the mirror and realize I rolled past many prison or jails and never gave two cents to those in them or circumstances in which they were in them and I said to myself I would never do anything to jeopardize my freedom and liberty and every one was guilty who went there. Understand that when your saying that your also saying Jesus Christ was. According to record he was considered a male-factor or felon to the corrupt Government. He wasn't the only one to suffer that place. Most of the apostles and prophets were and that fact mine actually occurred in a Church a lone makes it highly suspicious when you analyze no one being hurt, no property damage, no harm or weapons and realize I spent as much time as some murderers in prison. All I had was a B.O.M. (Book of Mormon and a Bible.) But no matter what your reasoning is I paid for it dearly. I paid the price that society asked. Even the Media paints a false picture, which is a fraud used to frame me as a fabrication of the truth. This was the subject of Comedy in 2002 but it doesn't take away from eight years of my freedom and liberty starting twenty two years ago.

The irony of the wonderful experience in prison I was dealt with that included nearly four and half years in solitary confinement was the appreciation of our freedom and liberty and realization of how very important our U.S. Constitution is. If I had not experienced the loss I would not have known or gained this appreciation. How can I be bitter about that? I can't. If anything it was an enrichment and a school of discipline that shocked me into what exactly our framers and founders had faced before our Revolution. You can point fingers but I wouldn't be here if I had not gone to prison that's for sure and considering I'm the only one in America as a Candidate who sued on a bi-partisan approach to the principle of our qualifications for president, that means you'd have no one without me. One is better than none.

So why keep punishing me? Why continue to look past all the corruption happening with your elected officials in office now while they refute with assertiveness Sheriff Joe's Cold Case Posse Report is false? Glenn Beck a few days ago, maybe yesterday said, "I believe Obama was born in Hawaii", yet asserted Obama was nearly a foreigner surrounded by foreigners and communist. Yes, explain away the only thing that has any teeth to nail the usurper by stating he was born in Hawaii and tell us why a long form birth certificate needs to be fabricated Mr. Glenn Beck of the Truth lies here in The Blaze. What do you mean by that? Truth is going down in flames or you're just better at lies?

If Glenn Beck's words here is not an example of a false belief or an inability to remove the beam in his own eye because he refuses a law enforcement investigations results, but clings to a 'belief' that is false because in reality it is not backed up with sound evidence I don't know what is. There's more evidence to support through testimony and documented evidence that Obama's long form birth certificate is a fabrication and his draft card along with it, not to mention a social security number fraud than ABC, NBC,CBS, and Fox News are part of the MainStream Media. The very elect are being deceived but is it willful or do they know that there is a champion who can get them out of it, but they refuse to support him because of "Pride"? What is it?

Here's Glenn Beck's LDS Faith stating, "If we support Cody Robert Judy for President? Oh my God, we sent him to Prison for eight years! Hell will freeze over first before we support him because he just can't be a Champion for our Constitution! He just can't! So, let's regather ourselves let Obama finish and move on",?

This Lead's me to another justification that is being unfurled for Obama that involves some kind of imagined 'statute of limitations' I guess. It goes something like this. What you have going in Court's of Law Cody is "To little too late", meaning Obama's got away with robbing us for six years continually what's another two going to hurt? Or, how about we were robbed 6 years ago, we can see the burglar, know what he did, but decide what he took from us was ok? Why don't you release everyone from prison on the same basis? If you have forgiveness for Obama why don't you relate that to about 3 million others?

I guess that would depend on how fast you think he can lay down your borders, import fighters, and arm them. Seems he did that pretty good as an example to you in Libya and Syria and the Arab Springs. Surprised about the effectiveness of his spending Ten Trillion? How could you doubt his ability to open the southern borders and arm a bunch of rebels with our own guns in what's purported to be a sting operation? Wasn't that what happened in Fast & Furious? You think in matters of your national security two years is a short time and you'll make it? I would say the evidence is against you and once again your 'belief' is false. ISIS and ISIL and the Muslim Brotherhood have all been armed and now we're seeing reports pop up that actually confirm suspects supporting these groups militarily are in the U.S. ,are in your neighborhoods! You think they got all of them?

Still, you have that 'pride' to consider don't you and refuse to support a Candidate who has been true for the cause in which you have stated you are such a supporter of. You suck. Take a look at the computer now that is eight years old and has typed out the Court Pleadings you did not support. I haven't received a dollar of support for almost two years and did I quit? Did I stop fighting for you? Do I suck? I've spent my money, my time, my talents in fighting our cause, but I just can't do it alone. I'm hitting a wall here folks. You get emails from major parties that don't support what you believe in every day telling you they desperately need you to support them but I have to tell you their cause is proven false over and over again.

They suck campaign contributions out of you so that when a good Campaign comes a long your broke? I'm broke but I still have a jar of pennies, nickles, dimes, and quarters that if a good cause arrived I could hand over to gladly with my freedom and liberty in mind. Do you?

I need new computers, I need secretaries to spell check who live where I'm at, I need gas money, I need web site money, I need advertising dollars, I need a Campaign Staff again and that doesn't come cheap.

See that rubber band holding the window of my computer together? See those ice trays under the blowing fans? You know it cost a lot of money just to keep from having your computer blown apart by viruses and hackers of which I can't even keep up with. Thank you for allowing me to vent. I feel better but things haven't changed. Your contribution would really help. I'm a little upset about people correcting my spelling errors who won't give up the price of a six pack to contribute towards the cause.

Do you believe that a Candidate who has defended your cause in 2008, and 2012 with nearly every dime he had was fighting for profit or was he standing up for a principle that you believe in but have no Champion worthy or accredited by a Court to hold a serious standing? My case did not receive the standing thrashing by the Court..any reason for that you would not call a victory?

"Ohhhh", You say, "It will take care of itself". "You have to have deep pockets and be rich to run for Office". Excuse me, I wasn't aware of the fact that a certain level of wealth was required in our Constitution qualifications. I am aware you need to be Born in the U.S. to Citizen parents and of the fact that many of our founding fathers actually gave and pledged their lives and their fortunes and were only sad they only had one life to give for the cause. What is your story?

Not willing to hock a old ring you never wear? Not willing to give up a third trip to the convenience store and press the contribution button at the Cody Robert Judy Contribution page? Not willing to spend a whole day spreading a story I've released to a hundred different sites or place them as a comment in national stories? I'm pretty dog-gone aware of the supporters who are doing that and they are very few, God Bless them richly for that support, but what about the 60% of so-called Republicans or conservatives who at the time Donald Trump was receiving his 'racist' whipping boy badge believed Obama was not eligible for the Office of the President? Where are they now? Supporting the Cruz and Rubio Ships? How about supporting the candidates that never said a word about the BIGGEST COVER-UP in our HISTORY?

You need to ask yourself who has more power? A few big donors or let's say 1/3rd of the population of the United States giving $5? Do you realize how much power you have in those numbers if you will move on them? That's 106 million giving $5. That's 530 Million dollars and I think would be formidable against any of the big corporate candidates. I guess if you're like Glenn Beck and want to believe in falses and want to believe in shall we say your own 'pride', we can pretty well say it's going to be your own pride that brings you down, because the truth will have its day.

Now when that day comes around do we really want it to be "JUDGEMENT DAY" in front of the Savior? Do you really want to put that 'belief' to the test so you can say you followed Mitt Romney's example and chose not to give one dime to the only Candidate in American History who has stood up to the BIGGEST FRAUD in American History. How tall are you going to be able to stand up to President George Washington when you die? Do you think you deserve a place at the table for Patriot's in American History when the cost is only $5 a plate?

Do you think you'd be honored at the table of these current Elected Legislatures and the usurper in the White House at $2500 dollars a plate? Do you think hearing from a women who has been at Obama's side as a Democrat readying her Campaign and speaking to audiences for a speaking fee of a quarter of a million dollars is your honor? I tell you to seriously consider those at the table your choosing to support and those you're hurting because of your lack of support.

It is felt and I am hurting and needing your help for the cause upon which you say you believe but refuse for a whatever reasons to come together on. Those reasons is what I'm asking you to evaluate because I do believe you have $5 for me that you can send. God Bless you if you do with a seat at a table in the company of those who before us have lived in this honor of standing up for the U.S. Constitution.

Yes, we may lose but there is not doubt that we will lose if you don't get off your behind and start supporting the team that has the teeth to win!

Its been an honor to serve you
Cody Robert Judy
Captain of The United States Constitution Team as a Candidate for President 2008,2012,2016 by word and deed more than the rest. You might deny it, but I think you'll lose the high ground in the debate.

The Court cannot simply continue to refuse justice to third parties and independent political stands for fair and equal treatment under the laws. Our Country allows third party candidates allows write-in candidates, and those laws while exercised rarely have claim on precedent cases of the U.S. Supreme Court: Namely Minor v. Happersett which declares a natural born Citizen to be born in the U.S. to Citizen parents! Obama fails this and it’s a decision rendered in a higher court that the lower courts are suppose to uphold!

This panel of Judges in the 10th Circuit Court have not only compromised themselves by not recusing two of the three judges with conflicts of interest favoring the defendant/Appellee, but have set out to flip the bird at the United States Supreme Court precedent case law. It is on those conditions we must at the least recognize this as a big win!

You can read the ORDER and JUDGEMENT here and... you can read my RESPONSE or request for a REHEARING En Blanc here.

Update: Here are the three very important questions I posed to the Court to justify Rehearing if:

Question #1- Does Justice Gregory A. Phillips having ENTERED FOR THE COURT the ORDER AND JUDGEMENT on this case February 3rd,2015 having been considered to the U.S. Senate for Confirmation with the favor of the Appellee/Defendant in this case, Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro in the nomination process and thus his very employment as a Justice in the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals constitute an prejudiced dismissal summarily instigated upon the Plaintiff that would seem at best a compromise of judicial discipline in recusal decorum and at worst an impeachable offense?

Question#2- June 25th, 2014 this Court handed down a decision favorable to ‘individual rights’, considered standing and upheld marriage in Kitchen v. Herbert No. 13-4178 and considered the rights of an individual who is unpopular more important per the conflicting referendum of all the people in the entire State of Utah and it’s Constitutional Amendment in the State, which does not come on political easy street; isn’t the ORDER AND JUDGEMENT of this case dismissing it as frivolous a conflict of the Court’s own interest and judgment in that case in the interest of Individual Rights?

Question#3- The conflicting statements in the ORDER and JUDGEMENT asserted by the Court leave criminal mischief, fraud, forgery, and a declaration of the precedent case in Minor v. Happersett regarding a natural born Citizen being “Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents” by the U.S. Supreme Court undefended and a wreck; and fair elections on equal terms for all the Candidates, per race, per qualifications within the U.S. Constitution in total disarray and the Appellant/Plaintiff without recourse in the infringements of his Civil Rights to a fair race; Does this not deserve the attention of the full Court and the political corrections that might be made for the next general election where the entire U.S. population has a stake and claim for fairness, equal treatment under the law in the considerations of our Republic?

I'll keep you updated as things happen and discuss this more in detail so pass it on and keep checking back. Thanks so much for your help and support needed at this time more then ever.
Yours Truly
Cody Robert Judy

We need your help. Will you help us or are the outrageous lies your being told by your elected leaders okay for you and your children? If you won't defend your children and their future who will you defend?

The 2016 Campaign begins now. Please send your contributions and help with the ABC (American Birther Campaign) today and my election for President in 2016 and Join the 257 of us now on my Facebook Cody Robert Judy for U.S. President 2016 site.

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Thank you
Cody Robert Judy
Candidate for United States President 2016


The Commercial is simply called "America"



  1. 22 years ago today I sat in the Marriott Center and watched your insanity unfold. Not much has changed except you're even crazier now. This entire blog post was impossoble to follow, much less read.

  2. It's so easy to say anything you want "anonymously" isn't it? I find this probably the greatest talent of obots and the LDS who think nothing of the right to protest and have a higher stake in putting the United States Constitution to rest in a one world government just like the world wide church whose standards differentiate between countries like a geographical oddity. That's the little crazy I'm sure you don't care to admit.

    As far as your general perspective of 'crazy' is seen in the 'protest' of both Church and Country, you are absolutely correct- The Country is bigger then the LDS Church, and my stand for principle rather similar. The biggest oddity of your summation is protest is pretty much how both were formed in their origins.

    Your respect for such is well understood. I find many anti-Birthers who cannot follow sentences longer then four words and will work on a video where the words will come to life for you in my reading the story. Usually you get better with practice and I have no doubt you will stay tuned in.

    Take Care (smile)