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Today on The Sean Hannity Show in a conversation Sean was having with his inside Washington DC correspondent Jamie Dupree, Sean stated that he was starting to think like Donald Trump, that perhaps it was a good idea if we insist Obama's College Transcripts be unsealed and opened. This of course was a swipe at Obama's Ineligibility which is now being entertained by The United States Supreme Court in Judy v. Obama 14-9396. The Court comes back from a break June 15th with a couple of key opinions to be released on Marriage and Obamacare, and will also decide whether to ask for further argument on the case that squarely places Obama,Cruz,Rubio, and Jindal's responsibility to the U.S. Constitution's qualification for a 'natural born Citizen' in its sites.

There is a big disagreement, and when referencing 'big' think of the division in the Grand Canyon type of Big, among the supporters of the Presidential Candidates as to whether the Supreme Law of the Land's demand for a 'natural born Citizen' for the Office of the President means much more than the qualifications of 'Citizen' for U.S Senators, U.S. Representatives. While "Citizen" is used in the paragraph of the Office of the President's Qualifications in a time determined way in Article II, Section 1, Clause 5, referring to that qualification upon those 'born at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution', the paragraph goes on for those born after that time and states they must be 'natural born Citizens'.

The United States Supreme Court is being asked to define the term or what might be better stated as adhere to the term "natural born Citizen" with the litmus test of "Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents by Presidential Candidate Cody Robert Judy in a contest of ineligibility directed at Obama for his Campaigns for President in 2008 and 2012. Cody has never conceded those races to Obama and is the only Candidate to have his objections now before Highest Court. Cody says to those continually discouraging him with "Its about time", that "Hey, getting to the U.S. Supreme Court isn't the same as making instant oatmeal. Instant Justice rarely exist and like a good wine, often cases require what's termed in the Court as a 'ripening'."


Cody rattles off many things that sets his Case apart from all the other cases that have also made their way to the U.S. Supreme Court but were not heard by the Court chief among them 'Standing','Party','Jurisdiction','Criminal Complaint','The Political Doctrine Question', 'Bi-Partisanship', Exhaustion of State Remedies', and 'Racism'. When you start going down that list it is much easier to comprehend why Cody's Case has cleared all of these hurdles and very well could be THE NATURAL BORN CITIZEN HISTORICAL CASE OF OUR TIME in the name of Justice that doesn't get 'dead-listed'. Reference: Why Cody's Case is not DEAD LISTED

"This has been a very long journey", Cody said, "and its hard for people who have followed this rather spottily to grasp what is happening and how and why Obama could very easily not make it to the end of his second term before being asked to resign, or impeached for his disability of authority to administer the duties of the Office of the President based upon the People's Qualifications written in the U.S. Constitution that limit with strictness those able to wield the power of the sword and the pen in that office."

Nixon resigned the office of the President because he saw that if he didn't he was going to be indicted in a U.S. Senate Trial for what would amount to high crimes and misdemeanors charges. This was back in the day that Republicans controlled the White House but Democrat's controlled the U.S. Senate where trials of such nature take place. Cody's case however, does not ask the Court to remove Obama per se or intrinsically, but asks the Court to only consider that Cody in the Race both 2008, and 2012 against Obama be treated in fairness and equality to all under the same Standard. If Obama was allowed to run unfairly according to the rules, Cody is due a just compensations for the damages Obama caused.

Many cases brought to the Court did not even include Obama's name and instead cited the Secretaries of the differing individual States as the "Gate Keepers" of ineligible candidates as if they shouldered the responsibility. While running in the Democratic Party after the Primaries were over for instance and Cody was not chosen to represent that party, Cody would go right to those same Secretaries of State in the Elections Office and they would administer an oath to him which clarifies and certifies that a Candidate for Office should he/she be elected be able to qualify for that office. This puts the burden squarely on the Candidate for Office.

In Obama's case there is a document trail of his being bound to that oath, but there is also a document trail that brings into the equation Obama's enablers from the Democratic Party Leadership bench like Rep. Nancy Pelosi who signed in front of a Notary of Public [t]wo separate 'certification of qualification forms' in 2008. One for Hawaii that demanded that those so certified by a major party also be certified with an oath that they were qualified for the Office under the Constitution of the United States for that particular office. The other for the remaining 49 had no such language to adhere to and its quite a credit to Hawaii. So, what is a Secretary of State in an Election's office supposed to do with one person who lies and another person who backs the lie up? These secretaries of states are not independent Candidate investigation people. They mostly 'trust' that what they are being told is the truth, but in the Politics of Obama 'honor and trust' have been violated and Cody's Case brings all of this to light for the Court.

We know Obama was not acting alone, He had accomplices to his election identity fraud. As a Candidate for President Cody at first simply took Obama at his word when it came to Obama releasing his long form birth certificate at the end of April 2011 which he himself handed out to the White House Press Core in his famous announcement calling birthers 'side shows and carnival barkers'. Taking Obama at his word in his own press release, the document states Obama's father was never a U.S. Citizen, making it impossible for Obama to be a natural born Citizen- Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents for the office of the president. Obama's father introduces a foreign influence in Obama's history which was prohibited by the term 'natural born Citizen' in the Office of the President. Over time, it has proven that what was happening is that Obama was conducting a 'side show and was the biggest carnival barker' of all.
Another aspect of Cody's case to the U.S. Supreme Court is unique in that Cody's case introduces to the Court under the authority of a little used term in a Congressional ACT the ability for someone other than an Attorney General to bring to the Court an allegation of crime. This Congressional Act is known as The Clayton Act which came out of The Sherman Act. These focus clearly on Corporations forming illegal alliances as Cartels in illegally determinations of precious resources, commodities, and services. Especially in Election Years, 'votes' are a highly valuable commodity and service to the Country. Candidates these days form Corporations to shield their private fortunes from liability. The two items form exactly the ingredient for an illegal cartel.

While nearly a dozen high profile stories have been written many highlighted on The Drudge Report about Sheriff Joe Arpaio's case in Arizona that revolves around the investigation of Judge Snow's Family allegations they had it out for seeing to it he was never elected again, and had the Sheriff himself on the witness stand, none cover the Cold Case Posse Report in front of the U.S. Supreme Court in Judy v. Obama 14-9396. What has not been reported, even by WND a stout encyclopedia of stories on Sheriff Joe's Cold Case Posse, their Report and findings that Obama's long form birth certificate was a fabrication and could not have possible come from an original copy of the Hawaii Health Records Department is that Cody's Case in the U.S. Supreme Court now highlights all of this. Indeed the tie between that Health Department and the Obama Administration coming in Hawaii Health Director Loretta Fuddy has sadly and tragically ended with the loss of her life in a very suspicious death and that connection seems lost to the Media.

The Report of the Cold Case Posse originated by Sheriff Joe's assignment to investigate the identification fabrication, has been brought to the U.S. Supreme Court in Judy v. Obama 14-9396, by the authority vested by Congressional Acts to do just that. Obama's Selective Service Registration was also released by FOIA request and was a second witness that identification fabrication was in play as anomalies unfolded in that Report. These are just witnesses that Obama's whole story has been concocted and wasn't true to form. There were slips and mis-steps associated with the lie, and his selective service registration was just one other I.D. that had to be retraced or redacted because Obama as an Indonesian Citizen traveling to Pakistan on a visa at the time forbidden to Americans, was not required to sign up for the draft. The time of this redaction also ended badly for the witness Lt. Quarles Harris Jr., 24, who was assassinated in his car.

Obama had no other reason to oversee or fabricate a long form birth certificate other than to do a disservice to the place of his birth as a Candidate running because of the focus on "born" in natural born Citizen, even though anchor babies are not considered eligible for the Office of the President. This would easily avail the Office of the President open to foreign take over if all that was required was a birth in the United States. Of course the theory represents conspiracy in itself, but it is rather naive to think plans are not drawn up for the imaginations of the enemy or to just as naively think the enemy would not delight in being sworn into the Office of the President of the United States.

With the Cold Case Posse's investigation and REPORT in the U.S. Supreme Court now and Obama's very identity challenged as fraudulent, it seems quite relevant that the Obama Administration would go after Sheriff Joe's 'computer server'. That seems strange only in the light they don't seem to want Hillary Clinton's server while she was Secretary of State emailing what now have been detailed as classified by the FBI and redacted in parts for the Press as well as destroying what she decided to destroy while on duty as the Secretary of State for us.

Cody's Case in the U.S. Supreme Court details why the Court would not necessarily find a particular Candidate like Hillary Clinton interested in bringing a case to the court against Obama for his ineligibility, even though former President Bill Clinton is on 3-16-12 record from credible witness and filming documentary producer Vivian Bettino as stating they would do so at the proper time. This is also in front the U.S. Supreme Court in Cody Robert Judy's Case Judy v. Obama. 14-9396. The alliance between McCain, Obama, and H. Clinton was made in non-binding U.S. Senate Res. 511 which the U.S. Supreme Court is not bound to. 511 was not a Constitutional alteration of the 'natural born Citizen' clause for the qualifications of the Office of the President, although it does detail a source of the litmus test regarding 'parents' which case constitutes Cody's first compelling evidence that it doesn't matter where Obama was born if both his parents are not at the very least "Citizens". This highlights the compelling case Obama used the fabrications as distractions away from his ineligibility by his father's Kenyan Citizenship represented on his first released certification.

The two generation contract America has given to the Office of the President prohibited foreign influence by two generations this way. Congress's own investigations and hearings on the matter in 2002 bear out much of the same affect also noted in the case before the U.S. Supreme Court. It was Cody Robert Judy's law suit against Sen. John McCain in 2008 that included the Republican National Committee served just days before McCain was made the Republican Nominee at the Republican Headquarters of the Campaign and Party in Las Vegas, Nevada. This was precisely the same way in which Obama and the Democrats were served this Complaint almost a year ago now July 7th, 2014. Of course with an alliance of Candidates of those two parties no complaint is going to be made, however an alliance between parties that excludes the rest of the population of America is unconstitutional and troublesome especially given 43 % of Americans now are registered Independents according to a Gallup Poll conducted this year also noted to the U.S. Supreme Court in the case. Reference Viral Post.

With both Republicans and Democrats represented by U.S. Senate Resolution 511 that left for certain Independents out in the cold which now registers a majority of voters. That in and of itself should be a real red flag for the Court's Consideration as to the damages this type of behavior by career politicians is causing and gives prudent reason to set the case at the very least for oral argument. Cody Robert Judy was the only Presidential Candidate in America over the 2008 and 2012 Presidential Elections to call both Parties out on the carpet which as best as can be displayed is not racial or partisan, but is ruled more by Principle over Party. As you can see the Case before the U.S. Supreme Court is much more complicated than just stating Obama was not born here as the detractors like to label 'birthers'. Without laws that apply to all, justice for all is an impossibility, and certainly illegal discrimination's begin taking a foot hold.

Will you please help us prepare for the coming actions of the Court? We need your support in passing this on to your friends and your local press as a 'news tip'. Will you do that for us on your own? If you feel of course like this should be in fact reported because it affects your rights to vote for a Constitutionally Qualified Candidate! Please do not let your rights go unnoticed and unvoiced by just assuming the Media all understands what you now do. This is a complex case but the merits of it are very simple and sink to the root of the nucleus of our Republic. Please add your voice to this case by doing just that. Pass it on, and send it to your local news stations now as a news tip. Cody Robert Judy is working very hard for you as a Champion and we would like to thank you for the 235,000 views now!

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The proceeding referenced Court actions have been within the three Presidential Races 2008, 2012, and 2016.

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  1. Your definition of natural born citizen is flawed. Natural born just means that you are a citizen from birth, and not naturalized. Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, John McCain and Bobby Jindal are citizens from birth. You do not have to have two citizen parents and you do not have to have to be born in the US. You can be born outside the US as long as at least one of your parents is a citizen. You inherit your citizenship through them.

  2. Well, "@unknown "., your opinion is relatively flawed according to Law., but thanks for expressing it and pointing out your notions. Where you fail, and are flawed is pointing out what difference there is between "natural born Citizen" and "Citizen" and THAT is the question for you. Don't tell me what a natural born Citizen is, tell me the difference between a 'natural born Citizen' and a 'Citizen' if your going to take the time to comment.

    The Constitution explains there is a difference, but you are not explaining that. At least we know that "Citizens" are ok for the Office of the President at the time of the Adoption but after that its only 'natural born Citizens'.

    Now, what is the definition of Citizen? Well you can look to the Aliens and Nationals Laws in Tittle 8 to see the many different types you included, but what we don't see in Title 8 is 'born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents'.

    Thus I have asked the United States Supreme Court for their opinion so you could be corrected of those flaws in our National Security Interest.

  3. The founders would not have written "citizen" for some positions and "natural born citizen" for president and VP as well. They had good reason to put this clarification into the constitution. Vittel's also says that natural born is born in the country to two parents who are citizens of that country. Natural law follows the heritage of the father, which would make Obama, Cruz, Jindal and Rubio all ineligible. I understood it as born in the US to TWO US citizen parents AT THE TIME OF BIRTH. So those parents who later became naturalized citizens could not bestow the "natural born" status on their children years or decades later. The other question would be - can the candidate claim dual citizenship or citizenship in another country? If yes, then not natural born.

    I see 3 types of citizenship. 1) Natural born - born in the US to 2 US citizen parents at the time of birth; 2) Native born - eligible for US citizen at the time of birth by either legal birth on US soil (not illegals born to illegal parents) or by virtue of one parent being a citizen of the US; 3) Naturalized - born outside the US and having to go through the legal process to become a citizen of the US (which by the way can also be revoked).

    Good luck. This is an extremely important issue.

  4. Keep up the good work. May the real truth prevail!

  5. Thank You Mr. Doyle:
    "May the 'Truth' prevail", a very kind consideration and one that always does. You know I get so inundated with "anonymous" and "unknown" I wanted to personally take the time to let you know how much I appreciate a real person that is not hiding behind some kind of fraudulent identification.

    A Hat Tip to you Sir
    Cody Robert Judy

  6. Thank you for continuing your fight !

  7. I really hope that the courts finally follow the Constitution and clarify this. Thank you so much for all your hard work for this country. I'm tired of trying to tell people the truth for them to only come back like "Unknown" . I can't believe that being 69 years old I have been thinking wrong for the majority of my life. Even my dad, at age 93, believes the same as most of us. Only those who want to bypass the truth are believing otherwise. Again, thank you and may God Bless You.

  8. Good luck with your endeavor. I truly pray he is exposed. I worry though. If he is impeached, will this actually mean that he will have to first be "considered" as being a president in order to "be" impeached? Furthermore, will his executive actions be legitimized if not overturned by the courts?

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. @Anonymous 6-11-2015 @2:55AM Up late burning the after midnight oil I see. Good Questions. There can be different types of "Impeachment" under the Guidelines of "Impeachment" proceedings. For instance a "Disability Impeachment Trial" and a "Crimes and Misdemeanors Impeachment Trial" may be brought against one who is elected but not qualified Amendment XX as well as an Offense while in Office.

    It is with this understanding that I have used the words together and not meant for an "Impeachment Trial on the Grounds of a Disability to Execute the Duties of the Office" to be the same as Impeachment of a Qualified President.

    The Senate really has the Duty to Remove anyone from the Office of the President who is there illegally for any reason and the word impeachment is used lightly and can also be used for a Usurper-President which is one who was elected but failed to Qualify. For definitive purposes impeachment really means the Extrication of Unlawfulness in the Office of the President and being unqualified but stating you were Qualified is a Crime against the Oath of Office, as well through the Falsification of Identification or I.D. Fraud.

    Whether offense has come from not qualifying or crimes while in office is really a simple time question that does not prohibit the use of the word we use referring to "Impeachment of a President" or Extracting a Usurper.

    Second Question - Will his Executive Actions be legitimized if not overturned by the Courts?

    Upon the Grounds of finding Obama ineligible for the duties of the Office of the President as a disability, of course. Any action with the very use of his signature upon it becomes "Moot". We would not follow the orders of a crazy person in Office and Obama in the Office of the President is technically a perfect condition of a"disability" in the Office of the President.

    Exposing his actions does represent a kind of conundrum of sorts 'Insanity' against the Constitution. Obama represents an Unconstitutional Insanity. He is a walking talking violation of the United States Constitution. His executive orders are Orders of Insanity. He has imported an army of illegal aliens and charged tax payers for his illegal standing army. He has orchestrated a mandate of force on Americans in Health Care that encroaches upon freedom and liberty. The damages are heaped up like dung every minute he is in that office.

    What I think will happen is the Government will have to initiate a FREEZE of Federal Action as well as Personal until a Orderly Transition can be made. I don't think Biden should be a default President based on his being chosen by an Unconstitutional Insanity. All of the Office below the Office of the President are required to follow the Orders of the President, so what I would suggest according to guidelines of the U.S. Constitution is the U.S. Senate appoint a President Pro Tempore until the matter be resolved by Election.

    Former President George W. Bush is the last one to hold the Office legally his experience with the Office as a former President would be an insertion of stability in the interim.

    Thanks for the Question
    Cody Robert Judy