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This day has been a remarkable day of revelations for me I just can't wait to get off my chest! First off, it was noticed on the Docket of the Court concerning Judy v. Obama 15A25,that United States Supreme Court Justice Sotomayer has 'DENIED' the APPLICATION FOR AN EXTENSION OF TIME in my request that the Court give me more time to pay the Court fees and prepare the Brief according to the U.S. Supreme Court printing guidelines because I didn't have enough money to do that now, or at least wait until the Court had a chance to rule upon my Motion for Review and Reconsideration of my DENIED IFP also PENDING for a September 28th Conference Date.

Now the reason the APPLICATION FOR TIME EXTENSION was just a formality was because the Second CONFERENCE had already been scheduled for September 28th by the Court. My thoughts every since the Court had denied my in forma pauperis (IFP) Status was that they simply did so to buy more time to discuss it. That time would have necessarily disappeared if Justice Sotomayer had granted my APPLICATION FOR TIME, because what I proposed in that was actually "I wanna hurry this up and get it done during the Summer" and by Denying it Justice Sotomayer basically said, "We'd like to take some time on this and wait until September 28th where we have scheduled a "Long Conference" over it."

We already know that the DENIAL of the Motion for IFP Status was not due to being 'Frivolous' or as the Court Clerk said it would have been noted as Denied Pursuant to Rule 39.8 of the Supreme Court Rules which states again:

"8. If satisfied that a petition for a writ of certiorari, jurisdictional statement, or petition for an extraordinary writ is frivolous or malicious, the Court may deny leave to proceed in forma pauperis"

This was not stated on the Denial anywhere on the Order.


What do I have to back such unspoken communication up? Well, I have the Court's own CALENDAR to back it up! Pictured above is the Supreme Court of the United States Calendar. Many were surprised that anything would be happening during the Month of July because the Court is 'Recessed' at the end of June. So, let's say that you thought they'd all gone home? Now you know we have Justice Sotomayer's Ruling July 7th proving to you that they didn't, even though they are indeed in Recess. I've stated before they use 'Recess' periods to go over Cases in developing and writing opinions as well as ruling on Motions and Applications of what are termed Active Cases.

They don't want to formally call my case 'Active', because, and this is my own speculations but its based on a conservative and realistic considerations that are facts- we might lose Air Force One with Obama on it to a Foreign safe haven.

What I did with the Title Picture of this Post is to make a copy of what the Court's Calendar looks like during the months of July, August, and September. Its blank, compared to the Calendar on the right of that picture which is filled with all kinds of color coded squares marking days that the Court will do things and then giving you the code to know what is being done on those days.

You will notice Days marked with a RED BOX are given to ARGUMENT DAYS. Those marked with a GREEN BOX are given to what we call 'CONFERENCES', but they are under what is termed silently a "SHORT CONFERENCE". Now how do we know that? Well, when I had my 1st Conference June 18th if you recall there were 177 Cases to get through that day. How long do you think the Justices can spend on one Case if they have 177 to go through in one day? Well, let's just say they did it in six hours thirty minutes of an eight hour work day.

That means they had 390 minutes that allowed for 2.2 minutes for each Case. That day June 18th, 165 Cases were sent packing on the DENIED LIST and only 12 came out alive one way or the other. Mine was placed on the PENDING MOTIONS LIST and we learned after the ORDERS LIST came out I had been denied IFP status. Of course the normal rebuttal for a denial like that is a RECONSIDERATION which got in and had a 2nd Conference Scheduled for.

What we must notice though is the surprise that the Court gave us in scheduling my 2nd Conference for September 28th! You notice that they could have given me another 'short conference' Day say October 9th or 16th when the normal Fall Session begins, but they didn't.

The Supreme Court of the United States scheduled my Case for September 28th which we know is a 'LONG CONFERENCE DATE'. So, that's the good news! The bad news is it doesn't appear they are interested in rushing the Case over the Summer which I kinda had hoped for. There will be many nay-sayers to the facts I have presented here, but I really think if you think this through and follow each step as it has happened that you will find they are tried and present a true picture of the facts.

The United States Supreme Court does not need a 'LONG CONFERENCE' to discuss amongst themselves wither I should or should not be given what amounts to $300 filing fee to the Court. A 'Short Conference' would suffice. I mean Yes, it would cost me more in printing up 48 copies in the booklet form, but remember that printing cost of upward of $4,000 dollars is not going to go to the Supreme Court. That would go to the printer. The filing fee is only $300, its not a matter of breaking a bank to pay for Justice so anyone whose telling you that the Court needs a Long Conference to hear a IFP case, or that the Court just does this for 'frivolous' cases is probably smoking some of that mushroom cloud stuff they now call legal in Colorado.

Believe me, they nay-Sayers on this are on both sides of the isle Democrats and Republicans because it has to do with not only Obama but Cruz, Rubio, and Jindal if he declares to run for President officially as the other two have. That's a whole lot of people trying their very best to dampen down the hope, and melt the courage. Of course it takes courage to stand up for Principles of our Constitution when you have quite a few people running around and stomping like the Devil's going to Georgia.

Now if for any reason we see that June 28th 2ND LONG CONFERENCE scheduled change, then we ought to worry that we don't have a prayer. Until that time comes, we sure do and we are doing better than anyone has yet cause we're East Bound and Down Rolling up we're Trucking, we're gonna do what they say can't be done. Well, we got a long way to go, and a short time to get there, I'm East bound just watch ole Bandit Run!


This was a real big shocker to me today and I feel it is necessary for me to make confession. Today I found out about 3pm that LDS President of the Quorum of the Twelve Boyd K. Packer had passed away last Friday at 2pm.

I was absolutely shocked about this news and just learning it today. I have to confess a few things because it does seem silly that because he passed away on Friday that in some way I should have heard about it Friday Night, Saturday, Sunday or Monday morning, but it just was not the case. In my confessions I will tell you I do not have a TV as far as cable or regular stations. I have a TV but the cable for reception was broken in a move in 2004 and I've never fixed it because I really don't have time to watch TV and on the rare occasion I do, I just watch a video and works well hooked up to a DVD.

The Radio I have on my kitchen table had the antenna pulled out of it about two months ago and the clock stopped keeping time accurately. I have no idea why I keep it there. I haven't heard it on the car radio which isn't that surprising due to the channel I mostly keep it on. If it wasn't on the Drudge Report I didn't see it on the Internet. This is more disturbing to me than anyone else I suppose because I just can't fathom not being told by a single person and not hearing somehow or someway on the news. In a discussion with my Mom today she related she had listened to an interview conducted by and I wrote the names down so I could google it "Gregory Prince and Doug Fabriezo" which I did and that's how I found out he had passed away.

Just felt I needed to relay that because of the Dream I related in no way shape or form had any context to my knowing or understanding he had passed away Friday and was meant in absolutely no disrespect, but I could certainly understand if someone reading it Monday and knowing he had passed away on Friday might take it that way.

While I am not a member of the LDS Faith I would not undertake to relate something factious that might be construed to disrespect him in a way that was malicious and I certainly take no part in saying I controlled the dream while I slept. I rather thought it was quite revalatory in nature to myself even, for I would have no way of knowing the intricacies of the subjects whatsoever, and I did not know the man personally at all.

I actually called my Mom back later this afternoon and said, "Why didn't you say he had died?" She said, she just assumed I knew. Things like this really come to me as little insights that we are simply a small part of what is known and understood by God and if or when we ever discount that we do so at an extreme loss of balance, harmony, and knowledge of intelligence. Of course many things, everything in a dream can be symbolic, but it was dog-gone specific in naming him wan't it? So I thought I just needed to, you know, add a condolence to his Family and Friends with the understanding there was no malice of my heart in the relation whatsoever.

Thank you for understanding this.


I also just wanted to send out a big thank you for my featured COMMENT-OF-THE-DAY and say what a treat that was for her to relate to me that she had found some use for the things I had done in the legal world. That was really sweet of her.
You know when all is said and done, can you name a single Case in United States Eligibility Questioning History that will this September 28th have lasted NINE MONTHS in the United States Supreme Court? I can't!

To say that we are not doing better than any other challenge in the HISTORY of Obama's Ineligibility would just be a fools errand. Nine Months! Whew! We have been in there fighting for really an incredible phenomenon in America's History that I believe is going to go down as one of the greatest FIGHTS for Liberty and Freedom in the World's History.

The other day I was thinking about Stands around certain parts of the Constitution. You know the pro choice/pro life stands on abortions that surround different parts of the Constitution; the pro 2nd Amendment Communities that include Gun Rights/and Gun Fights are pretty famous. Now look at Birthers and the fight to give our Nation a President void of foreign influence for two generations in the requirement of a 'natural born Citizen' ie. Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents that surrounds Article Two Patriots!

Whole industrious enterprises have sprung up from nothing about this. The Post & Email that just made this Post a Featured Editorial. The Birther Report, ,, commanding the attention of huge populations of America.

They were really non-existent prior to 2008. Now we have them; Internet Communities and Organizations and On-Line Newspapers and Blogs across this whole Nation with that at their Center of Gravity both pro and con. Its really an amazing and unique part of American history that you all have made!

That brings me to a final point that I'd like to address in this Blog Post which is the 551st Post and it revolves around this comment that is made quite often in just a little different way every time but maintains the same jet-stream. That is the point that Obama has gotten away with this for so long that its just not fair not to let others get away with it like Cruz, Rubio, or Jindal. I cannot think of a greater double negative to set your Country on the course of.

Of all the accomplishments and accolades available in History, how does Usurper sound to you? Does any politician in the world want that Tag? If they do please follow the same course as Obama has. Lie about who you are, put out a fabricated identification and use your outwards characteristics to promote your agenda. That is not what building character is about and it certainly not the reputation anyone wants. On that point I think we can all agree.

Yes, Obama has had the pleasure of riding around on Air Force One and commanding the Country for six years. The rest of his life he will have to think about the cheating and awful circumstances by which he gained that pleasure but history will recall him in what really is going to be called the darkest years of American history and the sorriest set back for Civil Rights and our Voting Rights for all minorities that make the Citizenry of this Country!

I'm seeing black folks who are amazing Americans all, 'shaking my head' (SMH), saying for generations 'That boy shouldn't have done what he done. It was a lie and it was wrong,and that is not what America is about.'

Whew.. we have lasted 9 months in the United States Supreme Court! Nice!!! We have three months and I would like to come visit every State to say Hi. (smile)

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12-10th Amendment Trial New York witness in the CIA Columbia Obama Sedition and Treason Trial
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14-Amicus Curiae Filed in Keyes v. Obama Judge Carter case
15-Amicus Curiae Filed in Military Court if Lt. Terry Lakin

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  1. W. Kevin VicklundJuly 10, 2015 at 9:11 AM


    As a long time Court watcher, it would be cruel of me to not tell you what the Long Conference, as it is called, is all about. Every year, on the last Monday of September, SCOTUS meets for the Long Conference. There, they discuss all of the petitions and motions that have been fully briefed and distributed for conference since their last conference in June. A normal conference covers 1-3 weeks of petitions; at they Long Conference, they have to cover three months of petitions. That's roughly 5 times the normal amount, which is reflected by the fact that most orders lists are 15-20 pages long, while the Long Conference orders list is typically 85-90 pages long.

    I'll leave it as an exercise for the reader to determine how many minutes each petition gets for consideration under those circumstances.

  2. Yes, what your saying is understood. However, the Long Conference of Sept 28th does not include 175 to 225 new writ(s) of Certiorari as they are covering during Thursdays regularly scheduled 'in-session' conferences.

    While the 'ORDERS LIST' of Sept 28th may be reflective of 85-90 it does not reflect the work of 1 day either but necessarily are is the culmination of the entire 3 months. It would be impossible to think about 200 per week coming in for 12 weeks = 1,400 plus the "Active Cases" adding maybe 10 per week for 3 months prior session = 40. That's 1,440 Cases to deal with and your saying that happens in 1 Day?

    I don't think so, (smile) however your theory if that was the way it happened is true. The relative 2 minutes per case taken to get through 200 Cases in 6.5 hours would be reduced to less than about 15 seconds. lol Don't quote me on that math. lol

    With your considerations, which I appreciate, I still like the idea of being given a SECOND CONFERENCE rather than to have been 'denied' after the FIRST CONFERENCE June 18th, which I think everyone agrees could have very easily happened and in fact did to 165 cases of the 177 involved in that days schedule.

    Thanks Again-