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The SUPER Citizen - Heads or Tails - Q & A with Presidential Candidate Cody Robert Judy

-The SUPER Citizen - 
Q & A with D-2016 Presidential Candidate 

There are a lot of opinions about the 'natural born Citizen' and what it constitutes and how it is distinct from the qualifications of a Senator or Representative in Congress, but not many delve into the "Why" a 'natural born Citizen' was authored with an iron pen into the United States Constitution only for the position of the Commander-in-Chief  which is the Office of the President.

Of course you've heard the "How" - The man who would become the New Nations very first United States Supreme Court Chief Justice John Jay wrote July 25,1787 a letter to the influential Commander of the American Army General George Washington while in the deliberations of the Convention drafting what would become the U.S. Constitution and said, "Permit me to hint whither it would not be wise and seasonable to provide a strong check to the admission of Foreigners into the administration of our National Government; and to declare expressly that the Command in chief of the american army shall not be given, nor devolve on, any but a natural born Citizen. "

Of course this was taken up and ratified by the States present and it has remarkably lasted even through modern times and eight attempts since 2003 to change it. So what is the Key to its value. A friend of mine recently offered a wonderful insight in that there are two sides of a coin that look entirely different, but as they come together in one, there is a 'value' assigned to them. This is similar to the two pronged description of 'natural born Citizen' ie. Heads- Born in the U.S. to Tails of Citizen Parents.

Similarly, a coined statement provides a reward- you may have heard- Your Feelings are nothing, but Behind every Principle there is a Promise. Of course this takes into account 'feelings' are like the tide washing in and out. They change daily. However, Principles do not. They are fixed, solid, like the post of a Pier the Ocean is free to encircle. The Principles are our safety or firm foundation.

 So, what exactly is the Promise to Americans if they will hold the Principle of the 'natural born Citizen' ie born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents in the Office of the President? This question pondered gets into the all important "Why" of the Principle. These are the considerations of many Legislatures presiding in American Congress's that when asked to change the 'natural born Citizen' qualification of the president, said "No".

Oh But Why?

There are many Candidates for President who are terrific Leaders and have been very good in both Government and Business that we would call highly successful. In fact I recently had a Democratic County Representative write me and tell that I should get behind one of the Main Stream Candidates after he posed that he thought I must be a joke.

I keep my eye on quite a few of the Republican Candidates and recently saw an interview that Bloomberg conducted with Mr. Donald Trump where he was asked if he liked the Bible, if he had a favorite verse, whether he favored the Old Testament or a New Testament. As I watched Mr. Trump devolve into the recess of Generalities rather than specifics on the subject I thought of course he is playing it safe and it is easy to do on the subject of the Bible. If he takes the chance of specifics he risks alienating segments or particulars of Christianity.

Many Principles we have Today, you can see in both the Old and New Testament that a lot of people think are a pretty good idea. These Principles outlive feelings, and exist in a multiple generational time frame. In fact, there's 10 Principles you can find in the Ten Commandments and Prohibition failed to last in the Constitution. We understand 'murder' and 'stealing' is not very good as a Principle or way to run our lives.

Some of these Principles are very obvious because they have an immediate cause and affect. Some of the harder ones to see might have a prolonged negative affect that isn't as easy to see as the horror of someone laying dead in the street. Most Professional Politicians are really good at jumping on the 'immediate principles' because they are very easily recognized and easy to place a solution or conclusion to for immediate popularity. It's easy to jump on a 'feeling' bandwagon when 'feelings' are running high and you've just had a particular loss.

Hillary Clinton come out in a statement against guns due to the horrible shooting of the nine members of the church shot in NC and reiterated it again about the TV Reporters shot yesterday in Virginia. Why does Hillary Clinton require the Secret Service to wear guns to protect her? She certainly will not give those brave men and women up. She's scared to act by example first giving her guns up and then ask others to. She wants to dis-arm you first and then she'll think about it, but I'm really guessing she wouldn't . Self Defense is a Principle that has lasted quite a long time.

 The "Why" of a Principle is also the 'Cause' or value of it. Why is it important that the 'natural born Citizen' clause be upheld? Well, in John Jay's letter to General Washington the why was to keep Foreigners out and that of course was seen as the fear of being snuffed out by Traitors who would not hold the american nation up and allow it to survive. The inclination was we were threatened with extinction and our Principles would not be upheld if loyalty against the United States prevailed to some other Foreign nation's desires.

Benedict Arnold was a character in our History who obtained a post in the Army who was loyal to Britain. When the opportunity come about he planned to surrender his post to the British, but it was found out. He was relieved of his command and took up with the British in September of 1780 as a brigadier general. Most Media sources claim that there is no such thing as a Benedict Arnold in today's modern United States. That means we are really and truly not desired by the World or any other Nation?

How foolish is that? Yet, many are considering me 'foolish' for standing up for the qualifications found in the Constitution over the 'natural born Citizen' clause against Barack Obama. I think if you were able to scan Obama's brain for information, he would tell you, Cody Robert Judy knows what he is talking about.

Going deeper into the 'natural born Citizen' clause requirement requires a consideration of two things most people can agree on that quite naturally have influence on someone: Place of Birth and their Parents- this is the nature verses nature argument and the 'natural born Citizen' sought to incorporate both Factors in consideration as two sides of a coin coming together as a value.

1. Birth Place - The Place of Nature Factor- and loyalty considered by the "Spirit" of Place for a person born and that being a Principle for that Person. This covers 'nature'

2. Parents- The Nurturing Factor- Emer de Vattel often referred to as a heavy influence by his writings on the subject of citizenship and the varying forms of government wrote in summary of my own discernment, if the child is a anchor baby it will only be the Country of his birth and not the one he has allegiance to by the teachings of his Parents if they are foreigners.

 The argument of the Place Factor is one which presumes or considers truly the Counsels of Heaven  and the Order of God and his Plan. If you do not believe in that, you certainly cannot believe in Christ being spoken of in detail by Old Testament Prophets and prophesied to come in the meridian of time with such specifics that "Prophesy" even gained a foothold in being 'Correct' or 'right'. How in the world is prophesy even possible?

The Spirit of a person is known and understood by God who places a person on the Earth at a particular moment considering Time & Place in an intelligence of God foreordained. The Founders knew this and understood it from as far back in the Bible as Deuteronomy 17:15 where God told Moses, "Do not let Foreigners lead over you, appoint leaders of Israel from your Countrymen". Of course that Principle made as much sense as breakfast in the morning in their experience of being ensnared and enslaved by the Egyptians and Pharaoh for 400 years, but remember there were many Foreigners among them who were tagging along for lots of different reasons.

The Principle of something comes with a Promise and if I had found someone who I thought would Stand Up for the Principle of the 'natural born Citizen' clause of our Constitution, I certainly would not be running for President. Now, considering whether someone who is not willing to stand up for this principle like Republican Jeb Bush, for instance who just recently laid out the red carpet for great individuals like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, of which there is little doubt about their quality of person.

Of course its obvious these two men are indeed great leaders. Cruz was born in Canada to foreign Parents -its is not entirely understood as far as know whether Cruz's mother became a Canadian Citizen along with her husband when he became Canadian turning his back on his Cuban natural born Citizenship. Marco Rubio was born in the U.S. to foreign parents who were not yet U.S. Citizens. He is an anchor baby.

Imagine Jeb Bush as Moses going back to God and saying, "Hey Listen, I know what you said about Rubio and Cruz and the whole you know pick a 'natural born Citizen' thing, but these guys are really good and I do not see anything wrong with slipping them into the Oval Office Heavenly Father? What's the big deal? Let them through? You all good with that?"

You see Jeb Bush has just slipped on his face and denied a Principle based on his feelings about someone rather than based on the Principle. What happens when you do that? Well, the Promise attached to the Principle is revoked.

Now I am the only Candidate for President who has upheld the 'natural born Citizen' clause on both the Republicans and the Democrats. That was me saying "No" to Jindal, Cruz, Rubio, McCain, Obama, not because I thought particularly that they were total poor persons, but for that Office they were very poor. Unable ,infirm, and wholly incapable of leading or steering the Nation where it needs to go and right now I would compare the Nation as heading down the wrong direction on the Freeway in the early morning.

You might get a little ways without running head on into a collision and there is still time to TURN AROUND! That's why I am running for President. Of course I have a Platform for President and let's just say there are some good idea's in it? What's to prevent an unqualified President from implementing the good idea's I have and coming up with the same result? In other words, Why are you Cody Robert Judy so valuable that no one else could do what you might do as President anyway?

Well, its true. You could have an unqualified Candidate for President who won the election and implemented my Platform. The Problem with that is you will have patterns of traffic changing on the Freeway and will need Guidance.  The same Spirit which lead me to be the ONLY Candidate in the Nation to file against both the Republican McCain and the Democrat Obama is that Spirit which can safely turn the Nation around on the Freeway in perilous times.

That TRUST is what I'm asking you to believe in. You see every Candidate for President who is unwilling to take that stand against non-natural born Citizens. They give in and yield the Principle and in turn lose the Promise. Its not easy to say "Your NOT QUALIFIED TO BE PRESIDENT" to capable people based on Principle, but it should be if your judgement is good and you understand Principle and the rewards of the Promise.

Does Jeb Bush have the tenacity to say you should not commit murder or steal from other people? Yes, he can do that. He understands that quick tenant, but he does not understand the BIG PICTURES that incorporates the problems of the future with the Principles we must rely on to get us safely there and he has set a precedent for himself over the Constitution. That' is the recipe for usurping the Law and the belief  that if the President does it its not wrong- something President Nixon also said to his chagrin of Watergate.

People have chided me that because I haven't been elected before I have no business running for President. Indeed, that is one of the reasons People are liking Mr. Trump plus he is worth 10 Billion, (smile) and can finance his own Campaign. I really haven't made my first Billion yet and Mr. Trump has 10!

So, the Main Stream Media has decided that they will cover people who are 'Wealthy' successful Business People or People who have been elected before which is a Popularity consideration. Where does that leave me and what category of consideration do I fit in?

Well, I think I fit in as a SUPER CITIZEN. Can you imagine me at the tail of an army put in the very back because I was not the Best? Wow! That is an incredible army! There is not too much relief when you break through the front line, get dragged down in the middle hoping to have it easy at the end is there? (smile) I am wonderfully a man who is really among you with a great testimony of the Principles of our Constitution inside of me.

If the Main Stream Media doesn't think that much of my stand both in Platform and Principle in the U.S. Supreme Court in Judy v. Obama 14-9396 it is the Spirit of Good Judgement they are missing what I am and have represented- Good Judgement that no one else has had. To be the only Candidate for President in America who has a bi-partisan Federal Court Record on the Principle of the 'natural born Citizen' means I have attached myself to a Promise for standing up for the Principle.

That is what makes me distinct. I am not liked because of the riches of wealth I have, nor the family name, nor the former elected position I held once, that are required in the U.S. Constitution?  Oh..wait a minute. Those are not required by our Constitution to run or occupy the Office of the President legally. How wonderful is that!!!

Good Judgement over a long period of time, gosh 9 years now and three Presidential Campaigns to get to here. I'd say that was looking down the road a ways. But guess what? I had no idea that everyone who didn't sue McCain who opposed Obama would be called a 'racist'. If you remember we didn't even know who was going to be the Democratic Party nominee at that time Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.

The soundness of Spirit I am very grateful for because I see now more clearly by connecting the dots that God was in fact protecting me and that the Principle in fact was rewarded with a Promise that even now I celebrate not boasting of myself, but boasting in the wisdom of God for our Hope and his Promise. These are the tested and tried things that are steady and required in perilous times.

While it is easy to say "Yes" because of political popularity, it is imperative that a Candidate for President of these United States be able to say "No", because 'preserving, protecting, and defending' the Constitution is in the oath. Its the job of the President.

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Help Support Cody Robert Judy's Campaign for President Cody is doing what not even Mr Trump or any other Republican Candidate for President can do. Remember - Principle over Party!

Help Support Cody Robert Judy's Campaign for President Cody is doing what not even Mr Trump or any other Republican Candidate for President can do. Remember - Principle over Party!

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Other Courts
12-10th Amendment Trial New York witness in the CIA Columbia Obama Sedition and Treason Trial
13-Amicus Curiae Filed in Berg v. Obama 2008
14-Amicus Curiae Filed in Keyes v. Obama Judge Carter case
15-Amicus Curiae Filed in Military Court if Lt. Terry Lakin

The proceeding referenced Court actions have been within the three Presidential Races 2008, 2012, and 2016.

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