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HONOR THY FATHER- Behind the [natural born Citizen] Commandment

Behind the [natural born Citizen] Commandment
How was America Forged?
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Honoring thy Father may be one of the most fundamental breakdowns causing America more problems than any other. In our dangerous work of digging down deep and getting to the root causes of our illness I am daunted by the task of treading where few dare to go yet the feeling that I must travel that dark abyss to find the treasure that lie amiss.

When grappling with our own weaknesses and frailties in the order of overcoming these we  must confess the world often seems outraged, insulted, put-out, overcome, bewildered, estranged, pompous, contriving, delirious, doubtful,circumvent, trivialized,bored, ignorant, rude, stupid, cynistic, and down right hateful about the idea of honoring thy father as if to ask, "What's in it for us?"

The short answer? You might live longer. Does that interest you at all?

The difficulty found in writing this is understanding the knowledge that if you have to ask for respect, you haven't earned it. If you have to ask for honor, you haven't earned it. Its that keep-silent-till-it-becomes-you-thing while everyone screws it up. Being a father is one of the most difficult jobs on the planet simply based on the sheer amount of territory you are bound to cover, the likes of which if you do not have the limited liability clause which declares you are a women is vast. You a man for God's sake! There is no excuse.

We take that on our shoulders. If you travel the vast responsibility of a father most will come up with a picture in their mind which often reflects their ideas of responsibility. More often then not, these have not yet covered even half the territory a father/male has to cover, and thus are a very poor representation or picture indeed. For Instance:

  • You may first travel the road of actually being a Dad to a child. Being there for that child, supporting, loving, caring, nurturing being there for the games, the cheers, the encouragement, the homework question, the hunting ,fishing camping, or shopping trip, and even that back to school night That's a nice Dad?
  • You might travel down the road where you think being a good Dad consisted of providing for the family for a happy life in a profession that requires dedication, discipline, courage, and bravery.  That required getting up early and coming home late all for the sake of the family who was home enjoying the rewards of a house, cars, televisions, computers, ipods, laptops, newest toys that money could buy, vacations once a year, and financing that jump start in life that would make things so much nicer like college. That's a nice dad?
  • We still haven't touched the surface or covered the fathers who went to war and were killed who didn't come home or were injured. We may have touched on the territory of those who gave some, but we haven't covered the territory of those who gave all. For those who took a stand, said no you will not cross that line, died because of their stand, and were never around because their job required being a man and a father to more then just their own personal family.
The truth is their is no father who doesn't have all that territory placed upon his shoulders here in America and the truth is often we just cannot cover all the territory that is expected of us all at the same time, all of the time. Sometimes we fail and let you down on what was more important to you at a given or particularly important time for you. It is a big job that covers a lot of territory and a lot of the territory takes you far away from where you'd like to be.

In my own job as a father I've noticed big let downs and disappointments we could say were heart breaking to those I loved and cared about most. Things that tore us apart and dissected our hearts like we were at the butcher shop. I've noticed this theme in my life in ways that no one seems to comprehend that's required time, talent, effort, and a lot of work with hardly no reward in the duty of being a son, a man, and a father all at the same time on both a macro and micro level. For instance:

  • Many at first glance would not assume taking a stand for the 'natural born Citizen' clause of our Constitution is about 'honoring thy father', until you see Candidates running for the Office of the President kicking dirt on their fathers to hide the foreign citizenship they inherited. Honoring their father's foreign citizenship would be a disqualification of their ability to run for President because you inherit a citizenship from both your father and your mother as well as the country you were born in. The requirement for the Offices of President and Vice President being [born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents].
    • You may have noticed Barack Obama and Ted Cruz stating their mothers were U.S. Citizens and not relaying what their father's citizenship entailed. 
    • Probably not the best campaign tool to be running for the United States President and while out campaigning bragging about your father from Kenya, Cuba, or Canada. So we have seen them simply honor their mothers and kick dust on their fathers when it was convenient or advantageous for them.
    • Its very clear to me how much time in my life over the last six and a half years has been dedicated to Honoring the Fathers, and the value of it being very underestimated by most. If you'd like to start at around 10 trillion dollars on Obama's watch that might be a ball park figure we could start at in the simple commandment to 'honor thy father' that our society has a big problem with. Realizing that has cost us more money and blessings than all the President's combined from George Washington to Bush just to start. Who's interested in money? Family? How many are on board from Wall Street? Now you start to see my point Main-street?
It might be said in years to come our entire deficit problem started by not honoring our fathers.  We did not honor Obama's father because we let his son in the White House honoring only his mother. I've long said as people argued with me that he had an American mother, that I recognized that, but I was only in the processes of honoring his father in stating he was not qualified for the Office of the President. 

Can anyone of us deny a vote for Obama was a vote dishonoring his father's inherited citizenship from Kenya? If you can stand and say you were honoring his father's citizenship in that vote you have a lot of explaining to do because it doesn't even make sense to God the Father or our U.S. Constitution said by many a President to be divinely inspired.

Have you honored those who we would call the fathers of our Nation in that vote recognizing no less than eight (8) attempts to change the qualifications in Congress from 2003 that all failed the will of the People through their representatives in Congress? What you say? Why would the 'natural born Citizen' qualification requirement need to be changed the eight attempted times since 2003, if it was not recognized in the first place as 'Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents'?

Many referred to as anti-birthers criticize the research and work our founding fathers did  with the written works of Emer de Vattel . Benjamin Franklin noticed his work Law of Nations: "came to us in good season, when circumstances of a rising nation make it necessary to consult to the Law of Nations", and President George Washington's checked out book Law of Nations was finally returned after 221 years.

From Vattel's 1758 Law of Nations we read in book I chapter 19,§ 212
The citizens are the members of the civil society; bound to this society by certain duties, and subject to its authority, they equally participate in its advantages. The natives, or natural-born citizens, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens. As the society cannot exist and perpetuate itself otherwise than by the children of the citizens, those children naturally follow the condition of their fathers, and succeed to all their rights. The society is supposed to desire this, in consequence of what it owes to its own preservation; and it is presumed, as matter of course, that each citizen, on entering into society, reserves to his children the right of becoming members of it. The country of the fathers is therefore that of the children; and these become true citizens merely by their tacit consent. We shall soon see whether, on their coming to the years of discretion, they may renounce their right, and what they owe to the society in which they were born. I say, that, in order to be of the country, it is necessary that a person be born of a father who is a citizen; for, if he is born there of a foreigner, it will be only the place of his birth, and not his country.

In what is held as one of the premier cases of law regarding the subject, Minor v. Happersett 88 U.S. 162  (1874), the notice of parentage was applied to citizenship in the U.S. Supreme Court. The case involved wither women had the right to vote proposing that the Constitution's meaning held women's suffrage held consistent with the original intent of the framers of the Constitution. In the discussions it had to first established if she was a Citizen. The Court rehearsed in the decision [At common law, with the nomenclature of which the framers were familiar, it was never doubted that all children born in the Country of parents who were its citizens became themselves, upon their birth citizens also. These were natives or natural born citizens as distinguished from aliens and foreigners.

We see today from the likes of Sen. Obama, Sen. McCain, Sen. Cruz, Sen. Rubio, and Gov. Jindal, the claims that all you need to do to be qualified for the Office of the President is be born under the 14th Amendment. How could that possibly be if the 14th Amendment was found by the U.S. Supreme Court not to be the 'authority' for a male or a female to vote necessarily? That's another tidbit of Minor v. Happersett that was found by the U.S. Supreme Court. Thus it required an Amendment to the Constitution to grant that right to all regardless of sex Amendment XIX was passed in 1920.

A similar argument is presented today before the U.S. Supreme Court in Judy v. Obama 14-9396 that really states in order to run for President as a 14th Amendment Citizen an Amendment to the Constitution must be made because as the law stands now every legislative act proposed to change the qualifications in the Congress, eight times since 2003,has failed and those running who are ineligible are hurting or damaging the Campaigns of those who are qualified under the law now.

In the case it was decided that the Constitution nor the 14th Amendment necessarily gave every person with Citizenship the right to vote. Of course women did not have the right to vote back then so the father's vote was the families vote and it was of course the fathers who went to war to fight and carve out the Nations we know today.


 The understanding of the sons and daughters, and who received what honors, were decided long ago in what you might term our preexistence God knowing each of us very personally. Many do not know that it was the sons humility towards the Father in the preexistence that earned men or his sons the blessings of the priesthood first. In other words put a simple way, it was the blessings earned from obedience to do the chores without being told two or three times.

Of course we know God created man first. Then he took the body part - a rib, maybe Planned Parenthood sold it to Him(smile) that is not part of the record but Glenn Beck was on a rant not to long ago about spare parts so I thought I'd throw it in - God did say he took from Adam a rib which is a part, and He created a women. These he would call his sons and daughters.

The fifth Commandment of the big ten is "Honor thy Father and thy Mother".  Is there any particular reason you might suggest that it was not ladies first in this instance? Do you think God was just impolite? Wasn't a gentleman? Or maybe just didn't know what He was talking about?

In is my own belief and you may subscribe to it if you like, (or you may not), that God is very much like you are, in being able to recognize qualities some have and some don't. I heard a quote today credited to Bin Laden by a women on one of the talk shows, I think it was Rush Limbaugh's, ' if a choice is to be made between two steeds, the strong one will be the choice.' in referencing the choice of a Presidential Candidate.
Now all we have to do is figure out what strength is most favored for that choice.

Will it be arm wrestling, Indian leg wrestling, real estate net worth and income, discipline for principles, nurturing ability, defense of the Constitution, or some other quality of strength like 'how to wipe a server', or the strength to deceive like in 'crediting a video tape to promote hostilities towards Americans'? Does America need a good quarterback or do we need good receivers to catch and follow the plays the quarterback is calling and throwing?

Honor Thy Father- what is the reward? Well, it is most closely associated with making your days longer upon the earth. Does a long life interest anyone? Honor thy father and thy mother that thy days may be long in the land that the Lord thy God giveth thee. Exodus 20:12 

I jest if you teach your kids not to honor their father and their mother, your kids will grow up and think that you are pretty much a burden. Perhaps they will come to realize after 50 you know longer are a contributor to the house hold and make a law to free up entitlements in social security, medicare, and medicare with your death. Their kids might also decide that its age 40 and their kids age 30 that parents need to be terminated. So eventually what I'm saying is that the commandment to Honor your father and your mother are actually life-sustaining to you.

Without that honor, things deteriorate and dilapidate very quickly.Honoring is like putting a fresh coat of paint on to enjoy for a whole generation and it gets passed down very nicely so everyone enjoys a new paint job.

Of course there are lots of different ways to honor our Fathers, which is what this article is about. It becomes easier to honor mothers when we do honor our fathers. This might have been a clue in mentioning the fathers first in the commandment. "What if your father doesn't deserve any honor?" The same question might be introspect-fully asked, "What if you do not deserve to be here in the first place?"

Life is always worth honoring in the minutest most simple and basic ways. If you can appreciate yourself in one single way, if its nothing more then that you had the courage to wake up another day, then you can honor your father also in very simple ways.

In my own personal life I have noticed many dishonors and disrespects that I haven't said to much about, but that I do feel. Contemplating them I wonder if they are better left unspoken or will that lead to my own contribution to dishonoring the fathers as an accomplice of the narrative?

You know I have been through three divorces and I do not consider them honorable. I consider them tragedies of the weaknesses of the women who filed. Weaknesses of patience, understanding, wisdom, courage, discipline, truth, and extravagance.We all go through trials to make our weaknesses strengths and of course I have endured my own.

As the women in my life whom I've had children with have not honored me in many ways, so the witness has been the example to the children. How do we not see the road of a 50% divorce rate not being a good road in our society as far as creating a disaster of children who will dishonor your very existence and would see you better off dead then alive? The majority of divorces are in fact filed by women. How will children of the next generations survive as parents with little regard to 'honor' pass such convictions on to the children?

The States' Laws of Divorce favored women for many years, and do favor women now a great deal in property settlements and custody. In such they also dishonor fathers. As an example whole inheritances are lost to the children through the losses of valuable property to the mother that are eventually unsustainable to her. I've lost three nice houses and properties in my life none of which are now available to hand down to my children as an example of what I'm talking about. All of these properties were sustainable without a divorce. Do the children understand that when they are young?

Heaven's no,.. the kids are in lala land. Do the Courts see anything wrong with dividing and wiping out what the children might have inherited? No. All they see is equality, but man was created first. God didn't create man and women at the same time. Its just a fact we are all living with that is tied back directly to dishonoring the fathers.

Of course there are millions of varying circumstances in divorce I'm simply bringing one aspect to attention. In general however, our national debt, welfare and entitlement lines do not speak well of us as the list of dependents upon the government is growing and the list of contributors is shrinking. These are facts undisputed. How are these problems related to dis honoring the fathers?

In my own cases of children the mother received the major custody value of the children even though the home would be lost eventually they received in property settlement, or even if they left the state entirely. Schools have endeavored to honor that 'major Custody' court resolve as an excuse to dis-honor the father.

As an example of this my son's Elementary school class teacher, principal, student service directer, and Superintendent have all called and written to me in a battle royal, they refuse to call my son by his first name in school all because in Court my ex-wife was granted to be the major custody holder and whatever she tells them to call our son, is what they presume to follow. Well, my ex has called my son by his middle name rather than his first. Its been that way for six years but I called him by his first name.

The Schools have no honor for the fathers. They register the kids by their names on the birth certificate but refuse any direction to adhere to the birth certificate name when calling upon and addressing my son. I'm hurt by that. I've had a 40/60 split and watched my son every single day since he was six months old from Tues-Friday 7am to 4-6pm while she worked. I put in a lot of time and she goes in and advocates his middle name she addresses him by and doesn't represent me and will not advocate to them to call my son by his first name which I have always address him by or by a compromise of both his first and middle.

Its a dis honor to the fathers. My son is learning that the School is a place where Dad is put aside and Mothers are honored. He knows he will not be a mother in his life, but that someday he to will be a Dad and the same problem will come to him. He will be dis-honored.


This is a cycle that is contrary to the natural order of God and from the biggest Macro Circles imaginable down to the littlest Micro Circles it is swirling and we have got to get a handle on it or we are going to put ourselves right out of business. I have no doubt that I suffer the biggest problems in our society and the reason I do is so that we can together find solutions. These are our challenges.

When the problems of the head meet the tail and began to devour itself, when does the head decide its not a good deal to eat the tail because when you do you destroy yourself?

How will the women fair who find themselves with no defenders in their households against an invading army who have no sympathy for their feminism? Will they think about their fathers as they are left on the streets? Will they wonder about preserving, protecting, and defending the Constitution when they are raped and watch their children killed? What mercy what honor will they be impressed with in witnessing that horror based on their dis-honoring the fathers?

Its a grim picture to contemplate, but one which does not seem to far distant unless we somehow..someway get back to honoring our fathers in the the micro and macro circles that sustain life, preserve our lives and sustain our families very existence that so many take for granted now and think do not matter.

I encourage young people and old people to look to appreciating one another. Look to honoring your parents even as you would like to be honored someday by your children. When I was a young 14 year old boy I had a blessing in which I was told to honor my father and mother that my days might be long upon the earth. I have looked for ways to do that throughout my life with my own parents in the very best ways I could think of loving both my parents.

I have and  am engaged in a great big civil court fights going clear to the United States Supreme Court involving our U.S. Constitution in the ultimate actions that consisted of simply " Honoring Thy Father". This has subjected and required me to endure insults, expletives, threats and acts of violence that threatened even my life and have taken me away from my own family for the favors of all families in the interest of our liberties and freedoms in this Nation.

As the core of our Constitution exist in the qualifications of the Office of the President that wields the enforcing or executive action of our entire Government, or lack there of in what is called deferred prosecution or even prosecutorial discretion, we see the theme of a lack of respect and a dis-honor to our fathers in both the failures to prosecute and to uphold preserve, protect, and defend our own Constitution.

There was just an article featured from my resident state of Utah in the Salt Lake Tribune entitled 'Some Mormons stocking up amidst fears that doomsday could come this month"  In the article the following paragraph was noticed :

[Her purpose in speaking out, Rowe told interviewer Kate Dalley, was "to wake more of us up. ... We need each other as we unify in righteousness and continue to build a righteous army. When we need to defend the [U.S.] Constitution, we will be ready.]

I suppose my considered answer is why doesn't she think the Constitution needs to be stood up for Today and where are they in this fight? They are still waiting or something? Why is a military answer not considered a last resort while the Civil Fight in Court is ignored?  Its just amazing to me to be in such a big fight and have none of these people helping at all. I don't just speak of the lack of help by the Mormons to uphold the Constitution in this fight to 'Honor Thy Father', but to all Christian Religions also who believe that this is a very important commandment from God.

Enjoy this video I made with fathers great and small included: FATHERS TRIBUTE


Within the Presidential Race there are questions that D- Mrs. Clinton and R-Mrs. Fiorina will never be asked that other Candidates who are male might be required to toe the line to. How many years have you been registered for the draft? Conscription is the compulsory enlistment of people into the national service, most often military service. On Debate.org the question is asked, "Why do Males have to register for the draft and Females are not required in the equal opportunity environment? Of course we haven't answered equal pay either, but often it is seen that women do want equal rights and to get them an equal sacrifice would necessarily seem required.

How many daughters of America have been drafted in our History and not come home because they were killed? Of course if there is a ratio of those forging America out on the battlefields of males to females, we understand the males have heavily been sacrificed that our Nation might live. As long as the boys decorate the halls and walls of war, how is equality seen? No one wants to talk about that on the debate stage, but equal pay is fair game and we do have women who want to be President never subjects to a draft that has oft times been used to forge this nation.

 I have been the subject of a draft for 31 years. Why haven't the women got together and made the drafting of all our daughters as well as our sons applicable? My considered answer is that there are more women with more sense in their head then we are lead to believe with the feminist crowd. If that's not true, then the reason is because they were all draft dodgers hiding behind the lines we men put up for them, but now they want to be President.

 At any time, America had my name for a draft. Incidentally if you wanna know, Barack Obama's draft registration unfortunately has a faulty dated year stamp on it and he is said to have had a pass port that allowed him to travel to Pakistan which would mean he could not have had an American passport because at the time he traveled to Pakistan, Americans could not travel there. This then would make his draft dodging necessary because he couldn't register for the draft if he was not an American Citizen. In fact over 11 Million Americans have witnessed the investigation of the Cold Case Posse that has held Obama's draft registration is indeed a fabricated or forged document.

Let us hope and pray that Justice has not gone so far down the tube in America that we cannot at the very least hold accountable those running for President to the qualifications of the Office of the President found in our Constitution and that 'natural born Citizen' means Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents - honoring both the father and mother equally rather then just the mothers citizenship. We hope that will be the conclusion of the Untied States Supreme Court in the Judy v. Obama 14-9396 set for a second Conference September 28th, 2015.

Americans, get smart, get educated, and then stand up and support that which has given you so much, as a well that never fails. It does remind me that this time was foretold: Amos 8:11
"Behold, the days come, saith the Lord GOD, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the LORD"
God Bless You!

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Help Support Cody Robert Judy's Campaign for President Cody is doing what not even Mr Trump or any other Republican Candidate for President can do. Remember - Principle over Party!

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The proceeding referenced Court actions have been within the three Presidential Races 2008, 2012, and 2016.

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