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"Where did that Gal Go?
featured editorial: The Post & Email

Circulating Criticisms of Fox News cutting off the first Republican Debate they hosted Aug. 6th, 2015 from live-streaming Internet Users is the same criticism the DNC Chairman Debbie Wassermann Schultz is facing not allowing Candidates to Debate under the very harsh penalty of not being invited to the six regularly scheduled debates if they should engage in any non-sanctioned debates.

CNN has taken a higher Road for the second Republican Debate opting to air it live stream on CNNgo 2.0. But let's be really clear. Hillary Clinton has her hands all over this as her Poll numbers dive from 71% in July to 41% among Democratic party voting women , while the rest of the Democratic Party is being force fed the speculative presumption they're preemptive nominee may be indicted on criminal charges for breaches of national security and perhaps even illegal foreign aid in her campaign if the server hasn't been wiped.

But Hillary may not be the only one with their hands in this cookie jar Democrats, as Schultz volunteered- reaching back in referencing the 26 debates in the Democratic Party of 2008 when a 'relatively unknown' candidate named Barack Obama was being introduced to the public and more debates were seen as necessary. Yeah, right!

Going from 26 to 6 is a what most people would call extremely radical as well it should be seen as just that.

In fact asked about the possibilities of Republicans drowning out the Democratic chances with their debates being broadcast nation wide Debbie snipped, [“Good. Because you know what?” she asked rhetorically. “I am actually thrilled at the voters across America being able to see the 16 Republican candidates in the food fight that they will engage in tonight.”

"What would she call the 26 debates Hillary and Obama were allowed to engage in without penalties attached in 2008? In par lance its not a food fight but a proper introduction to a choice. She also stated the democratic party had 5 Candidates,  (they have 19 declared), that would be able to participate in 6 debates, while 'Main Streaming America' by the millions tune in to the Republican Debates? If you were running a business this would be akin to hairy-carry or suicide planning. It just isn't smart unless you want to lose?"

"America has not yet even been given the opportunity to hear me at a debate on these issues all because of choices by some party elites. Its very sad and disrespectfully of the equality they pretend."

"On the other hand, maybe Democrats don't want me in debates because they don't like the way I'm standing up for the Constitution and my Civil Rights? Huh? I thought we had confidence in our Justice system and the Second SCOTUS Conference scheduled September 28 is simply part of the process of Justice? What if they were to find Barack Obama was not a natural born Citizen?

 "If I win at the Supreme Court, would the Democratic Party be seen as discouraging Civil Rights that all Americans should have afforded to them in equal opportunity? What would the Democratic Party be doing then? Would six debates do it? These are the questions that will be asked, and what will be their answers. Will Debbie be maintaining her job then? This is why acting against Candidates and in favor of Candidates in the Democratic Debate Forum is really dangerous territory for the Party and the overall prospects of health to the party.", Cody said.

"The Democratic Party is not featuring a single Candidate who has not been elected before and the Republican Party has three based on what ... their high income level? Trump is worth $10 Billion, Carly $80 Million, Carson $5 Million what is the message there? Is the Office of the President up for sale?

"Glenn Beck was insinuating today his concern of Trump's populist movement with a lack of concern for the Constitution. The same theme was repeated on Rush Limbaugh's show today as a caller came on advocating for Sen. Paul and the Constitution. Where would the Republican Candidates be if my case was heard and I won the court advocating a 'natural born Citizen' indeed was 'born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents' in a higher calling in qualifications then a Representative or Senator in the Constitution? Rubios' out.. Cruz out.. Jindals' out. Has Hillary been able to do that? And I do not have an invitation to the Democratic party debates yet? Hummm?

"My point really is that regardless of Party the Constitutional principles are here to stay and neither party can really afford to stray far from its principles as its the Supreme Law that forms the bond in our Union. If the Union under our U.S. Constitution doesn't matter anymore, what is Hillary Clinton even running for President for?"


The same advice given by CNN's Chief Product Officer Alex Wellen might be good advice for the Democratic Party's National Chairman - he said:

"Given the massive public interest and value of this even (speaking of the CNN Debate tonight) and the launch of CNNgo 2.0 across all platforms, the timing was ripe to roll out this live TV preview to all of our audiences,", he continued, "the goal is to reintroduce tens of millions of CNN consumers -- including our pay TV subscribers - to a service that now has 100 hours of on-demand TV programming, deep personalization and a revolutionary real-time live TV experience'." Wouldn't it be nice if tens of millions of Americans at least had choice in knowing from a debate where the 19 Candidates of the Democratic Party stood? In Debbie's mind, we all have far better avenues to somehow reach 10's of Millions of people? Wrong!

From the article, "When a YouTube channel from Sky News, part of the same parent company as Fox News, was found to be live streaming the debate for free (speaking about the first R Debate) Fox shut it down mid-debate". Shutting campaigns down seems to be more of what the DNC Plan is then assisting the public in getting to know them.

Susan Crawford one of the most prominent critics of the cable business wrote in a blog post after Fox debates that "There are all kinds of public values at stake here, and we shouldn't glide past them.. there is no speech more central to civic life than a political debate. And yet we have allowed access to that speech by way of the common medium of our era - high speed internet access - to be controlled by a cabal of private actors'. Or in the case of the DNC, a few folks who see " An Elite Class of Establishment" is in, and that are doing everything in their power to keep it that way, whilst we see America is screaming for a freshness rather then the same old rotten thistles.

Couldn't the exact same thing be said of Debbie Wassermann Schultz's decision to limit and redefine for the public the interest in the Democratic Party Candidates by those she consulted that had nothing to do with the general public's interest, and everything to do with being force fed what amounts to a communistic curriculum that leaves us a few choices.  In America on the Democratic side of the isle as far as Candidates go, hiding us- 11 declared Candidates, hiding me, from America?

Along with hurting the Democratic Party Campaigns by reason of 'stifling' growth ' in the interest of early debates as far as fund raising, awareness, and introductions to alternative Candidates in the Democratic Party, early debates are invaluable to the Candidates for president in being somewhat more generous and understanding as to the "development of the Campaign".

What I mean by that is the first two Republican Debates America hasn't really expected as much 'detail' from these Campaigns. Its more about generalities, personalities and character. In another month, that is going to change. Americans want details and policy roll-outs which will severely handicap the Democratic Party Candidates as they are behind on all of it... accept for the one who has the biggest problem with TRUST who has been favored in the cold arctic archaic decision.

It might be the worst recipe for "Choice" every contrived in Democratic Party History and is certainly one that will go down with the "Chosen" candidate. So as Hillary rises, so goes the party if she falls, where a simple protection of 'Choices' might have engaged America with at least interesting competition.

Check back here for my thoughts on the 2nd Republican Debate!

To reflect about my notes on the First Republican Debate hit this LINK:

A few notes - 23 million watched the debate. Highest GOP Debate and a Record for CNN
Drudge Poll: Trump 52% Fiorina 22% Rubio/Cruz 6% Carson/Paul 4% Christie/Kasich/Huckabee/Walker/Bush 1%

Trump's practicing stump speeches and mixing it up with the crowds is paying off in dividends. He's more comfortable with the intimidation of being up there with others who have been elected before. He see's the opening of 'common sense' at the kitchen table in America in the political arena.

My thoughts were generally that Jeb Bush did in fact become his own man in this debate. Indeed, I mean that as a compliment. He really did appear to me to be more himself and less his brother or father which I appreciated. Unfortunately for him, I'm not sure he will ever be placed next to the front runner again. If there is every a 2nd Tier Debate, Bush may qualify for that.

For Paul, Rubio, and Cruz a much sharper image was created with the style of the Debate as they were allowed to answer the same questions separating themselves and what they might do. This was a big plus as far as providing clearer choices and explanations for those choices.

Huckabee, Kasich, and Christie appeared a little tired through their answers in general a lot of which did have to do with age as they fought to be recognized with their unique qualities. It didn't work as well as they had hoped. I think America is grasping in these debates you can have 'smarts' and 'fresh' together and when fresh is lacking in a Candidate the ones exhibiting both will be favored.

Fiorina did well with execution. I thought she hit a homer in her closing statement. She made me hope she is not apposed to a Cabinet Position. Isn't it interesting, that Trump and Fiorina polled the best in the debates. Still, on the world stage I do not think 'not talking' to Putin is the best choice while you build up and make ready the military as she said. This is where her need to show toughness gets out of balance of being tough. I do not think as a President she commands the respect by a mutual admiring tendency towards one another.,but to be fair, I did not see that coming from any of the men on stage either accept for Trump a little.

I think Putin gobbles them all up and intimidates the hell out of all of them for many reasons that include age, looks, charisma, and body language which is very important. When your sitting across the table your opponent needs to like you based on an unspoken respect which I think is what Fiorina was addressing in her answer. The only problem is she appears a bit abrasive in that general welcome and that doesn't bode well for foreign relations.

We have got to pick a leader who is friendly to the Lions while playing chess in the Lion's Den with hungry Lions. One sniff up her dress by a Lion, and I do not mean that literally,  I think she turns pale.

As I thought about my answer to the last question many drifted from in asking them, 'What they would hope would be their accomplishment when their Air Force One was parked in a library as Reagan's was?', which I thought was a great soft ball to have pitched across the plate I reflected:

The short answer would be: Communism Tumbled Down in the World and the People Rejoiced. Indeed, the general thoughts of this post are about providing greater choices, providing greater freedom and liberty, and trusting people to use those in genuinely genius ways. I reflect upon the thoughts of Moses when he said , "Would to God all the people were Prophets!" I think the greatest success of a leader is to see a people self governed in their time, talents, and richness God has bestowed upon them unique. I believe if America were to introspect herself, she would find a big missing hole that needed to be filled.

That missing hole comes from 'Believing in yourself' instead of believing in someone else. If that principle were to catch fire over all the world, Governments of every communistic regime would find themselves out of a job. The world of global communications is making it much more difficult to shield the Leaders intentions from the Public's View. That is the power that makes the walls tumble down and eviscerates corrupt establishments.

These corrupt establishments pose the biggest threat to every Country that propagates communism in its most unsavory fashions where the leaders live much higher on top of the people and refuse the self discipline of equality in a genuinely true fashion of integrity and trust.  I feel the People Power across the world is creeping up upon the Leaders Power and that the People's Voice is ready to give a great SHOUT!

 Freedom and Liberty understood by all the Peoples of the World earned by example of our own beehive and industry and what they see as the rewards of it, is the attraction which rises within the Souls of men to believe in their dreams. I believe that can change the world faster than any military war and the ingenuity sprung out of America will yet inspire every corner of the earth.

Happy Constitution Day!

Americans, get smart, get educated, and then stand up and support that which has given you so much, as a well that never fails. It does remind me that this time was foretold: Amos 8:11
"Behold, the days come, saith the Lord GOD, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the LORD"
God Bless You!

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