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As what the Democratic Elites call a "minor Presidential Candidate", meaning presumably you haven't been elected yet (as also fits the resume of Republican Candidates Donald Trump, Carli Fiorina, and Ben Carson ) , I decided that because of my resident State of Utah moving it's Presidential Primaries/caucus up to March, and the sudden interest of visiting Presidential Candidates to venture out and check out the big boys rallies in Salt Lake City, Utah March 18th, 2016. What I discovered was a narrative more perplexing than I'd planned for my famously based Republican Conservative State.

Presidential Candidate Cody Robert Judy at INFINITY CENTER 3-18-2016 standing in line of Donald Trump Rally

I had hoped to get in to Mr. Trump's rally but never made it that far although I had arrived at 5pm with an announced starting time of 7pm. Of course I kept myself incognito and didn't say much to anyone I had joined in line. One of the more curious things I did hear overwhelmingly was talk about "losing respect for Mitt Romney".

Of course as a Democrat it has been a little curious that so many of the Republican party establishment 'good-ole-boys', of which I would have to classify former MA. Gov and 2012 Republican Nominee Mitt Romney as, are pulling so hard away from a Republican Candidate that has won over 18 State Primaries now burying the closest rival of 7.

Gov. Romney has been like a favorite son of Utah helping pull off the scandal ridden 2002 Salt Lake City Utah Winter Olympics , but he probably is more famous for losing the 2012 Presidential Election when he went into hibernation a month before the election refusing to do interviews with even Sean Hannity. 

Of course much has been speculated about what Mitt's Campaign did "wrong" and what Obama's Campaign did "right" to win the Election of 2012, but especially missing from the Ghost of 2012 in great awakening of the Birther King of 2016 was Mitt's failure to challenge Obama's Eligibility in the Judicial Branch based on the facts Obama was not [Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents] as Donald Trump's base cheered to when Donald blew his Trump in Salt Lake City about Ted Cruz's ineligibility; Mitt Romney says he'll vote for Cruz in the GOP Caucus Tuesday in Utah. 2 Min Video Trump - [He's not a natural born Citizen]

Now what is really shocking about this is the Conservative Leaders basically telling everyone they are staunch defenders of the U.S. Constitution, yet surprisingly supporting a Candidate for President who it was just recently discovered was a Canadian Citizen and was not even an acclaimed U.S. Citizen at Birth, let alone a natural born Citizen. 

In a new SMOKING GUN Report issued Feb. 28th, 2016, Cruz's Parent's did not file a standard CRBA when moving from Canada and was than granted Amnesty by Ronald Reagan's Act of 1986 VIDEO of REPORT 

[Cruz' parents didn't file the paper work for his US citizen status till 1986. It was reported to be because he was going on a school trip and needed a passport. But that might not be the truth. Until this law was passed in 1986, it might have been a more difficult process for Ted Cruz to become a US citizen...come to think of it.... Cruz and his family moved to Houston Tx in 1974. He would have been an illegal alien till his mother filed the paperwork in 1986 to have him naturalized. ]
 According to a Hillsdale College excellent 2008 Article written by Edward Erler entitled Birthright Citizenship and Dual Citizenship: Harbingers of Administrative Tyranny an understanding is easy of why we Reserve the Office of President to ONLY [natural born Citizen ie. Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents] and why Dual Citizens or Naturalized Citizens often referred to as Citizens at Birth [after] the Adoption of the Constitution is/was prohibited from the Office of the President- It's about our SOVEREIGNTY stupid which is about our Economy. 

Mitt Romney never understood how important that is in preserving, protecting, and defending our U.S. Constitution and in such our Sovereignty. That came through in the ominous tell of his elitist attitude towards Americans in the May Fund Raiser in Florida Video. I'm not entirely sure Donald Trump does understand it, but he has a backing of a very solid base of Americans that no establishment Republican every harnessed in 2008 or 2012. 

The truth is Americans in the Majority have always been conservative when it comes to their Constitution. The far left has never controlled or ever been considered a majority in America. However, the importance of that as the right and center became trapped in a left low balled scheme to enamor them to the far leftist leaning pinnacle of importance in the core qualification of the Office of the President was lost with Mitt Romney, and so fell the Republicans to U.S. Sen. Res. 511

That was something that Mitt Romney did not have the courage to overcome based on his Republican Establishment Senators voting for it. However, it was something that drew the Republican Base to now Donald Trump whose Record of Courage accordingly trump's Ted Cruz's stands in the U.S. Senate because it eliminates Ted Cruz from the Race as Qualified, and simultaneously forced a fabrication at best out of Barack Obama's hand.

Anyone saying Donald Trump has no conservative Constitutional Record of Courage or that somehow Ted Cruz's is better for a 21 hour speech that included Dr. Sues' Green Eggs and Ham over Obamacare, has not calculated the value of 10 Trillion Obama has signed for with his ineligible pen or conceived that any law not signed by a eligible President is not binding or enforceable according the the Principles of the Constitution and is thus the most economical way to disband the formidable disaster that is even on Cruz's Platform. 

The truth may be that the GOP Leading Candidates are planning on leading by edict a little too much forgetting as Obama has that the Judicial Branch as well the Legislative Branch has a check and balance that can hang a President up very easily. The fact that the Republican Controlled House and Senate have not used it is no sign that a charged Democrat will not even as this minor Democrat has in the U.S. Supreme Court Cases 12-5276 and 14-9396.

Part II.

This leads us to the interesting question of the frame job that is happening or that happened in Salt Lake City Utah that seems much more calculated then at first supposed, when both the losing Democrat Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders and winning Republican Donald J. Trump came into town.

It seems entirely possible to me that the recommendations of Trump's Campaign in Utah may have not put their best foot forward for their own Candidate, maybe even at the behest of Mitt Romney and let me explain in and with the understanding I have of and in Utah as a resident. 

 The Campaign for Bernie Sanders was settled in on at the very flexible and fluid venues, yet of one of the most famous landmarks of all of Utah. The 'THIS IS THE PLACE' Heritage Park venue is celebrated by Utah as a Place of Historical significance when Brigham Young first came into the Salt Lake Valley from the Pioneer Trail and declared "This is the Place!" Sen. Bernie Sanders rally could well accommodate 30 people or 14,000 

Bernie Sanders greeted at the historical This is the Place Heritage Park by a sea of 14,000 People
 Trump's Rally was very mis-placed at the Infinity Event Center that holds a maximum 1200 yet after the even filled, the doubled and tripled up line began and went around the entire block of 6th South which would be the equivalent of literally and easily half a mile that did not get in.

Trump's Rally  Event inside maximum 1200 occupancy

First parade of Bernie agitators at Trumps rally that was joined at 8pm by a much larger parade of 700 forming a very
dangerous and obnoxious street full 
As I was there standing  in line along I was rather upset by the gross, lude, and nasty signs, gestures, and general treatment that I saw Donald Trump supporters standing in line received. I couldn't help but feel that this treatment would galvanize Trump's movement because I asked myself what were these people actually protesting?

It was not anything important to the Democratic Party. I saw not one sign that related Pro Choice, Pro Marriage, or Free Religion but most generally simply about Hate. Yet isn't were they not exhibiting the same exorbitant and perhaps exaggerate speech they were decrying about Donald Trump? How is that a protest of any significant change?

Yes, we want him to stop talking that way, so let's talk that way to him? You see the same relative action on say abortion or pro choice would mean protesters kept their baby chained and in prison rather than having it. It just made no sense.

I was frankly a little embarrassed about my fellow Democrats advocating they wanted their free speech respected but actually trying to shut down a political rally the likes of which Bernie Sanders was very courteously allowed. I was not aware of any staged political opposing rally meant to disrupt, interrupt, or break into with the hopes of stopping Sanders.

Here are two videos of the troublesome Trump Event outside

Trump v. Sanders BrownShirtAgitators
About 7:15

About 9:00

I'm a little rushed to finish this so will simply leave it at that. It certainly occurs to me that things did not make sense in Salt Lake City , Utah from what I saw and it seems very clear that a lot of misleading reports were made.

If both the Republican and Democratic Party Establishments are against Trump based on the cover up of Obama that both are very involved with an understanding is made of just how the Conservative Constitutionalist claims are being made by those who are batting 100% for the far left that is not the majority of America.


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Other Courts

12-10th Amendment Trial New York witness in the CIA Columbia Obama Sedition and Treason Trial

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14-Amicus Curiae Filed in Keyes v. Obama Judge Carter case

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The proceeding referenced Court actions have been within the three Presidential Races 2008, 2012, and 2016.

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