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"When does the Constitution matter? It matters when I say it matters?",seems to be the sentiment of Barack Obama today in the White House Rose Garden as he focused the Nation's attention on Article II of the Constitution in regards to fulfilling the duties of Office of the President in selecting former Justice Antonin Scalia's seat; but haven't Birthers been the ones asking the Government in the Legislative Body and the Government in the Judicial Branch to honor Article II of the Constitution also in regards to the qualifications of the Office of the President for seven years now while being ignored when it comes to the eligibility of Obama yet unheard on the merits of a Bench Trial in the U.S. Supreme Court as Judy v. Obama 14-9396 has requested? 
Oh.. don't bother looking at the Docket Report or taking to much as accurate, the United States Supreme Court doesn't have to Docket everything that comes into the Court as is witnessed to you here. #DocketFix

Is it true, what former secretary of state Hillary Clinton said in the Congressional Hearings of Benghazi in the investigation of four dead Americans "What difference does it make now?", in the deferred prosecution of  principles our Law Makers seems to be making to suit the timing of the Elections? The rest of us seem to be accountable to the laws of the land regardless of the timing of the election. Is our Constitution the U.S. Supreme Law of the Land as long as it is Election Friendly to the Politicians interpreting it?

This just might define the reason the 2016 Election process seems to be the Anti-Establishment Election of the Century!

Obama seems to be concerned with a year's delay in the nominating process of a Life Time appointment of a Supreme Court Justice and jockeying for a political "Gotcha" in the Congressional Elections of 2016 where Democrats have lost over 900 seats across the Country with Republicans riding high on Obama for all he's worth. Boy, you are right Democrats, Obama is popular; maybe even more with Republicans grateful for his "My Way or the Highway" attitude with the Constitution that feeds them "wins".

YOU didn't think Republicans who have controlled the House since 2010 and the Senate since 2012 were wasting the value of Obama's Ineligibility across the country did you? There's been a dang good reason for not holding Hearings in the Republican House and Senate and it had to do with Elections too., just not Obama's Election.

Is it true the Constitution says for instance, that [an unqualified Candidate as long as he makes it past seven years can defer being prosecuted as Constitutionally Unqualified Person in the Oval Office based on the delay of owning, nominating, or appointing the proprietorial Civil Process at the time]?  Gosh, they say [natural born Citizen] isn't defined in the Constitution but don't recognize [Citizen] at the time of the Adoption of the this Constitution in Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 does define the difference between [natural born Citizen] and [Citizen] in the fact of the [naturalization] process. 

Excuse me for letting deductive reasoning actually play a part in my reasoning? I"m famished! Please have a bite of one of the following: A) little red wagon or B) nice red piece of watermelon. Gosh, deductive reasoning hummmm. Now you know just how stupid that is not to be able to use your head.

If it's true the Constitution has a seven year statute-of-limitation on the Qualification Clause of the Office of the President, no wonder the Republican Establishment is so focused at keeping Mr. Trump out of the loop they have been involved with over the last seven years of an illegal usurpation in Office of the President. 

Mr. Trump could come in and trip the trip wire of Obama Ineligibility, STOP Obamacare, Release Sotomayor and Kagan as Justices, and Reverse every Executive Order and Law Obama has a signature on that has a lot do with in Republican Obstructionism the last seven years. Democrats have been being played by the Republicans and the worse part of it is they haven't seen it! Well, accept for Cody Robert Judy who Democrats currently HATE.

 Mr. Trump has not been involved with their dealings and back door arrangements, ask unqualified U.S. Senator Ted Cruz or U.S. Senator Marco Rubio running and collecting Delegates against Mr. Trump?

This very well seems to be the darkening process the U.S. Government is digressing into based on personalities rather than principles of law. The Republicans say they do not want to consider or confirm a United States Supreme Court nomination from Obama, who has two under his belt already in seven years with Justice Sotomayor and Justice Kagan. Democrats definitely want Obama to nominate a third just in Case Mr. Trump actually wins and wrecks the backdoor they have been working in for seven years.

This is where Mr. Trump's lack of political jockeying may be the most exposed.  Former House Speaker John Bohner just informally endorsed current House Speaker Paul Ryan for President; also a VP nominee in 2012 as you recall with Mitt Romney,"If we don't have a nominee who can win on the first ballot, I'm for none of the above," Boehner said .
“If we don’t have a nominee who can win on the first ballot,
 I’m for none of the above,” former House Speaker John Boehner said.
 "They all had a chance to win. None of them won.
 So I’m for none of the above. I’m for Paul Ryan to be our nominee.”
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Given the ineligibility of naturalization, unless you were naturalized as a [Citizen at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution], Marco Rubio (Anchor Baby - 14th Amend Naturalized Act (a)) and Ted Cruz (Naturalized Act (g) by Title 8 Aliens and Citizens at Birth  

§ 1401 a-h of U.S. Code) you understand that the delegates that Sen. Rubio (169) and Sen. Cruz (406) account for now, combined with Mr. Trump's already 661 total up to be 1,236 which is just 1 Delegate short of the 1,237 needed to win with half the States not even totaled up yet.

From a total of 2,472 Delegates available in the Primary Elections of the States Mr. Trump has only 946 remaining Delegates to compete for or add to his 661. Mr. Trump must get near 60% of those to assure he gets over 1,237. Seven of the remaining States to Primary are proportional States meaning some delegates will be awarded to those finishing less than First. You can see the math is getting tight for Mr. Trump, especially with the Delegates that two unqualified Candidates for the Office of the President have already taken. 

If Mr. Trump gets to the National Convention short of the 1,237 and no Candidate is able to amass the 1,237 needed and the Delegates find themselves unbound or released in a second tiered vote, Mr. Trump's inexperience could easily lose the nomination where he would have won IF he had filed or challenged Sen. Cruz and Sen Rubio's eligibility with Ballot Challenges in the States. 

Mr. Trump's Poll Numbers have been pretty much all he has focused on in every State, but his lack of action and defense for the Constitution's Qualification's for the Office of the President as a Candidate with Standing, now have become a liability for him and this has been based on his Counselors and of course his Inexperience in the maneuvering capabilities of Political Elections. 

Mr. Trump has called our leaders stupid in trading imbalances compared to Mexico, China, and Japan however, Mr. Trump's Voting Primary Constituency will be aghast at his stupidity when it comes to Election Conventions. All he had to do was eliminate the two Candidates who are ineligible with Ballot Challenges that even if he had been ruled against now could be in the Judicial Branch and on their way up to the U.S. Supreme Court, and he very well could have already won or at least not be stopped at a Contested Convention with just 1 more Delegate. 

Mr. Trump still has the option of filing in Federal Court now against Ted Cruz as a Candidate and could file against Mr. Rubio as an ineligible candidate for his Delegates as damages, but one question he will have to hurdle over now from a District Court is "Why didn't you object with Ballot Challenges?"

What will be Mr. Trump's answer? " I thought I was ahead in all the Polls?" " I won the Primary!" Mr. Trump's last answer to his Primary Voting Constituents may very well be "I'm sorry I was so stupid" not to take the advice of Cody Robert Judy on securing his Delegate Count as well as incorporating Mr. Judy's 2008, 2012, and 2016 Three Ropes Initiatives (video) that Mr. Trump has Adopted into his Campaign Platform. Written Form: Three Ropes Initiatives 


What should American's Fear Most?
What Difference Does It Make- What Difference Do I Make?

If ur running for president how come ur not on tv???
CRJ Answer
The big thing about the ‪#‎Democrats‬ DCC is the DNC didn't allow minor candidates in the ‪#‎DemocraticParty‬ Debates. ‪#‎DemDebates‬

You know how we saw 2 Tiered Debates in the Republican Party, well the DNC mostly on behalf of Hilary Clinton's coronation refused to let the Democrat People pick their Candidates from a wide range of Candidates.

The Republicans started out with 17 Candidates, the Democrats picked 4. 3 of the 17 Republican Candidates had never been elected before Donald Trump, Ben Carson, and Carli Fiorina and they did really well.

Trump's wiping out in the GOP and the ESTABLISHMENT is freaked out. The DNC right now is ruled by elitism. It's dangerous and self serving to personalities and The Rich and Elected.

One thing our Constitution doesn't require for Qualification for President is prior office be held.

The best chance I have is if Hillary is indicted and my U.S.Supreme Court Case is heard for Democrats in the interest of our Constitution.

This elitism is not good and your question ought to be put to the‪#‎DEMOCRATIC‬ National Party ‪#‎DNC‬ on how a coronation is going to do them any good in a general election with a candidate who has nearly and may still be indicted by the FBI?

I'm on your TV if you Choose the Right Channel. ‪#‎OhioPrimary‬‪#‎FloridaPrimary‬ ‪#‎MissouriPrimary‬ ‪#‎NorthCarolinaPrimary‬ ‪#‎Minorities‬‪#‎SCOTUS‬

ELITISM Most Dangerous Fear for Americans

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The proceeding referenced Court actions have been within the three Presidential Races 2008, 2012, and 2016.

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