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WHERE VISION IS CORRUPTED Contested Conventions by the Parties are Fair

Contested Conventions by the Parties are Fair

Proverbs 29:18 King James Version (KJV)

Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.

The problems with Vision is finding a Politician Running who has a clear channel to God. In ancient times a Leader was sought after who had vision as a defense for the Nation. From The British Millennial Harbinger:

This was one of the ways that by Divine Omnipotent Protection God Alone was able to protect his People. So has God changed today from yesterday in his All Seeing Eye and ability to Protect America? One of the very debilitating challenges of not having a Constitutionally Qualified Person in the Oval Office is the void of that protection and the reliance of 'mans' arm' alone that the people become subject to. This was not how our Revolution was recorded as being successful from our first President George Washington-" I should be pained to believe that they have forgotten that agency, which was so often manifested during our Revolution, or that they failed to consider the omnipotence of that God who is alone able to protect them.”

The problems of a Force-Fed Establishment Democratic Candidate Nominee being picked or coordinated we are learning begin long before DNC Chairmen Debbie Washerman Schultz overruled asking many Chairs about Democratic Party Candidate Debates for the Coming 2016 Election and decided on a drastic, even radical reduction from the favor that had been given Obama in 2008.

Hillary Clinton jumped the gun of even Barack Obama and started funneling money through big time donors via the local State Democratic Party Offices-Thirty-three States participated including my own state of Utah to be exact, so very wealthy individuals could be investing much more than the $2,700 maximum donation.

 Can anyone guess why this information is just now being made available? Well, there are more Campaigns then mine now seeing the la grande affaire of Hillary Clinton is lacking integrity in many more areas then the FBI Investigation of EmailGate. The problem is so many people are in on it that integrity, truth, and trust are not the values Democrats are upholding, but the ones regretfully that can be pointed to as being sacrificed.Before you point a finger at every Democrat, consider the effort so many are indeed making behind Bernie Sanders representing the loosely organized anti-establishment population of the party. In truth, Democrats for Bernie have just about the same thing on their mind as Republicans for Trump.

They have been lied to, stomped on, cheated on, and told to "shut-up!", by the Establishments fixing dinner. The biggest problem is they have been 'fixing' too many things that are not fixed in the nice way of a home-cooked meal and we are not their children. We are also Adult U.S. Citizens who can Vote. Bernie's Campaign manager Weaver was quoted as saying; "If Hillary Clinton were to lose New York in terms of her credibility as a front-runner who's going to represent the Democratic Party in November. I think it would shake a lot of people's confidence," Weaver said.

Now that a serious grass-roots challenge has mounted into traction and a possible Contested Convention is gaining momentum on the Democratic Party side, being held July 25–28, 2016, at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia,PA with the Clinton2016 Bid, and the Vermont Senator Bernie Sander2016 things are opening up for other possible challengers. If the U.S. Supreme Court were for instance to hear Judy v. Obama 14-9396 based on a Motion to REOPEN that was arbitrary decided denying forma pauperis standing, what might the Democratic Party Landscape of Candidates then be opened to?

It's true, Hillary Clinton is much more likely to go over the threshold of 2,383 through NY and California then Sanders is, however Sanders doesn't have an FBI Investigation under the hood of the car either. Now we must consider a serious question. If Hillary's Campaign ultimately Tanks what would the Democratic Party Presidential Contest have looked like if she had been honest and just decided not to run? 

Delegate results

2,383 needed for nomination · 1,955 still available


Pledged delegates are based on state primary results, while superdelegates can support any candidate. Delegate results aren't final until the convention in July.

What we are asking is what would the contest have looked like if the Democratic Debates had been more open and even congenial to other Candidates in the race? You can be sure the FBI and the A.G's Office reportedly meeting together much more often , as reported by The Washington Beacon March 31st, 2016,than what's being reported know a lot more about what's really in the furnace then the Public. The shake up of Establishments this year on the Republican and Democratic Party side has run into the hundreds of millions of dollars.

From the Boston Globe April 6th, 2016 Why is the FBI so slow on Clinton Email Probe? [No matter what the FBI concludes, that political problem, years in the making, won’t go away. If no one committed any crime with the e-mail set-up, Clinton’s judgment can still be questioned. She now acknowledges it was a mistake.

But that’s different from facing assertions she should be in jail — as Donald Trump has charged — because of the way she handled her e-mail. (*Trump is freaking out if he doesn't get to 1237 Delegate Count before the Convention for Republicans. By the Rules laid out in prior Conventions he could lose the nomination by failing to get the majority required, but Democrats are still prone to have more problems with a Contested Convention if Hillary drops out and Bernie has failed to get over the  2,383 Delegates and the nomination ballot becomes Open.) (* my emphasis)

If Clinton is exonerated, Republicans will see it as a cover-up. If there’s a criminal indictment, Democrats will read politics into that, too. Either way, the FBI will be criticized. That’s a given. Still, it’s no excuse to kick the investigation can down the road. In its own way, that looks political too. Is the FBI trying to protect her or hurt her?]

We decided to make a Post about Two Dreams and the correlating Facebook Post CRJ has had one of 4-1-2016 and one of 4-3-2016 because they are relevant in what is happening now with Clinton, and without Vision the People Perish, or maybe her vision is simply ambition to the office of President even at the peril of the Country? You shouldn't sacrifice the Country in the ambition of personal pursuits for the Office of the President. That accusation is being hurled at Clinton more like rotten tomatoes than a cheer of support.

THE FOOT PRINT Dream FACEBOOK POST 4-1-2016 Last night I dreamed about a women in a type of Law Enforcement Vehicle. There was another police car in front of the one she sat in. She sat alone in the back seat very solemn.

I was having a talk with the FBI Director James Comey across the roof-top of the second vehicle. I was pleading the case of the woman in the back seat and talking about all the good things she had done.

It seemed I was assigned as her best advocate for I brought up in every way I could justifications for him to let her go. I remember saying, " Well.. Even if she is the best I got?"

He just gave me this look like only James Comey or any FBI Director could give who had the burden of right and wrong weighing heavily upon his shoulders and shook his head no.

I had the feeling the "Get-out-of-jail-free" cards had all been used up and there just had to be a reckoning or Justice would irreversibly be polluted so bad neither Government Organization, or Justice Court, or Law of any kind would have any hold on anybody's actions any more.

I remember a distribution then of heavy nail guns out of a big truck and working very fast to get the work done. End of Dream.
Picture of CRJ Dream 4-1-2016

When I woke up I thought, Indeed a moral compass must be maintained and the quickest way to lose that way is corruption at the highest levels. If elected officials can constantly count on their every action of wrong doing being swallowed up by the Crowd or Public Trust it isn't long before they have led the Trust of the People down the toilet into the septic tank.

The fact I'm a Democrat right now, but one who has advocated strongly for adherence to the U.S. Constitution, even suing my parties preferred Candidate Barack Obama for Ineligibility tells you I'm not favored highly in the Democratic Party. Sometimes the best coaches are hated by their players.

 I do feel like an ostracized voice that's just been ignored and ignored time and time again for the preference of others.

The character of the preference should be the Question. What character is given if "Color" is given preference over Constitutional Qualification? Well, that's the character of Racism betraying the Law. That's one get-out-of-jail-free Card used up.

What character is given if "Sex/Gender" is given preference over National Security Laws? Well, that would be Gender Inequality or a Gender Litmus Test that excused female and prosecutes male unjustly or discriminatingly.

That is like saying a women can never be PRESIDENT because of her Sex/Gender.

It is very difficult not to translate Obama and Hillary into "Racist" and bullies for "Gender Inequality", (that is precisely the opposite of what the People wanted), with their own actions representing racism and gender inequality.

Barack Obama ran for President unqualified as a [natural born Citizen]. He was not born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents. That incentive of Time was not fulfilled. He cheated it rather then as a Senator advocating a Constitutional Amendment. That would have been the proper way.

He made the decision one day and others began collating around him until he was sleeping in the White House.

Hillary Clinton is indeed the best Democratic Party Candidate right now. She's leading in the delegate count all right. She also one day made a Choice of secrecy to set up a covert email server that would not be directly accountable to FOIA.

OBAMA knew this. He's not dumb. He knows very well what FOIA is as far as Transparency to the People. He allowed this over sight in broad daylight in communication with his Secretary of State chief foreign diplomat representing American Interest abroad to foreign Governments.

Why? Did he do it just so he could pull the rug out from Hillary Clinton's feet when she had 1,700 Delegates bagged? Or did he do it because he was being blackmailed himself with his own Ineligibility?

You see that's the Problem when you are not Constitutionally Qualified. Someone has always got the goods on you. The impropriety list of Characteristics important to Americans ought to be first: Constitutionally un-Qualified as it sacrifices the heart or core of the Constitution through the executive branch's Chief Office also as Commander-in-Chief. Why?

Because every piece of Legislation passed by Congress is required by the Constitution to have the President's Signature on it in Order to become Acting Law.

What if the President is Constitutionally Unqualified? Every Law signed by that Signature is missing an Effective Order.

Once that mistake, if you want to call it that, is made you have a Legislative Branch that is paralyzed. They can draft law but cannot enact the Law they draft. It needs a Qualified President's Signature.

The Stakes keep getting larger and larger and the blackmail game is unavoidable. Until one day the Secretary of State resigns and collects 26 Million Dollars in 26 months in Speaking Engagements much from Foreign Governments, prior to announcing she's running for President.

Now, the Office of the Presidents salary is about $500,000 Last I checked, maybe it's gone up. 26 Million Dollars in 26 months for a retired Secretary of State is pretty good salary raise.

How could she be so sure? How could anyone be so sure Hillary Clinton was going to be the next U.S. President?

Guess I look back at my dream and wonder who it was in the back seat of that car. I didn't know in my dream. It was just a women I referred to as "the Best we had".

Yes, Hillary is Qualified but has she corrupted herself with the deals she's made? Does she have any Aces left to play that would minimize this FBI INVESTIGATION or a possible indictment?

The answer seemed to be "no". There is a point in time where all the pleas and advocate petitions, and good water is poisoned and your continuation simply means poisoning the population.

The danger of a poisoned population and I mean poisoned by political corruption, is it eliminates ALL GOVERNMENT. Yes, the Supreme Court Justices are released, every Senator and Representative is released, there is no House, Senate, or Supreme Court.. They are all released and sent home.

That seems to be a red line we are getting close to. I think about The People's Trust in Hillary Clinton already just being shattered because she said the FBI INDICTMENT would never happen. How did she know? What guarantee?

Obama said you could keep your Doctor but millions lost their doctors. They are mad about it too. Politicians often hope their worded promises are forgotten in the pollution of Time, however, when so many People are walked on that gets harder and harder to hope for.

The CLOONEY DREAM April 3rd, 2016 Facebook Post:
PICTURE OF MY DREAM Last night This Dream I had last night was so funny. @GeorgeCloooney ‪#‎Wisconsin‬ ‪#‎NYPrimary‬ ‪#‎HillaryClinton‬‪#‎Democrats‬ ‪#‎ClintonCashCrash‬ ‪#‎utpol‬…/337367-clooney-clinton-fundraiser-obs…/

I saw in my dream this big Bus driving past this Bank. It was the Get-Away-Vehicle for a heist taking place.

The first time around the block the Bus missed the fork in the road which would put it next to the Bank. The driver mad at missing the turn stepped on it and with a fork lift extended out of the Bus slammed into a Tractor Truck. The tines of the lift going right through the cab of the tractor.

The driver swerved and shook the tractor off the forks of the Bus and went around the block. He wasn't going to miss the fork in the road this time.

Only problem was when he hit the right lane to land the Bus next to the Bank, there was a dip in the road and a heavy slant.

The Bus I noticed was now Top Heavy with an old brick chimney extending out the Top of it. The weight of the Chimney , the Bus, and the slope of the road proved too much and gravity had her way.

The Bus slammed down and skidded down from the Bank on its side. That's when I was so surprised to see Mr George Clooney climb out the window of the Bus shaking his head.
Picture of CRJ's Dream April 3, 2016
End of Dream

"Yeah, it went real bad" depicts the picture of my Dream. The Hilarious Scene in "Ocean's Sixty-Eight" where George totals the get-away-Bus of Hillary Clinton's ‪#‎CampaignCorruptionCash‬ as 33 States now are known to have funneled millions of dollars through their State Democratic Offices to Hillary's Camp increasing the leverage of millionaires influence and circumventing the [State Run Primaries Vote] funded by Tax Payers.
And how is so much cash being received from millionaires? Well examples like George Clooney hosting a 353,000 per couple dinner, and a 34,300 per person fundraiser are a pretty good clue.

That is a little over the Top. A TOP HEAVY Campaign that has tried in every way to create a great heist in secrecy creating the biggest problem in the path of the Clinton Camp... TRUST with the American People.

Maybe she thinks a Campaign can't be run with out a Trillion Dollars but my Campaign has been and I invite you to contribute what you can. I believe in running our Country Debt Free with a Balanced Budget just like I run my Campaign.

Lean, Mean, and with a Balanced Team. When you have to grease and buy the whole Damn world to get to be President the whole Damn world creates a force of blackmale that crashes anyway. It's not worth it. It will hurt us all in the long run.

Ultimately we will see what happens, JUSTICE has a role to play in cash corruptions that do not forsee dips in the road ahead.

I invite you to support my Camp.
Cody Robert Judy

With Vision the People can find Hope and Courage- so it is my Prayer that you will pour your heart out to God that our Nation might be blessed, our Constitution might be Reestablished, and our Nation might see a Restoration that will boost American's Confidence and Trust for a Better America Tomorrow.

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The proceeding referenced Court actions have been within the three Presidential Races 2008, 2012, and 2016.

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