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Prepare for Three Stand Ye in Holy Places- Obama called to Resign the Office of the President

Prepare for Three Stand Ye in Holy Places

Had a dream last night that was kind of unusual in that there were three things that happened in it I was quite astounded by.

First - I was in a twin bed with a single bed on top of it. I woke up in the dream I thought I was wide awake. The single bed I was in was a waterbed and what had woken me up in the dream was the rolling of it. I wondered what it was. Thinking it the wind or gust outside? I laid back down only to notice it happening again. This time I recognized it as an earthquake happening. The rolling of the bed water was from west to east in a directional flow. While it was in my house, and my house is old, I looked instantly at the upper walls and ceiling expecting to see damages but I saw none and wondered why?

Second - Alarmed at the sound of gun-fire - not the little stuff of a rifle but of big guns coming from an airplane above firing through the ceiling of my roof. The holes looked as big as 50 Caliber. I scrambled around the house wondering why I hadn't been hit yet? I was told in spirit to stand close to the walls as they afforded with the studs, the top plates and the trusses the most safe place. I noticed a women crawling in what was the top of a wall through a cubby-hole that aloud her to drop down into a room. There we kind of huddled up by the wall. She said she wanted a little girl, and I asked her if she always got what she wanted?

Third - I was sweeping my floor up as I normally would when I saw some movement in the dust and clutter I'd swept up. To my "blaah-yuck" I saw fleas. I thought it was strange as I had not been bothered by them and wondered why?

This was all I can recall at this time and I always try and tell things in a dream as they are in a responsibility to you to interpret it as you will.

Now many, maybe most dreams of course are a reflection of what we are going through. A rollling earthquake could be symbolized as just going through some rough times. Shots fired through the roof could be bill collectors after you. (hahaha) and fleas could be just an irritating problem or minor problems that are bothersome.

They also could be problems that are coming that we need to be on the look out for. The things that made me think more of this is I wouldn't really see myself as being affected like this with the problems I have now and the other thing is in each event I was not really affected. The lucidity of this dream was very real.  This goes into the theme of the picture - Stand Ye in Holy Places.

How do we do that? The places I was at in my dream, or directed to, were safe places from certain danger. I want to include in this Post a Facebook Post I wrote a yesterday that deals with another condition of our National Security that millions are in fact voting on in Primaries with very distinct violations of our national security in the Office of the President with Ted Cruz as a Candidate.

Here is that Post:

NATURAL BORN CITIZEN How important is it in our National Security in Heaven & Earth?
Professor Lawrence Tribe from Harvard affirms the importance of PLACE in the understanding of [ natural born Citizen ] in this video I'm pleased to find.
He, is a wise soul of our Constitution and if you watch it, you will feel his Love. He also affirms the importance of PARENTS rehearsing Sen. McCain's circumstances of Father & Mother and outlines a inherited parental [Citizen] ship based on their allegiance.
He noticed the inherited status of a Parent's confirmed [Citizen] status, but not [natural born Citizen] status in regards to the Office of President requirement. In other words you could be a Citizen by your father, mother, or birth place, but not necessarily a [ natural born Citizen].
This was interesting because I had to fight Tribe's decision in my Law Suit against Sen. McCain in 2008 as ineligible based on the [statute] of law Congress passed specifically [naturalizing] those born in the Panama Canal Zone. [Foreign Land]
In my argument I said, There is no dispute between the answer asking of Panama: "Were you ever a State of the Union?"
"No", is the answer., "never have been one of the United States or a State in the Union."
Now, Professor Lawrence Tribe comes down hard against Sen. Cruz's foreign birth in Canada here, and states [place] is very important, but further emphasizes the 14th Amendment basically that deals primarily with [Place] was needed to [naturalize] those born on United States soil.
I think you can gain a better understanding that you can't [naturalize] by law or statute [natural born Citizen] and attempts to do so for a particular Candidate only make you appear wobbly.
This is one of the Reasons I have taken a firm Stand on the definition for the Office of President as [Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents] as the definition of sole American allegiance and the very unique qualification for the Office of President known as [natural born Citizen]- No dueling foreign citizenship by place or parent aloud.
I have [no doubts] my stands in Federal Court against McCain and Obama were and are right in the defense of our National Security. Upholding this against the intellectual mooshies fudging one way or the other for any one Candidate can afford one reward - grave danger both economically and militarily. Obama's raided 10 Trillion from the Treasury 70 K on every man, woman, and child in the U.S.A. Obama has the distinction of being the most well financed Fraud in Failed Policies in U.S. History that goes well with being a Fraud in the Office.
President George Washington only a couple of hundred + years ago, (which is just two people ago each living to be 113.5 years old), said 'I should be pained to believe, that they have forgotten that agency, which was so often manifested during our revolution, or that they failed to consider the omnipotence of that God, who is alone able to protect them."
Have we forgotten that the U.S. Constitution is what came out of the Revolution?
How pained would we say that Republicans Cruz, Rubio, Jindal,McCain and Democrat Obama who are not qualified, and all the Votes and all the Campaign Dollars used against that Supreme Law have acted in forgetting the U.S. Constitution, which is that Word of Divine Manifestation able to Protect us and our National Security?
When you abandon the U.S. Constitution in short you bind up that Umbrella 🌂 of Protection and subject your mothers, wives, and children, your husband's and fathers to the vast assaults from sources nefarious and evil and wicked. When You fold up the umbrella  of Protection of Divine Providence in the omnipotence of God - what sources of good are you expecting to become of it; or instead of it?
Let me answer that for you and then you might find some motive in my unpaid, and what the Court's thus far have called "wholly frivolous" work of 3 Presidential Campaigns and 15 Cases across the United States -Two of which are in the U.S. Supreme Court the last Seven Years.
When you fold the umbrella up of God's Protections upon your loved ones, friends, and Family, what you are doing is opening the door of the forces of nefarious action upon them. Your not Loving them .. Your hating and killing them in the most inhumane ways imaginable.
Your inviting Lucifer the cunning craftiest devil to chop off the heads of your sons, rape and burn your daughters. You've seen the decapitation and burning of people from ISIS is they accreditation for that extreme wickedness, but you say that won't happen here?
Remember Kate in San Francisco; Remember San Bernardino? I use to live 15 miles away from that neighborhood there.
Take a look just today of the demonic spirits utterances on the mind of a female U.S. Citizen on Twitter:(Take a look at how many LIKES and RETWEETS and How many News Agencies Covered that? )
[Palin] needs to have her hair shaved off to a buzz cut, get headf—-d by a big veiny, ashy, black d— then be locked in a cupboard,” XXXX wrote, MRC reported Monday. “Let’s find the biggest burliest blackest negroes and let them run a train on her.”
Read more at http://mobile.wnd.com/…/rapper-calls-for-palin-gang-rape-…/… ]
Do you know how many News Stories were written about my Federal Court Records in the Defense of our Nation's Security?
When the Divine Spirit of God withdraws and your left to the devils workshop, things go down hill very quickly.
What will you say to God? Why are we subjected to these horrors? Why are our lovely Families tore up? Why are our daughters suffered and deprived of their innocence? What did we do to deserve or unveil these harsh evils heretofore we were protected from and by the umbrella of God that made our streets safe?
How many have stood fast and courageous for the U.S. Constitution's Core Qualification? How many have supported only Candidates who were firm in that National Security?!
You know Utah voted 70% in the GOP to fold up that Umbrella of God's Divine Protection in the Primary for Cruz? 🌂 I don't care what Political Party you are from- National Security concerns You.
We have it on good record the First Chief Judge of the U.S. Supreme Court felt inspired with inspiration to the First U.S. President George Washington in recommending that the Office of President also the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces holder of nuclear codes and munitions now, only devolve upon a [natural born Citizen].
How many could change their Vote if one was sold to our enemies by an ineligible President and then set with a timer by that enemy to go off in SLC, Utah?
Its to late to change your Vote then- to late to change your traitorous allegiance upon your own Family then isn't it? You gotta live with that DISASTROUS VOTE and RECORD to God for ALL Eternity ‪#‎Mormons‬‪#‎LDS‬ ‪#‎Christians‬ ‪#‎NaturalBornCitizen‬
Of course I am grieved for you. I am as President Washington said "pained" at my fellow civil brothers and sisters of the community. I feel like a man whose had his toes all broken. What can I do... What could I have done more?
I think they would agree I've done everything I could think of and then some beyond the call of duty. For this, I am not ashamed. It's been indeed that Divine and Provident Love of God placed within my heart which carried me across the Nation with this message, to where I'm at now.
May God Help us to move with our Faculties. May He remove the blinders from off the eyes. May He bless us with hope and his energized Spirit of Divine Protection in our Wise support and Choices and most of all; may He Forgive Us our Trespasses against our U.S. Constitution which embraces Freedom, Liberty and Justice for All within our United States Borders of which we pledge our allegiance, I pray humbly in the name of our Lord , by Date and Father Time in our U.S. Constitution, even Jesus Christ- Amen.

Now after reading that Post published published 17 hours ago, read the comment published two hours ago which I just heard on the radio news this morning and googled from an article published April 4th, 2016 in the New York Daily News.

Horrible! 9 yr old girl raped by 4 men in Utah 
Four men are under arrest in Utah, charged in the sickening rape of a 9-year-old girl as her mother smoked meth, authorities said.
The suspects — identified as Larson RonDeau, 36, Josiah RonDeau, 20, Jerry Flatlip, 29, and Randall Flatlip, 26 — were jailed on first degree felony rape of a child and first degree felony sodomy on a child, the Unitah County Sheriff's Office announced.
The reported rape occurred on March 27 — Easter Sunday — while the girl and her mother were visiting a friend's Vernal home, and the mother went into the garage to smoke methamphetamine, authorities said. The men had been invited to the home for Easter.

You may not correlate the idea of the umbrella of God being folded up in the Divine Providence of Security as it relates to our National Security as it relates to the Qualifications of the Office of the President, but it struck me with enough force to make a call for Obama to resign the Office of the President now. When I saw that story I had a newsflash pass before me of the girl in my dream last night who had her girl raped while she was out smoking meth. Ohhh.., I'll betcha she is hurting with her daughter taken away; sad.

These were men [INVITED] in to a home as guest and you wonder what it looks like when the spirit of the Lord withdraws leaving only the devils to have their way? You wonder about the protections afforded to us in our United States Borders? Do you wonder about the vetting process happening to the guest coming in? You should.

I will conclude this post with yet one other Facebook Post I wrote this morning concerning our National Security and our Borders which I've advocated since my run for President in 2008 were vitally important.

Why NATIONALISM is VIP TODAY Whenever you start to hear about Globalism and how we should consider Justice for All (including the whole World) you need to investigate the other World Leaders integrity and study how they siphon out their Treasuries.
That's the main reason the World has wanted to infiltrate the Office of President. To get to the National Treasury of the U.S as the World robbed their own stashing billions in off shore accounts- 10 TRILLION of ours vanished on Obama's watch.
Our Nationalism controlled by the U.S. Constitution provided strong checks and balances that reined in the corruption of leaders. Many other nations have no such controls under their forms of Government so unless we went on a tyrannical killing spree and toppled every other nation we could not control the corruption of their Leaders who loot the treasuries.
We went through a lot of blood to STOP that taxation without representation and set up a system controlled in large part by WE THE PEOPLE. One in which our vote counted.
WHEN you invite a thief in your house you can expect to be robbed. The chances of your being robbed go way up. This is what our Borders are for to protect us.
Its a little frustrating to confuse 'charity' for refugees and "safety" concerns for our National security , or to whip security concerns with the not being Charitable Quip.
The design for doing such is at best naive. Of course immigrants are coming to the U.S. as well as Refugees, but they can't come in faster then the safety of your children can be considered.
I guarantee you a member of your family gets raped, cut, or killed, your all about blaming Security and those at the Gate.
So, do yourself a favor. Stop with the anti-charity refuge whip-quip for those wanting to secure at least our Borders, and remember that other Countries Leaders and many corrupt policies that include bribing for Justice are a big thing we are trying to keep out, because we are a Nation not the World.
America has been and will always be one of the Greatest, if not the Greatest Charitable Country on Earth, however that source of not protected drys up and then what? Everyone's on their own anyway and the World is not better off because of it.
Bucannan, like him or hate him makes some great points here. Nationalism is stirred up when the National Debt is robbed. We are at 19+ Trillion.. People are seeing it has risen 10 Trillion on Obama's watch alone. Our Government has a problem.
American hawks talk of facing down Beijing in the South and East China Seas while U.S. companies import so much in Chinese-made goods they are fully subsidizing Beijing’s military budget. Does this make sense?  http://mobile.wnd.com/2016/04/what-trump-has-wrought/#1hkBDlkEG9YFj5C4.99
Something is not right because we can't be as Charitable as we once were. That's when globalism and nationalism clash.
So before you start blabbering about Globalism start by investigating the Leaders of other Countries and start asking why they do not want to be a State in our Union? They do not want the Checks and Balances ruining their PANAMA PAPERS game.
FLASHBACK 5 years Before/& DURING TREASURY LOOTED 10 Trillion Uploaded on Jun 5, 2011Listen to the 5 Vetting Hurdles Obama cleared and see how Congress through the Jack Maskell Memo was deceived into letting the qualification of "natural born citizen" slide into the mud of the 14th Amendment. This is Dumb and Dumber- The CRS Memo and Congress today on The Lion's Den Show with host Cody Robert Judy.



What I know to be certain is that we can not expect God to protect us and make interventions of protection with circumstances and conditions we cannot foresee if we are doing everything in our power to appose the agreement of our Supreme Law of the Land. Its like violating the Ten Commandments if you will right after Moses brought them down off the mount which is also by the way replicated on the top of the U.S. Supreme Court building. 

Now I know my Case in Judy v. Obama 14-9396 has been put on hold based on an arbitrary denial of a Motion for forma pauperis. I know and so does God, ,even though the U.S. Supreme Court and the Media have refused to make it a national horror story. What?

You don't think 10 Trillion out of the national treasury placed on the backs of our children is a horror story? You don't think the qualifications of the Office of the President, the most powerful office in our Country is important? You don't think giving the Voters a Choice to vote for a Candidate who is the only one who stood up for this with a bi-partisan Federal Court Record is a "fair story"? Maybe you need a lesson on what's fair because from where I'm  sitting things are really not fair at all, to me or the voters.

You have two very renowned Harvard Law Professors telling you, if you followed my post, that you can't [naturalize] by Statute [natural born Citizen] when the statute fitting Mr. Obama is  Title 8 U.S. Code §1401 (a & g) born inside the U.S. to a alien father? McCain has had two statutes of citizenship, one 11 months after his birth and one while in the U.S. Citizen. Did I need a non-binding U.S. Senate Resolution to qualify as a natural born Citizen to be fair? Do we need a discussion on Fair Rules for everyone? Do you not see 15 Cases appealing for Justice as an appeal for Fairness? Why have you been scared to hold a single Hearing on the matter?

Not enough money affecting the Case? How about millions and  millions of Americans being deceived by being told by a Candidate he is eligible when he is not? Is Fraud no Fair? Protecting the integrity of our Election System not something you want to adjudicate or that you think is justicable? Read a very keen Harvard Professor's Brief on that if you'd like Here.

Well, let me tell you something else I heard in another dream. I heard that Obama had been aloud to the office of the president because not enough people were praying our U.S. Constitution be upheld. Yes he was voted in but it was on fraudulent circumstances of deceit. That not fair. It's also not fair that I have had 15 cases since 2008 apposing and objecting to that deception and standing for the Truth. That truth Obama has served to the American People in his long form birth certificate. The one that says he has a foreign father and inherited a citizenship from Kenya from his father just exactly like Cruz states he inherited a Citizenship from his mother.

Do fathers not count anymore? And what exactly is your message to your Heavenly Father in that? We are told to honor our fathers and mothers. And we are also told that the Office of the President has a special unique qualification that was enacted based on the national security of our American nation. You know if your in trouble with God there is not a rock on this Earth that is gonna hide you don't you? I'm just saying .. maybe its time to Repent?

You wanna keep pushing it don't you? You wanna see if Gods real don't you? I can't blame you, but that's the wrong way to go about it if you ask me. I have to tell you honestly, I hate being wrong in front of you. Its not fun to be tested that way. But there is one thing I hate worse than that? Yup, its being wrong before God. I would rather be made a fool by you, then face my Creator or run from something he told me to do.  Yeah..think of Jonah.

We are told in the Constitution that our Founders and Framers were indeed themselves [Citizens] and not [natural born Citizens] as they had to fulfill the law by [naturalizing] themselves in. That is understood as the grandfather clause. You must be a [natural born Citizen] or a [Citizen] at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution.

I just help but throw in a wonderful example of that. Jesus was baptized to fulfill the law.

Its as easy to understand as A -B-C.  So what's not fair is that our Judicial Branch in some 15 Cases I've been involved with that includes my Candidacy for President has been "wholly frivolous" which is like saying our National Security is "wholly frivolous" or our U.S. Constitution is "wholly frivolous". Of course it is my prayer that those feeling that way will be blessed with what they have sown.

A great movement is underway in America. Many more people are praying that a Restoration come to pass. This obligates the Lord to do something and we can all use our imaginations of what God decides to do when he would like to soften Pharaohs heart after hardening it?

How do you stand in Holy Places? Well, I can tell you what your probably shouldn't do.  You do not vote for ineligible Candidates for the Office of the President and expect to find yourself protected after voting against God's Divine Protection?

May God Bless you according to your Vote and my God mercifully forgiven me my trespasses and see this as my best effort to accomplish what he has asked.

Cody Robert Judy
Democratic Party Candidate for President



We salute The People who honor that which is unique in the world. We salute you AMERICA. May God Bless Our Union!


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