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BREAKING SPECIAL REPORT- Donald Trump Uses Democrat Presidential Candidate Law Suit to Vanquish Ted Cruz

Donald Trump Uses Democrat Presidential Candidate 
Law Suit to Vanquish Ted Cruz

  Beautiful Birthers
May 1st, 2016 was another 'Mayday Mayday Mayday' [ ]in the Beautiful Birther World just like it was in 2011 when Obama freaked out about the general public's focus on his qualifications for the Office of the President and pulled the 'Mayday Mayday Mayday' [ ]  cord announcing he'd got Osama bin Laden.

Being in the U.S. Supreme Court as a "Birther" is one thing that Mr. Trump, now the presumptive nominee for the GOP - Republican Party , has indeed noticed, and he 'used' that information on a Morning Talk Show, just before his Indiana Crush of Senator Cruz stating if Ted Cruz was the nominee on day one Democrats would file a law suit and extinguish him as a qualified Presidential Candidate. 

Of course Donald Trump knows that you have to have Standing to file a law suit and that means being a Presidential Candidate, or Vice Presidential Candidate, the two offices subject to the U.S. Constitution's unique and special [natural born Citizen] qualification that has  now also been noticed by a Major Newspaper in Arizona The Arizona Republic, as Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents Video Here of announcing the content of the Article. 

Because Mr. Trump knows you have to have Standing, and there is only one Presidential Candidate who actually has Standing on the Issue running for President in 2008, 2012, and now 2016 that sued in Federal Court both McCain and Obama, there is only one Candidate that could possibly be backing up what Mr. Trump said in the Democratic Party (because Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders would not touch it with a ten foot poll, lest ObamaCare be vaporized by Obama's own moot signature as an ineligible person in the Office), and its the same one that mentioned Ted Cruz in the U.S. Supreme Court Case half a dozen times in Judy v. Obama 14-9396. ie. APPLICATION FOR STAY I.

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Mayday May 1st 2016

Mayday May 1st 2011

On the May 1st, 2016 interview conducted on the Fox & Friends Morning Show just before the Indiana Primary I wrote the following Post on my Facebook which also went viral about the interview that I think shows Mr. Trump is not really well schooled or particularly articulate on this, but he certainly understands the power of it with the Public, something that has still not dawned on the Establishment and other Presidential Candidates who have eaten his dust.

CRJ ON TRUMP TODAY SUBJECT: Cruz's Ineligibility ‪#‎SCOTUS‬ He's kinda like a bull in the China Closet. He's getting some right and wrecking others. Trump says at the end "naturalized" when he should have just stuck with, "He's not qualified as a [natural born Citizen].

Trumps in a precarious situation here. He hasn't taken Cruz's Qualification seriously enough to File the necessary Legal Petitions called Ballot Challenges. This has Trump very vulnerable.

His whole Campaign could essentially be eviscerated if SCOTUS actually heard Judy v. Obama 14-9396 and Trump is now counting on nothing changing the status quo of Obama. Of course Hillary's Campaign would be eviscerated too, but hers might be anyway with EmailGate.

But it is now, more than ever, precarious for Trump because he is in the SAME BOAT with Hillary. They have GOT to make SURE Obama leaves in fact in tact Legally because their actions have confounded them to this course.

The Day of Objecting to Obama's Ineligibility is OVER for both of them. The WHOLE Time Trump is objecting to Cruz and not Obama has in essence placed Trump in Obama's boat and Hillary's boat.

Either one could scramble out but they aren't. They are Both sticking with not objecting officially on Obama's Ineligibility or publicly. It is a very precarious position for them both.

If Hillary bailed she could fortify Trump as stupid on the very basics of the Constitution... So much so he never objected to Ted Cruz Legally on Record in the Court. Of course, you can say what you want in public, but the Record in Court is much more solid in the Foundation of actually holding the job seriously.

The job is what.. Defined in the oath to Preserve, Protect, and Defend the Constitution of the U.S.A. and to faithful execute the Laws or carry them out with true enforcement that is given as a Responsibility to The Executive Branch.

Congress can't execute the Laws. They make them. The Judicial Branch can't execute the Laws they interpret with the Standard of the Constitution as a guide in contemporary circumstances balanced with legislative mandates.

I actually do not think Heidi Cruz was making a Freudian Slip here, I think she believes most people think so much of immigrants they do not see the Office of President as prohibitive of immigrants who have become Citizens. They believe and have fully polluted the term [ natural born Citizen] and are now OPEN about it.

TRUMP says at 1:51 that if Cruz gets it the Democrats would on day one bring a law suit because he [Ted] is not Citizen not a "naturalized citizen".. Instead of saying, " on day one Democrats would bring a law suit because Ted's not qualified for the Office of President as a natural born Citizen. ie. Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents.

The qualification for the Office is [natural born Citizen] not [Citizen] or [ naturalized Citizen-] so I say Trumps like a bull in the China Closet.

Cruz was in fact naturalized by Congress in laws that have affected him which may have even been the blanket Amnesty Pres. Ronald Reagan was responsible for signing in 1986. This codifying or [statute citizenship] is prohibited in the Office of President.

I made a comment on on the Post 4-29-2016 PROGRESS and ran that comment on Facebook that went viral like this  Tuesday May 3rd, 2016 the day of Indiana's Primary.

CRJ May 3, 2016 Facebook Post at 1:26 pm (Quote) #
Reality Check: Of course the “anomalies

Quote in Article Post [I do not see optimism among the birthers. Rather than looking to progress, birthers hearken to the “good old days” that really never existed. They want to smash the status quo and set up some fundamentalist constitutional theocracy. I really don’t know what to call what they want to do, and I’m not sure they know themselves. I think the success of Donald Trump is emblematic of their desire to have someone chase these spooks away and excuse them from entering the brave new world. All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.— Walt Disney]

CRJ Comment
This doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Progress as a reference to technology and science has complete different aspects to progress philosophically. It seems your narrative is mixing the plains.

The good old days as per status quo quoted are actually one, as in the Birther Context simply defends Art. 2, Section 1, C-5 as is. [Citizen] at the Time of the Adoption, [ natural born Citizen] thereafter.

No doubt, the U.S. Supreme Court confirmed in Minor v. Happersett [At common-law, with the nomenclature of which the framers of the Constitution were familiar, it was never doubted that all [children born in a country of parents who were its citizens] became themselves, upon their birth, citizens also. These were natives, or [natural-born citizens], ..]

Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents is the status quo of our History minus those who were [Citizens] at the Time of the Adoption of Constitution of the United States.( COTUS).

OBAMA has not been the status quo, but the anomaly not born at the Time of the Adoption, and having a foreign inherited citizenship from Kenya every bit as relevant as the tie Ted Cruz claims from his one parent from the U.S. ; both being ineligible by the foreign dual citizenships.

The ramifications of the error are foolishly thought to be over after 8 years. Every Republican Candidate has promised to end Obamacare. The fastest tract to do that is simply to find Obama’s signature moot.

OBAMA doesn’t have to be in Office to do that, in fact it will help tremendously for him to be out of the Office.

To infer the actions of an ineligible are less important than the status of pomp in the Office of an ineligible is gross miscalculation.

Who gives a rat’s butt what Obama “thinks” of himself? I don’t. That’s his personal problem. . not mine. What the Constitution states of him is that he is ineligible.

But that optimistic theory of progress retires Obama, and much more effectively retires what he’s done that’s been ill- gotten.

Obama’s own foolishness would be going against the Constitution half-a**ed. In other words, being unqualified in dishonoring the Constitution, but honoring the Constitution’s two-term Principle.

It’s pretty common knowledge Trump in the Office will be doomsday for anything Obama, including renaming a mountain. Lol

The triumph of Birthers is waving goodbye for it is ultimately not a particular religion referred to in your comment, “some fundamentalist constitutional theocracy”, but simply the U.S. Constitution we have always defended.

It is that Constitution that allows dreams like Walt Disney’s to come true in a place the State is reigned in and collected by the Supreme Law of the Land.
Love this picture of a Collected Arabian Stallion.
Symbolized as the Constitution Bridled or Power Reigned in
Controlled verses a run-away Government of Personalities
Thanks Crystal Hefner for the Follow
 @codyrobert judy by the way! 

Unseating Obama maybe just waiting him out and then exposing him by the powers in the Office extended by the People to another person. OBAMA will never escape the Birther Label as Unqualified, and the witness of the political tide you’d have to admit is going against what he has represented as an abolition -a spook or fading ghost 👻 a peeping muttering spirit of an inconsequential hiccup as you mention.

Obama’s trial coming late, or after he’s gone will suit the Courts much more readily as he’s HISTORY, as in old news. Truth comes out.. Especially in today’s technical and scientific world that is out to bury lies with information that works and is progressive in intelligence.

The Sun is still shining and it’s work not done as a status quo. It shined before Obama and will shine after as brightly. Consistencies that are smart should be welcome and embraced and Birther as well as Anti Birthers will have to embrace the light of tomorrow.

That light in the a office on Obama’s Ineligibility should be very interesting and I suspect will be much more welcome by Birthers than anti-Birthers whose claim might be he lasted eight years. Lol. What is that in the Life of a Nation? Small potatoes.

Video of the Arizona Republic Article MY TURN No way is Ted Cruz eligible

Cheers to the Birthers  - Ted Cruz is Out and there are no more
significant ineligible Candidates in the Presidential Race of 2016 
I'm FEELING REALLY good about this!!!!❤ The feeling I got the moment I heard Ted Cruz had suspended his Campaign was almost like a burden lifted off my shoulders. 

"Gosh", I thought, "Is this the first time we haven't had an unqualified Candidate running in either the Republican or Democrats over the last three Presidential Election cycles?"

I was really surprised actually to see that Hillary Clinton had actually spent more money against Donald Trump than any other Candidate thus far!

[CNN REPORTED Hillary spent 5.2 million against Trump.. But out of ALL of them NOT ONE would challenge Obama on his
in-eligibility. Trumps the only one who said anything about it not being right. He didn't file a single legal paper about it, he just spoke up in public.

The television ad campaign to defeat Donald Trump was at least a $75.7 million effort, according to the ad tracking firm Kantar Media/CMAG. (Their full estimate: $75,723,580)

It comprised nearly 64,000 ad spots throughout the campaign.

And that’s the figure for broadcast television alone. Anti-Trump ads also ran on cable and satellite television, but the tracking data does not capture that.

A pro-Marco Rubio group spent the most against Trump. Conservative Solutions PAC spent more than one out of every four dollars against Trump — about $19.7 million.

One of their spots — “Serious” — was the most-run anti-Trump ad. It ran 3,939 times.

A pro-Ted Cruz group aired the second-most run anti-Trump ad. “Day One” criticizes Trump among other candidates.

The pro-Jeb Bush super PAC Right to Rise USA spent nearly $10 million, the second-most of any group.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign spent $5.2 million on ads with anti-Trump messages, the most of any presidential candidate on either side of the aisle.

Cruz’s campaign spent more than any other Republican against Trump, some $4.3 million.]

Clearly if Hillary Clinton spent 5.2 million dollars against Donald Trump she understands very poignantly that he poses the biggest threat to her own Campaign, after of course her own choices in EmailGate.
Clinton said neither she nor her staff have yet been contacted by the FBI, which is investigating the handling of classified information on the private email server she used a secretary of state.

When the chips come down, I don't think Hillary Clinton can beat or is going to beat Donald Trump. I actually think if Democrats wanted a winner that I'm the only one who could simply because of the foundation and work I have done in what most consider to be Donald Trump's networth in Base Support. The beautiful Birthers it is hard to say are not the ones driving Trump's Train and my record is certainly better than his in Federal Court or official record. 

The VALUE of that is only understood in the money that has been spent that hasn't made a dent in Trump's Campaign and the really sad thing the Democrats are headed for is the fact that if the Trump Train gets in the White House, Obama is toast anyway. He's going to be proven ineligible and everything he signed reversed and wiped out based on his ineligibility he can not defend, especially when he's out of the White House and out of the seat of the Office of President. 

Democrats have a very small window in which to act and all though it might not be very good for Obama now as he is found ineligible now instead of waiting for a Republican like Trump to find it out upon entering the Office of the President, it would be better for Democrats in the long term as a preventative measure and strategy to beat Mr. Trump, but I just don't know if Hillary Clinton can lay aside her ego either.

[In the long term, political parties have three equally unappealing options. They could try to pass a constitutional amendment to "clarify" the meaning of the term natural-born citizen, even though it might not be necessary. They could nominate a candidate and then deliberately encourage a court battle against him, for the purpose of settling the legal argument once and for all. Or they could forever avoid nominating candidates not born in the US but born to US-citizen parents, just in case it turned out that they weren't constitutionally eligible after all.]


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The proceeding referenced Court actions have been within the three Presidential Races 2008, 2012, and 2016.

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