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Special Report: Why Democrats Must Prosecute Hillary Clinton for HER Private Server/ Deny the Nomination for President

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Why the Democratic Party Must
Prosecute Hillary Clinton
for HER "Private Server" and Deny the Nomination for President 

The contemplation of prosecuting one of your own family is probably one of the most difficult gut-wrenching decisions a person can be called to make. To sacrifice family in the interest of Justice can be near self-mutilation. In politics it may be easier to prosecute an opposing party on the other side of the isle, but it can be very difficult to allow Justice to take it's place in behest of someone who is dearly loved and admired as an example of Justice for All, but this is America and that is what we stand for.

In the advent, interest, and primary goal of choosing a Candidate for President each Political Party must decide among themselves who best represents their Platform - a Primary Season is very much a test of what will come up from the other side of the isle in making a decision for a Candidate for the Office of the President and assuring that person is the best in representing the Party Platform. That's why it shouldn't be easy. In keeping with both the Democratic Party 'open big tent' and America's Tradition here is the most plain and simple reasons that the Democratic Party must choose to prosecute Hillary Clinton and deny her the Presidential Nomination of the Democratic party.Here is why #Democrats who pull the Voting Lever for ❤Hillary Clinton actually must pray for #RacialInequality, must hope for #GenderDiscrimination, and have set their eye upon #DeferredProsecution because in a Racially Equal World, in Perfect Gender Equality, and in an Economical Justice for all in the USA ❤Hillary Clinton as a rich white female should be Prosecuted equal to a poor black male and that can't happen if she is aloud off as a crook.

In the official capacity of the Office of Secretary of State - the USA's Top Foreign Diplomat Office, the greater responsibility towards Conduct is Expected and Demanded. There is no gray area with setting up a [Private Server] for the U.S. Government to conduct it's business on! No one has EVER EVER EVER done that.. No one!

Top Democrat Party Leaders recognize that! Debbie Wasserman Schultz has recognized that publicly Folks, when in an argument, she confided " accept setting up a Private Server" recognizing no Secretary of State has ever dared do that to Avoid FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT (FOIA) the Public Accountability Arm of our Government. 

 Debbie Wasserman Schultz 
VIDEO March 21st 2016   Schultz attempts to push Hillary's "Email" was the Problem rather then the [setting up of a Server]
[“She’s actually said if she had it to go back and do it again, she would not have used private email, but in terms of what she was doing with compliance, that she was compliant,” Schultz said.
“I don’t think it’s only using private email, but it’s also having the server. She’s made the case in the past that other secretaries of state have had Gmail accounts,” Bartiromo said. “Sure, you can have a Gmail account if you’re not using it for government business, but the key is she’s the only one who actually had a server in her basement.”]

VIDEO  April 24th, 2016 
Chris Wallace calls Debbie Wasserman Schultz on the "Email" verses the "Server" difference at 1min 56 seconds Schultz is mixing terms for Clinton to confuse the public in the terms of email that other secretary of states have used while they were in office, but then she acknowledges "other than the Private Server". Then she buckles up and defends her obfuscation of 'email' again to focus attention away from "server" and then she laughs saying she wasn't counting to the question posed by Chris Wallace "Not 30,000!"

 Schultz opines its about helping "everybody who wants to succeed have a  fair shot to do so".
Did Schultz give Cody Robert Judy a 'fair shot' to do so as the Chair head of the Democratic Party inviting him to Debates? No. Did Washerman offer a second tier for Candidates in the Democratic Party? No. Did Washerman provide the Email Server of the Democratic Party at the beginning of the process to all Federally Declared Candidates for the Democratic Party? No.

Even Unintentional SHARING or mis-handeling in the official Government Office is prosecuted as misconduct, in the Secretary of State Office with penalties for Criminal Violation.  Here's a Report of Three Laws Clinton may have violated.

But as Democrats can we sit by and allow the Democratic Party to be taken over by a Candidate who is going to be prosecuted by the standard that we all have the ability to figure out? For instance everyone already knows , no one un-intentionally told Hillary Clinton to set up a [Private Server] for the US Government to conduct official business on while she was Secretary of State. We can all figure that out.

We can also all figure out pretty easily that Foreign Governments do not give millions of dollars to the Clinton Charity Organization - The Clinton Global Initiative without expectations of favor.
If Clinton's Clowning is Permitted Justice is Mocked

Therefore it was not unintentionally misconduct, it was deliberate. And it was criminally motivated to Avoid accountability by and to FOIA. She became a rogue entity to the United States Government in what can only be identified as deliberate acts of espionage compromising any outside U.S. Government Oversight to that Position!

While she was employed by [We The People], while she got paid by us she altered the key responsibility of the duties and became Self-Employed while in the Office. She created and completed Nixon's sentiment confession in the David Frost's Interview [that If the President did it it was Legal]

That's an interesting deliberation because it was indeed Hillary Clinton who in the prosecution of President Nixon did not want him to be able to receive Legal Counsel on the WaterGate Scandal. Hillary Clinton was on the Team prosecuting Nixon for essentially 'acting unlawfully in the office' and obtaining evidence unfairly or through the break-in. Like Nixon, Hillary Clinton devised a way to avoid public accountability. No Email of hers on her [Private Server] conducting Government Business would be released in FOIA without her oversight. She became self-employed and rogue. That meant she was only accountable to herself in the office of secretary of state rather then the People, while she received a monthly salary. She could delete what she did not want seen and no oversight was possible.

Nixon Relates "I believed when the President does it, it is not illegal"

It was done to avoid the Public Oversight in an Official Public Capacity and her Choice was that compromising Top Secret Reports and Data to Foreign States was acceptable, worth the price, and potential penalties, she acknowledged and recognized with her signature completely. 

The Private Email Server was known by Obama officials of the State Department all along, even before Hillary Clinton took the oath of office.

Emails January 24th, 2009 ' The Stand Alone Separate network PC is [a] great idea From under-secretary for managment Patrick Kennedy of the State Department CC: Huma Abedine, Daniel Smith
 Also- January 24th, 2009 Luwis Lukens former Deputy Secretary of State and Executive Director of the Secretariat [set up stand alone PC in the Secretaries Office connect to system but not through our system to enable her to check her email from her desk..] CC: Huma Abedine, Patrick Kennedy, Daniel B

She's running for Office to avoid the accountability hoping, praying, counting on gender and racial and economical inequality so she will not be Prosecuted as a rich white female.

These Facts lay bear the entire Democratic Party Platform as nothing but hypocritical to it's base. That's why I'm fighting to be heard, fighting for the Platform of Justice, fighting as a Presidential Candidate in the Democratic Party.
 Romanian Hacker Guccifer recounts Breaching HRC Server

Our Nation should be a forgiving Nation after the Time for the Crime is done and paid for. To continue to prosecute after that is wrong.

We here in America do believe in second chances, we do believe in forgivness, but not at the expense and as a substitute of Justice for All - for Justice for a Few and Deferred Prosecution for the rich, powerful, appointed, white woman.

That is not Justice for All. That is a mockery of Justice; A mockery of economic Justice, a mockery of Racial Equality, a mockery of Gender Equality.

If #Democrats choose ❤Hillary Clinton as their Presidential Nominee they must sacrifice ALL they stand for, and all they hope for first. Federal Damage Assessments are now being conducted by the FBI Investigation per protocol into the Hillary Clinton Server National Security Breach. 

If #Democrats choose Cody Robert Judy as their Presidential Nominee ALL they hope for, ALL they dream of, ALL they Espouse in their Platform is seen as Possible and True in the eyes of ALL THE WORLD!!!


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The proceeding referenced Court actions have been within the three Presidential Races 2008, 2012, and 2016.

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