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HILLARY CLINTON TRIAL (FOIA) - Deposition Witness #1 Lewis Alan Lukens- State Department EXDrctr Exposing State Stupid Secrets


 Deposition Witness #1 Lewis Alan Lukens- State Department EXD

Deputy Executive Secretary of the State Department
& Executive Director 2008-2011

For those who didn't think Hillary Clinton's Practices as Secretary of State would every come under Trial, or think the FBI Investigation is taking too long, or haven't had enough with the release of the long-anticipated State Department Inspector General’s special report  which implicated her May 25th in incompetence and unlawful practice in policy check out   Judicial Watch, Inc. -v- U.S. Department State Plaintiff, Civil Action No. 13-CV-1363  action is kicking into full gear, covered on CSPAN. The first witness was called Wednesday May 18th, 2016 with some juicy details we'd like you to consider in the upcoming June 7th California Primary for the nomination of the Democratic Primary. One of the important things to remember is the Witnesses are questioned under oath.

If there is a lesson coming for feminism, it is that equality in gender doesn't mean preferential treatment as a women in the mental capabilities expected, in Government Jobs at least. That should be received as a good sign!

If your as lazy as the rest of the Main Stream Media who didn't want to read through all those 'tiny' letters for two hours, we did it for you and will discuss here 6 of the most tantalizing screen shots.

The first thing as we go through this that is notable is the complete dereliction of the State Department under Obama, or is it even worse than that... simply 'protocol? For the record, we don't buy they didn't know, or were not talking about Hillary Clinton's Private Server, and here's why. The testimony just doesn't make sense if you start analyzing it.

We are to believe that a 'stand alone' computer is proposed for Hillary Clinton, in an office space even prohibiting cell phones because of sensitivity of communication and eaves dropping ability, that would bypass the State Department's System, plugged into an non-secure phone line, so Hillary Clinton can communicate with her family and friends in private and that is what is being discussed in the email transactions?

Where is my 'smiley hilarious-water-flooding- eye emoji s'? You know the FBI has got to be laughing over "Stupid" at some of the things being done here, and what the public is being told to buy?

What's wrong with stepping out to call her family or friends? Does the State Department's Deputy Director question any of Hillary Clinton's aids in the protocol of having an official government email to conduct business? Nope.

They are selling us a great story of their concern for her family and friends, and a system that is not traceable by The Freedom of Information Act ( FOIA). They are kind-of-missing the idea here of the position being responsible to the Public which was obviously not a high priority.

In fact if we didn't know better in understanding Hillary Clinton's private server set up meant especially to foil FOIA, We'd say the State Department did just about everything but set it up in her office themselves. 

So we are to swallow a few acts of protocol here. There are concerns for the 7th Floor communication in regards to security, but none whatsoever about setting up a Standardized Email for the new incoming Secretary of State? 

The next most preposterous thing I've ever heard is the explanation of  "what was meant by connecting the Internet without going through your system?" asked of Mr. Lukens.

Basically he explained the desire for an outside communication device, such as a computer hooked into an unsecured phone line that was just ... open all the time? Hummm, that's making a lot of sense. Hogwash!

We do find out this "System" would have been completely different than any other employees, but not because of the security of it, but rather because of the OPENNESS of it.
 Now of course you might be suspecting now that the in-house system is pretty closed down, no access to the Internet systems public domains, or email companies and she wants basic internet access to Gmail that is not provided?

Absolutely not!

No, We got Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, everything on the System!, says the State Department Executive Director.

There may be a few firewalls to prevent employees from hitting the hard core Tea Party dating or porn sites, but generally public email is possible in the State System so once your in it all you need to do is type in GMail and log in with your pass word and you have got a connection to your personal email.

Why wasn't that good enough for Hillary Clinton? You mean she could not figure out how to type in 'Gmail' hit the log-in button and type her personal pass-word in for personal communication with her family and friends... right?

The reason now is that the 'Log-In' process of that is too complicated for the person who wants to be President of the United States?  Are you getting the drift now as you read these about the pile of bull they are asking you to stand in?

So he's asked to describe the system that would not have been connected to the State Department's OpenNet email system and asked "Why" that would be necessary in the first place if she had capabilities of accessing the many public domains available for public emailing like the rest of the State Department did.

"For Ease of Access"

Of course, because if she had to type in "Gmail", click "Log-In"  and a password to her private email account, through the OpenNet system of the State Department, the computer knowledge of famous Hackers like Guccifer would be needed? The hacker claiming to have hacked into her "private server" through compromising her friend Sidney Blumenthal's AOL account? 

But wait.. there's more. Get this, "it would have been easier for her to [log-in}", meaning she still would have had to do the bear minimum of accessing the email. She still would have had to "Log In", the easier part would have been just not having to type in her pass word to the State Department's OpenNet System first, so she would have had to do it twice , maybe with two different pass words?

Again, we are talking about the capabilities here often assigned to Grade School kids and she want's to run the Country with the smarts of less than competent capability in our modern world?

So we learn that Hillary Clinton cannot run a computer, but assigning out the set-up for a Private Server, so that she is able to fully erase and scrub emails thereby avoiding FOIA is acceptable and she is knowledgeable about?

But wait, she expects her employees under her to all use the Government Emails System? Yes, A 2011 State Department cable from then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton admonished employees not to use personal email, for security reasons.

Can you imagine Hillary Clinton's deposition on her knowledge of FOIA having years and years of constant experience of coming up with documents and reports while she was married to the President of the United States and also elected as a U.S. Senator in New York?

So we are clear, the State Department System had Internet capabilities. Certainly then the next understanding in not knowing how to run a computer or email with a computer is that she didn't email very much.. like her husband who once claimed in a speech to have sent out only two emails?
Oh..ouch!, that was not really true was it?

Of course it's been awhile since 1998 when the he sent out that first email, but records show he had an email account in 1993. Seems Hillary Clinton does not yet know how to push the button and click the link?

The next tall-tale we find is that the State Department Executive Director sites 'Passwords' that must be entered to get in the OpenNet System of the State Department. Think about the Stallone movie Cliffhanger, where the plot involves a complicated system of pass-words changing every hour on a device inaccessible without the code to find the cases that contain millions of dollars worth of bonds?

The password must have been changed daily, no.. weekly.. no wait every eight weeks. "Probably too many times" for a 68 year old?

I mean if Hillary Clinton doesn't want us to bring her age into the debate of capabilities, then why does she press us with inabilities based on memory?

Lewis A. Lukens witness discussed today, Cheryl D. Mills up next.

For a list of the dates coming up for the other witnesses check out our first post.

 Later, we find out there is not "pass-words" to remember, but a "Pass Word", and the log-in process of the "System" that was being emailed about and thought as a good idea by State Department Employees was "never actually set up". It was all smoke that disappeared, but Clinton's Private Server didn't disappear.

Of course we know it was not ever really set up in the State Department Building where her Office was, but we do know it was set-up in her Home.

I privately wonder that the 2000 emails deemed classified and 22 top secret correspondences detailing reports that will never be released, are Clinton's emails to Obama threatening to release the details confirming his 'long form fabrication' that the U.S. Supreme Court would not hear based on a denied forma pauperis motion in Judy v. Obama 14-9396. Can't you just see the FBI Director laughing about that one? She did make the trip to Great Britain on her way to Africa to visit their Records Department. 
Today, May 27th, 2016, Cheryl Mills, Hillary Clinton's former Chief of Staff, is being called under oath as the next Witness.

The Judge granted Cheryl Mills request that the video of the proceeding deposition would not be made public as she thought it might be sliced and diced as Presidential Political Commercial material to ruin Hillary Clinton's chances in perhaps the California Primary, but the Judge will allow the Transcript to be made public, minus any State Stupid Secrets being made public of course.

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders threaten to Debate for Charity
We'll try and tackle these one at a time as we see the depositions for you. Donald Trump may be a little too busy with Bernie Sanders.

Mean time, Hillary's got to be fuming about potentially being left out of the Debate between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. IN CASE YOU MISSED IT!❤Sanders submitted Q for Trump (challenging him to Debate. (Hillary Clinton canceled CA. Debate w Bernie)), and Trump submitted Q for Sanders on Jimmy Kimmel Live Show (If DNC Superdelegates "steal" the Democratic Nomination from you, will you run as an Independent?)
Networks are already reported to be now bidding the Debate Out for Charity.

You know, one of the knew Rules of the Democratic Party this year was that if any Officially Recognized FEC Democratic Party Presidential Candidate, such as myself, debated in an "unsanctioned Debate" they would not be invited to a Democratic Party sanctioned debate. I wonder if Hillary Clinton refusing to Debate in California has upset the DNC Chairmen Debbie Washerman Schultz, or if there is a penalty for canceling a Debate?

As our attention is focused on Hillary Clinton's Campaign in the current investigations going on, I hope Democrats will reflect upon the Choices at least one official Candidate in myself has been trying to explain to them in very clear and concise Print, even as Bernie Sanders has floated it, the Coronation was a bad idea and the exclusion of myself in Debates was not inclusive or meritorious of the respect our Democratic Party Members deserved.

Excluding me was not representative of any confidence in the voters or representative of Choice, but of dictatorship, tyranny and a denial of Facts I hope to be able to Debate!


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Cody Robert Judy
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