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HILLARY CLINTON The FRAME-JOB OF ISLAM "A particular establishment of Religion" with Obama for 2012 Election


OBAMA & H. CLINTON Proved to USE and FRAME "A Religion" 
As predominant WEAPONS [against] the AMERICAN PEOPLE 
to secure their Election 2012. 

The small amount of Main Stream Media (MSM) in television, radio, and print that have un-covered the lies and details of the 9/11 terrorist attack in Benghazi Libya three weeks before the 2012 election, that led to the travesty of American's being murdered in the service of their Country in U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, U.S. Foreign Service Information Management Officer Sean Smith, and CIA contractors Tyrone S. Woods and Glen Doherty all heroes to America in their service and actions of 9/11/2012, have once again Focused the Nations attention with more intelligence emerging yesterday for better judgement in deciding who will lead America in 2016 with the upcoming elections. 

From my own perspective they, (the MSM), for the most part have not Spotlighted their Focus on what may be the worst part of the entire Benghazi Terrorist Attack minus the loss of life and from a strategic political perspective, which is the "Abuse" of a "particular Religion" to manipulate the United States of America's Presidential Election of 2012. For the life of me I can hardly imagine any Religion feeling favorable about a Presidential Candidate willing to castigate an entire religious sect in a frame job, but that's exactly what Obama and Hillary Clinton did by blaming the 'video'. I really struggle with Democrats applauding this or rewarding Hillary Clinton with Delegates.

"I think the Delegates of Every State in the Democratic Primary Season should be Released from supporting something they must not have known before their commitments and the Primary Vote in each State! I call for their Release of support by the Evidence now Released. The Fraud of the Election is at stake." 
Cody Robert Judy - D 2016 Presidential Candidate

They "used" , stood behind, and employed a FALSE FLAG actually framing Islam as "the cause" of 9/11/12 to get Elected by stating falsely the cause or entire motive was the Video! Perhaps that is because I have been prosecuted by the Government before based on Religious Sentiment that the State did not understand, or relate based on facts and evidence, that this is keen in my own awareness.

In my opinion, Benghazi was much more than Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton not wanting to label the Event as it was [A Terrorist Attack]. They instead 'FRAMED' a 'whole, entire, or Particular Establishment of Religion. The Terror Attack had compelling evidence in it's wake- murders or nefarious killing attached to it-  loss of life with a Presidential Election hanging in the balance happening in three weeks.

 It was much more their insidious 'frame job' we saw in their willingness to conspire in conspiracy, (not unlike Obama's own release of his $10 long form birth certificate fully three years after taking office, that now law enforcement experts have called a fabrication), using a whole or entire Particular Establishment of Religion in that scheme or conspiracy. This was the Government on the wrong side of the Framing Job of a Particular Religion.

 The First Amendment of the Constitution states in part "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion" meaning favoring a particular religion in the passage of laws, appropriations of money in their duties. Have we have seen Obama and Clinton actually 'abuse' this given Foreign Theocratic States?

The topic was featured in a Presidential Commercial in 2012 just before the Iowa Caucus entitled Obama's Religious War.

Indeed, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were not a part of Congress at the time. However, how much money by Congress was appropriated in the wake of  Benghazi and how many laws were passed in the wake of Benghazi in the [frame job] of "Islam"? Just the Benghazi Hearings cost Americans over $5,000,000.00 Million Dollars and the State Department reports 14,000,000.00 Million Dollars! How much money was spent in the Arab Springs in Egypt that put in place the Muslim Brotherhood. In Libya 1.1 Billion was spent for what we now know was a vacuum for ISIS to emerge.

 It kinda makes you wonder if Congress is delusional about the simple long form birth certificate that would have cost Obama $10 to release a week after he declared in 2008, but also would have thwarted all of this expense we are going through?

This is absolutely despicable! New documents released prove the collaborated FALSE Story to the American People Blaming a [Terrorist Attack] on Muslims based in the "video" wrongly with no truth to it.

It's as if Obama and Clinton blamed or framed a [whole] or entire Religion falsely. They made commercials about it.

This is really insulting to Islam to be blamed nefariously to become elected in the United States of America.

If you switched out the Religion you may easily grasp what I'm saying. For instance, if Clinton and Obama had said, " The cause of the Trump Rally Riot in New Mexico where many police officers were injured was based on a Video with a negative conotations or themed against [all Christains] rather then violence against American's [for and by illegal aliens] that was Reported. [ ]

How would all Christians feel about being [Framed Falsely] like that? There is no doubt the majority religion in the Democratic Party as well as America is Christian.
According to a Pew Research Study of Religious Groups and their Political leanings based on exit polling in the 2012 Election the following graph indicates 62% of Muslims are preferred by Democrats to only 17% of Republicans in that faith, but the false 'frame job' of Islam has not been reported as such by the Media, but has got to be felt.

How information was used, and the truth of that information is imperative to understanding what the capabilities are of Hillary Clinton the predominant holder of Democratic Delegates in the coming Democratic Party National Convention happening in July.

Has or was the information available to those who voted prior to this information coming out been accounted by the Population or the Voters?

How may this account to literally millions changing their mind, just as they would have changed their mind had they understood 9/11/12 was a Terrorist Attack on Obama's watch! Given the closeness of the 2012 Election results Obama won by only a very small margin in the popular vote- Obama 51.1% to Mitt Romney's 47.2 with enough independents voting to change the outcome.



Cody Robert Judy pictured here in 2010 getting back from driving across the entire Country for his Testimony as a Presidential Candidate in 2008  testifying in the CIA Columbia Obama Sedition and Treason Trial held in Harlem New York based on his Federal Court Record Complaints against Sen. John McCain and Sen. Barack Obama as unqualified natural born Citizens

SIX YEARS ago just pulling into OGDEN, UT canyon from 2 weeks trip across the Country to testify in ‪#‎CIAColumbiaTrial‬ held in Harlem, NY had $100.00 to my name. No rewards for the service to the Truth, wife filed divorce, custody battle began, and I lost the U.S. Senate Race I was in as a Write-In against Sen. Mike Lee who by the way would not stand up against Obama's Ineligibility ‪#‎Utah‬ has a very poor Record of Standing up for the Constitution in the greatest test, but they could also be proud of a Resident son as a Candidate for President in '08 being the only one to take a stand across party lines against McCain and Obama in Federal Court which was why my Testimony was valued at the Trial on Obama's Ineligibilty. ‪#‎Utpol‬ ‪#‎Democrats‬ fighting ‪#‎politicalcorruption‬ ‪#‎CRJ2016‬‪#‎DemDebate‬ say what you want about me, but the Record will not ever be erased in Heaven or on Earth and it is one that Stands for Truth.

If you believe God to be the Creator and his son Jesus Christ the Savior in the Plan of Salvation, if you believe Truth and Justice prevails and will have her way, If you believe in honor, and desire Trust you know Truth must have a perfect path in Justice and you know my Record to be a Winner and nothing that will be seen as shameful in the Court of the Most High God.

If you have shamed me, shamed my Stand, been embarrassed of me, you will also be ashamed of the Truth, you will be found defending a lie , you will be found in concert playing with the orchastra of Satan the father of lies, you will be weaping and sorry as you see as you are seen. .the devils advocate delighting in his delicacies of deception against all the blood, against all the Freedom and Liberty fought for in the History of the United States of America.

Will you be ashamed now and repent? Or will you continue procrastinating your day of a Restoration?

If you believe in the U.S. Constitution as the inspired [Judgement] of the Father-In-Heaven in the [Supreme Law of this Land], which by God every Citizen admits to be the Truth, you must then embrace the Qualifications of the Office of President in the [natural born Citizen] having no other inheritance assigned by [natural law] of place or parent in the definition of [Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents].

If by the [simple] you are found Traitors and Tyrants of the U.S. Supreme Law, why is the complicated necessary?

If I look forward to the Judgement Bar of God having the Courage of the Truth, how will you fair opposed to me and this Record?

Do not pollute the simple foundation as irrevalent as a Qualified President's signature is Required to pass any piece of Legislation including Obamacare. Literally 10Trillion Dollars has been illegally authorized that includes Seventy Thousand Dollars for every man, woman, and child in the United States.

If by God, God showed up, what will you say to him about The Truth? Whose Record would you appeal to in your Defense? Whose Record will hide your shame and embarrassment from the haze of the All Penetrating Eye?

It is ONLY for the GREATEST LOVE I have ever known , understood, or comprehended that I have anything to say at all. I emplore you, I beg of you, I certainly do love you in this Day of Restoration.

I will be your advocate as long as there remains a day to spare. .but you must not be embarrassed of me or I will be embarrassed of you. It is my wish my service to you would be appreciated by some token by which you also may lay claim upon me as not an embarrassment to you.

Have you anything to offer? Let it be your Record of Joinder with me as as Friends.
Cody Robert Judy
#Democrats ‪#‎Republicans‬ ‪#‎Independents‬ #DemDebate #CRJ2016

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The proceeding referenced Court actions have been within the three Presidential Races 2008, 2012, and 2016.

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