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POLITICAL JUSTICE - THE CLINTON CRUZ AFFAIR If Justice is in the Balance Who is Judging it?


If Justice is in the Balance Who is Judging it?


Stunningly self-percolating is the thought that Political Justice has replaced Justice, but the headlines at The Hill pondered "Justice's reputation hangs in balance of Clinton Probe", giving rise to the preponderance, "If Justice is in the Balance who is Judging?" Of course the answer is all of us, each one of us, with the moral compass within each one individual.  

Within the context of the FBI Investigation of Hillary Clinton's sabotage of over site by We The People in committing her correspondence in the Office of Secretary of State to her private server, we are left with a jurisdiction question only? 

Who employed Hillary Clinton? It's not a political question. She worked for The People of the United States and now we know that the State Department of Obama was definitely in on the action of setting up Hillary Clinton's affair on the people. 

That's right she had a responsibility to The People with their paying her in her job and she deliberately went and set up a system outside our jurisdiction requiring the 100-150 FBI agents over the last year to assess damages, and spend all of their time figuring out for The People, what went wrong, who made the decisions, and how it can be fixed and discouraged from happening again. 

As I read the the report I just shook my head at the Reporting that is subject itself to all of us scratching our head wondering how this would make it past an Editorial Decision? From the Article:

This 'line' seems incredibly deceptive reporting as the FBI has not released any reports [According to reports, federal prosecutors and FBI investigators have yet to dig up evidence that could lead to a criminal indictment]

Why hasn't the Hill include
d a Report of the Emails Jan 24, 20[09] that showed Obama's State Department fostered the Private Server of Clinton especially for purposes of avoiding FOIA? 
[Emails January 24th, 2009 ' The Stand Alone Separate network PC is [a] great idea From under-secretary for management Patrick Kennedy of the State Department CC: Huma Abedine, Daniel Smith
Also- January 24th, 2009 Luwis Lukens former Deputy Secretary of State and Executive Director of the Secretariat [set up stand alone PC in the Secretaries Office connect to system but not through our system to enable her to check her email from her desk..] CC: Huma Abedine, Patrick Kennedy, Daniel B]

Let's all remember in this Clinton sending Email is not what' this is about. Of course others have done that in her position, her defense of the practice diluting the poison publically hoping for a digestible version staying the hand of criminal indictments and also whipping up fall-out if they are not. What does she hope for? A few cities to be burned if the FBI brings charges against her? Some people are dumb but generally they get the idea it is not solving their problems if they end up sitting in her ashes verses her sitting in her own.

 The facts completely change when you focus the fact on Clinton setting up a Private Server all her government on-the-job daily email went through completely out of the over site of We the People in her job we hired her for, unless by Court Order, [she] was Ordered to produce them. Get that? She! 

Why couldn't the State Department produce them? Because [she] had the only access to them.

That's what it took, and Hillary did go through and line by line decide what [she] was going to produce, and what [she] was not. Mission Accomplished, purpose of a Private Server revealed and yes it was convenient. 

Of course if we are talking about Justice Hanging in the Balance by Clinton's Probe, we would scarcely be scratching the service of The U.S. Supreme Court Justices having already flushed it down the toilet by denying to the poor access to Justice in Judy v. Obama 14-9396 which called for their defense of the Constitution's requirement that the Office of the President only devolve upon a [natural born Citizen] ie. born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents - foreign citizenship by soil or parent prohibited in the United States of America's highest office. Yes, its reserved for Americans under the Supreme Law of  the land encompassing the borders every office of the Government is sworn to in their oaths.

That brings the relevancy of the following comment I made in a follow-up of my last Post featuring a Post.

CRJ May 11, 2016 at 12:11 pm (Quote) # 
[Dr. Conspiracy: I think that Donald Trump connects well with the frustrations felt by many Americans over how things are going. The problem is that people like Trump are the cause of those frustrations. It’s not immigrants and people of color that are causing hard times for lower-middle class and poor white folks]
Agreed.. People like the Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court arbitrarily denying a motion for forma pauperis in Judy v. Obama 14-9396 when the motion clearly placed petitioner below Federal poverty guidelines., and we could add the people who agreed with the Denial.
Wow! That means most people here are like Trump though they pretend they are not?
[bob: Of course, “Obot” is a nonsense word without meaning — I have no idea how to meaningfully define the term in a manner that would not apply to all Americans who voted for President Obama.]
Kinda like “Birther” applied to anyone intelligent enough to qualify PRES, Senators, and Reps Candidates running with the basic Standard of the Constitution.
Oh.. Wait-A-Minute that’s more People than voted for Obama.…/special-report-birther-issue…
Heard Sen. Cruz say today on Glenn Beck the aggregate contribution in Media and Contributions towards his 9 month campaign was $500 Billion. He said Trump got that in 1 month lamenting the focus in disparity had singed him.
The remark in my mind was 500 Billion in a Constitutionally unqualified Candidate for the Office placing in perspective the intolerable Denial of my forma pauperis Motion in context to printing cost and filing fee at most $5,000.
Of course my case was not against Ted Cruz, but named his contribution to the problem half-a-dosen times in Official Court Record.
500 Billion as a contribution to the problem is only a portion of the pie one might further elaborate upon.
The staggering consideration ought to melt the skin off every Justices Face who had a hand in the Review Denial and the absolute horror upon the poor be remembered in history.

Let me just clarify something for Trump supporters who will take offense to the recognition that Trump by his own analysis has been part of the problem of American Businessmen employing slave labor over seas. It was a rather interesting analysis that Harvard Professor Lawrence Tribe who Mr. Trump quoted as saying Sen. Cruz was not eligible for the Office of the President, was also the one that was quoted as finding over 800 items made between  Mr. Trump and Mrs. Trump by the hands of people not requiring U.S. unemployment taxes and the minimum wage.

Now what businessmen wouldn't turn over a new leaf to appeal to the American workers if they would make him President?

I myself believe indeed it may be the lack of reality in what we now days call Establishment Politicians that has turned against the American People in the harnessing of foreign slave labor.

I  can hear the Congressmen telling us the "Chinese" People really don't mind, our employment at 65 Cents an hour sustains them in rice while at the same time hiking the minimum wage up to $15/hour here, which fully collaborates and exacerbates the reason American businessmen are taking their business hired labor out of the U.S. to increase their profit margin. Why don't we just call Apple and Microsoft Owners the new plantation owners exempt from the 13th Amendment who see 'fair' as 'profit loss'?
The Thirteenth AmendmentPassed by Congress January 31, 1865. Ratified December 6, 1865.
Section 1.Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.
Section 2.Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

Trust the left, and often their choir boy Glenn Beck, to threaten a doomsday panic of Armageddon proportions if Tariffs, Good and Fair Trade Deals were negotiated, and an escalation of prices made on goods by foreign nations went higher if Mr. Trump were to become President, without any idea that Federal Income Tax was instituted in 1913 and the United States did make much more money in Tariffs than income tax taken from their own Citizens prior 1912.

Why pray-tell has everything gone up for us, and down for Foreigners? Explain away. What would happen if Federal Income Tax went down? Perhaps Americans have more money in their pocket to decide whether to buy the import foreign product or the domestic product made in the USA which puts our people back to work with an incentive of producing something that is needed?

Whether putting Trust in Mr. Trump, (who at least raised the Birther Qualification Issue for Barack Obama wherein on April 27th 2011 he took credit for the release of the long form birth certificate being delivered to the White House Press Core by Mr. Obama, which by the way Sen. Cruz never raised on the Senate Floor one time but has glamorously claimed his staunch defense of the Constitution) is wise as more of a business minded person than a politically perverted one claiming the Constitution and stabbing it in the back the next hour remains the Public's choice as Judge.

I've long said I could not do this alone, and that is a fact. Although my candidacy is officially declared, and my stand for our Constitution I managed to the U.S. Supreme Court, the help I needed to further the cause has been missing. You can blame the Media for not telling the people only if the Media actually told the People and the people still didn't care. We herein are now still left with the People not being told, yet debating questions with far less intelligence then they deserve and that is why Justice is hanging in the balance.

As God produced the United States by countless testimonies of miracles , and in our borders we espouse Justice for All, we will not escape it.


POSTSCRIPT: Obama's State Department - ONE MORE COVER-UP “Now we know the Obama administration consciously refused to give up key information about Hillary Clinton’s email in 2014. It covered up this email both from the court and Judicial Watch. MAKES YOU WONDER if Clinton has the goods on Obama's Birther Jock Strap #Democrats ,”


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