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OGDEN, UTAH--SURPRISE! There is speculation that '08 '12 & '16 Presidential Candidate Cody Robert Judy is on Donald Trump's and Hillary Clinton's short list of potential vice presidential candidates. The question might be who get's him first.

"I think Cody Robert Judy (CRJ) is a unique and legitimate person in at least the Top-10 considerations for the vice president spot that many people might be over-looking for many reasons that might be a BIG surprise to a lot of people," said a political pundit requesting anonymity.


According to inside sources involved there may be a case in the 2016 Presidential Race to appeal more to the "Anti-Establishment", that is polling better, than those inside the Establishments. Of course there are many positions to fill in a Presidential Cabinet that are considered advisory to the President and most all of the establishment types are readily available on both sides of the isle for these positions. In other words or for example, Newt Gingrich would not be prevented from giving advise to Trump on how to navigate around Congress simply because he wasn't Vice President.

One qualification distinction remains for the Vice Presidential slot that is very unique and may be more of a game-changer this cycle not many right now are thinking about. The qualification is very important and the VP's Record for that qualification could well be a deciding factor on the success of the first 100 Days of the next Administration. 

Hillary Clinton is struggling with being cast too far left, in addition to a genuine concern Democrats are alienating the younger generations of leaders coming up in America closer to center on the left and right. Judy has represented more of the blue-dog Democratic Party closer to the middle or center on fiscal and defense but is strong on social liberal holds when it comes to civil rights.

Clinton risk alienating the economic conservative considerations in blue dog democrats concerned about the 20 Trillion dollars of Debt Obama leaves. Her husband former President Clinton's, (who she just was reported as saying would be in charge of "FIXing the Economy),  departing catastrophe was signing a repeal of Glass Steagall.  In 1999 Congress passed the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act  eight days later, President Bill Clinton signed it into law. The result of the repeal of The Glass–Steagall separation of commercial and investment banking was the catalyst for the recession of the entire economy in the financial crisis of 2007-08. Really want a repeat of that?

Attracting a Republican Independent cross- over is hard when Clinton has cited her biggest enemies to be Republicans. That vote is absolutely getting harder to attract and it's essential and necessary to win. With a VP further to the left then she is already;  a two female, or a strictly exclusive minority ticket Clinton's exclusivity may in fact exclude her from a win. Clinton is fighting against a Coronation headwind already, and CRJ could ease that for her. The Clinton Camp and The Judy Camp have communicated informally and cordially. The Democratic National Convention happens July 25th-28th, 2016 in Philadelphia, PA.


Donald Trump's principle focus points of the campaign have been in securing Borders; recognizing America has in many ways been taken advantage of in providing militarily defense for other Countries without reimbursement, and a Strong Defense; and restoring credibility to America with fiscal responsibility through fair trade, domestic reconstruction, creating incentives again for the domestic labor force - these have been staples for CRJ's Campaign for three four year election cycles now. Trump would have no objections to his main stays with Judy as far as direction of the country. In fact he may have copied Judy's Plan.  At least Donald knows a good plan when he sees it.

In addition, Trump as well as most of the former Republican Candidates have vowed to unhinge Obamacare. The Affordable Care Act, as well as every other Act of Congress, is something requiring a Constitutionally Qualified President's signature. The one qualification distinction for the Vice Presidential slot that is very unique and may be more of a game-changer this cycle not many right now are thinking about is of course the [natural born Citizen] Record and dual qualification requirement for President and Vice President. If a Trump-Judy ticket emerged, of course Trump inherits Judy's Federal Court Standing since 2008 that any Court of Law would find very difficult not to recognize. In fact Trump's Campaign noticed as the King of Birthers, would be seen and given actually legal standing in Court at having protested Obama's Qualification the entire time with the shared Ticket of Trump/Judy thus defeating a 'failure to prosecute defense' from Obama's view.

 The easiest most economical way to rip up anything Obama has signed including executive orders and legislation is to simply find him ineligible as a Constitutionally Qualified President. That is something definitely in the palm of the next President's hands, however, Court Battles could revolve around 'Standing', something that if not prosecuted is also actually considered a 'failure to prosecute'. It's a legal hurdle the next President could find very real in undoing what they think they promised voters and it could hem up the all important first 100 days of the next Administration.

It's no secret the Republican controlled House and Senate have been funding Obamacare, and many of the Representatives payrolls are tied to big pharmaceutical corporations profiting heavily under Obamacare. Without competition healthcare cost and prices are going through the roof. Obama will site many other reasons, but clearly the incentive has been lost to keep cost down.

The other not-so-big-of-a-secret, unless you relied on the Main Stream Media for News, is CRJ has both a Republican and Democratic Party federal court record since 2008 of a stand for the [ natural born Citizen] qualification against both McCain and Obama. Wow! Its' not Racist after all Obama. 

 Any ticket joining CRJ gets that Record of Standing as a mechanism for the Court battles sure to ensue if the next President decides dismantling Obamacare equal to 1/5th The entire U.S. Economy, is a priority. Trump could do this without Congress or the Legislative Branch based on Obama's ineligibility in the Judicial Branch.  

That's not chump-change and the value could be pivot-ally important. Short of that consistent standing, a Court might be hard pressed to dismantle the tangled web Obama has undoubtedly set up and fortified.

Independent sources believes with Judy on the ticket on either Party side would result in a  winning pair come November. Independents now outnumber registered Democrats and Republicans thus a fierce battle will undoubtedly be fought for their vote in November.

There is a number of sources out there that are close to the competing Campaigns that are saying, 'Hey, it's looking like a serious thing, and winning the Election is just the beginning of a very big legal struggle being forged here. We all have to take a look down the road after the election also."

Clinton's consideration of CRJ could also deny Trump that possibility for good. Cody is frankly the only one in America offering that on his Record so it's very unique and rare. If Trump sees it as not very valuable, he may gain it's appreciation much later at a time that he is kicking his own butt.

While others may bring a lot of credibility, notoriety, and experience to the table, the unique Team of Pres and VP are the only ones required to be [ natural born Citizen]'s. Democrats while giving lots of credit to the Constitution for a renewed interest in Citizen's privileges and rights in equal protections with same-sex marriage have left open this very principled base line on Presidential Eligibility unique to the Office of President and Vice President.

The Qualification in the Constitution has in fact been a Legislative Mandate challenged but defeated repeatedly in Congress eight times just since 2003.  In short it is The People's Will, yet it's been ignored or skirted for 8 years in the Judicial Branch. That could change with a challenge against Trump on anything he decided to do with executive orders of Obama's or Congressional ACTs signed by Obama. 

In short, the shoe would be on the other foot. Obama would be having to prove in Court he was Constitutionally Qualified instead of someone trying to prove he was not constitutionally qualified- the much harder task given the protections to individuals on their own personal birth records and parental inherited citizenships. Obama of course being a dual citizen of Kenya and in questionably regard to law the U.S. with is mother not a citizen 5 years after the age of 14 as well as other considerations never discussed in an Open Trial or Court of Law considered by the U.S. Supreme Court.

The United States use to offer the Presidency to the two persons receiving the most votes as a unifying measure for the Country. But conflicts between the rivals became more incentive driven so the practice was dropped in a tumultuous 1804 and 1812 lending to the 19th Century modern day selection of a two person team to be voted for. However, there is still wisdom today in unification and an appeal necessary in reaching across the isle as well the economic disparity so prevalent in the Country today. If ever we needed a unifier in our Country, it's needed today.

CRJ's Motion for forma pauperis to the U.S. Supreme Court, primarily driven by selfless sacrifice of the Candidate to his Campaigns, driving him below the Federal Poverty Level was abhorrently denied by the High Court in Judy v. Obama 14-9396 and the Record to this date reflects the Writ of Certioari denied which is wholly false. It was the Motion for the expenses of filing fees and printing cost that was denied not the Writ.

Multiple sources say Judy could also reach out to voters that Trump has yet to win over as disaffected Bernie Sanders supporters Clinton is repugnant to, based on this Economic driven disparity. Polls haven't began to factor in the total collapse of Bernie Sanders supporters and how repelled they are to Clinton based on a number of criteria that includes the FBI Investigation and her setting up the Private Server to avoid FOIA.

"I think Cody brings in Independents and disenfranchised Democrats", said a Democrat upset about the Democratic Party Debates limiting Candidates and pointing to Nevada's recent fight- night where 64 delegates were excluded from coming into the convention leading to a 30 vote win for Clinton. It's just impossible not to say many Democrats are being excluded rather than included; something that if the Democratic Party has turned its back against permanently could pose devastating conditions to unity.

"No, I don't think anyone is really going to help in terms of the Utah vote with Cody's LDS Interruption 25 years ago, but it's a lot less baggage standing up for free speech than being responsible for suppressing it", said the voter noting many investigations on Hillary that might yield criminal charges yet. "Better to have it in the past than muddying the future road."

Another key issue being discussed today is Prison Reform with the U.S. responsible for incarcerating more than any other Country in the World, one in five Americans have been incarcerated put on probation or parole. That's affecting nearly every family in America. It's just a really big issue right now. Returning members to society are not prohibited from voting according to the 15th Amendment that states 'no prior servitude, along with race or color, could be used to prohibit voting. 

Of course taxation without representation is understood and the value of rehabilitation services costing tax payers a pretty penny ought to be considered as well as the 50K per year of housing  inmates for the purpose of rehabilitation into our society.  Prison's in a very positive way are becoming higher learning institutions benefiting society and if we all want them to succeed, voting ought to be considered a very real time ear mark of success for programs funded.

Trump isn't expected to announce his running mate until the days leading up to the Republican National Convention set for the 18-21st of July, 2016 in Cleveland, Ohio .The Trump campaign and the Judy Campaign have corresponded cordially but the two have not met formally.


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The proceeding referenced Court actions have been within the three Presidential Races 2008, 2012, and 2016.

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