Thursday, February 9, 2017

IS THIS WHAT WINNING LOOKS LIKE? Dems Scrabbling as Republicans are Waterboarded by Obama Appointees

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TRUMP LOSES in 9th Circuit GOP Travel Ban
 Dems fight to be Relevant still on Island Obama

The two Party System controlled by Republicans and Democrats in America have seen better days. Democrats face internal party discord in the vacuum of Obama hijacking the Democratic Party machinations with 'Organization for Action' (OFA) that starved States Democratic Parties and built around Obama. Trump pinned by Democrats, "Leader of the Birther Movement", never filed a single legal paper on the ineligibility of his own Republican Presidential Candidate colleagues Cruz, Rubio, or Jindal, but now is learning just how hard it is to navigate the hurling rapids of the Judicial Branch's dichotomous abuse of the U.S. Constitution in the security interest of the Nation that an unqualified ineligible person in the Office of the President poses; as well illegal immigrants the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals just jammed open repelling Trump's security interest of a temporary ban for 7 war-torn countries that 50,000 bomb-laden-drone-in-chief Obama dropped his last two years in office democrats hardly know anything about.

Trump Tweeted "See You in Court" as the 9th Circuit Federal Appeals Court Panel ruled without opposition against him 3-0. If that is what winning looks like the campaign promise Trump made about winning is off to a very bad start.

The biggest problem in context of Trump's Tweet is he only has a couple of choices. Appeal to the Full 11 Panel Court in the 9th Circuit or to the U.S. Supreme Court. If he appeals to the U.S. Supreme Court political lines drawn a 4 to 4 split decision would simply defer it back in the favor of standing with the 9th Circuits decision. Trump does not have a favorable U.S. Supreme Court yet with his nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch from the 10th Circuit in Colorado unconfirmed and sure to receive some fight with Democrats in the confirmation process.

If Trump gives up now and rewrites the Executive Order he acknowledges Security in the United States has also been hijacked by the Judicial Branches unclassified hands. Now we must acknowledge one of the most disturbing things about this 9th Circuit Decision is one of the three Judges was appointed by a Constitutionally Ineligible President Obama -Judge Michelle Friedland.

Now tell me, Trump should not dig in on Obama's Ineligibility or that the U.S. Constitution doesn't matter? Obama has already hung Trump out to dry and Trump has made a big mistake underestimating the wicked medieval obstacle course Obama has set for him to pass through.

One of the more disturbing things about this ruling in the 9th Circuit that really negates a host of Classified Intelligence a President has, was the unleashed scathing attack Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple,Uber, Reddit, Netflix and Dropbox , all depending upon the United States of America under the U.S. Constitution that provided for them the 'opportunity' to reap the bountiful harvest they sowed with ingenuity and entrepreneurship, all harnessed together against the Security of the Country. They all filed opposition legal briefs against Trumps Travel Ban. It is as if these U.S. based Companies -  have set themselves up as being responsible under Civil Penalty for any wrongful deaths that might come from Terror Attacks in the interest of the almighty corporate dollar and their treasure chest founded in greed of exploiting American Workers for cheap foreign, maybe even slave labor.

The lack of appreciation for their beginnings and the land of free and home of the brave that gave them independently a chance has remarkable been forgotten. They have lost respect for Civil Rights afforded to American Citizens who are under the umbrella of the U.S. Constitution. No one else is. With their Briefs, any terror attacks resulting from their jam of security for a Nation is a legal witness of their Civil Responsibility in wrongful deaths. They have entered a very dark path in their agreement with Responsibility and Accountability. The Judges can point to them as contributors and enablers to America's vulnerability in Terror Attacks if they come as a result of this action.

Here is the 29 Page decision:

Since when President Trump was the security of our Nation not at Stake with an Constitutionally Ineligible person in the Office of the President? Since when have the Birthers, who have fought this in that same obstacle course being castigated and unsupported, received a dime of contributions from your 10 Billion the last 8 years?

Now before I blow the blood vessels out of my temples screaming at President Trump for his lethargic and low-energy bush-like characteristics on what the Birthers have been Championing in the pits of hell, I mean the Judicial Branch,  as the Security of our Nation, let's us all peacefully join in a civil conversation to consider in strategy what is most effective in the National Security of our Nation?

A-Fighting the Eligibility Fight-  A Commander-In-Chief who used Fraud and Forgery to obtain the highest office illegally with a fraudulent long form birth certificate and a fraudulent draft registration stamp so he could use deferred prosecution as a tool to open the borders wide open to a vulnerable population, and appoint Federal Judges to back him up for years


B- Fighting retroactively in defense every single case to the U.S. Supreme Court that comes along in 50 States of those who have crossed the Border and found their illegal act represented by the ACLU and Democrats taken to the court where that illegal commander in chief has appointed Federal Judges to rule in their favor.

Hummmm... it seems like an easy decision especially now Obama is 'unseated'. The decent representation of the Federal Attorney General's Office has been appealed for in just such a Case believe it or not now pending in a MOTION FOR RELIEF OF JUDGMENT to ReOpen based on the new evidence brought up by Sheriff Joe's Cold Case Posse.
Next the Cold Case Posse make the Case Obama's Birth Certificate is a Fraud.
55,000 + Hits in just a few weeks!
Obama's Last Press Conference BLOWS UP with Birth Certificate

In the violation action afforded in the Sherman and corresponding Clayton Act of Congress, a Plaintiff can indeed and is supposed to receive assistance by a reporting Judge in the prosecution of a cabal or cartel who forms with two corporations to snuff out lower competition with illegal activity- fraud. This is exactly what has been called for in the cartel formed by the DNC Democratic National Committee and OFA (Organization For Action) in the Civil Rights Claims of a Presidential Candidate with Standing against Obama's unqualified illegal state in the Office of the President that four of Obama's nominees in the 10th Circuit also snuffed out.


Even the New York Times recognized that the U.S. Supreme Court was faulty at Hearing and upholding Minor v. Happersett in the face of the Obama's assault on Civil Rights.


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