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Obama's Crime & Corruption Enterprise IS Docketed in Federal Court - COLD CASE POSSE EVIDENCE IN THE HANDS OF THE FEDS

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~Obama's Crime & Corruption Enterprise IS Docketed in Federal Court ~

Main Stream News Media is silent about a Case involving unseated defacto president Obama in what may be the biggest dereliction of Truth we have ever witnessed as a testament of Fake News in the media as a cover up of what is actually being represented in the Federal District Court.

This is what Federal District Court (Utah Division) case Judy v. Obama no. 1:2014cv00093 represents in a very Real Case with a very real Presidential Candidate, with a very real Sheriff Posse Investigation in a very real crime state or criminal enterprise and with very real Civil damages.
To help us understand what is going on we must have a basic knowledge at least of Complaints to the Court. We must understand that a Judge has the ability to maximize and minimize any lawful requirement by the Judiciary in it's own type of deferred prosecutorial judgement. I have seen Judges for example sign Orders on wholly False Affidavits, understand they were false see the evidence they were false, and refuse to rescind their Order. This is a manifestation of corruption in the Judicial Branch acceptable as the Public allows it without ramification.

Tort,[ in common law jurisdictions, is a civil wrong[1] that unfairly causes someone else to suffer loss or harm resulting in legal liability for the person who commits the tortious act, called a tortfeasor. Although crimes may be torts, the cause of legal action is not necessarily a crime, as the harm may be due to negligence which does not amount to criminal negligence. The victim of the harm can recover their loss as damages in a lawsuit. In order to prevail, the plaintiff in the lawsuit, commonly referred to as the injured party, must show that the actions or lack of action was the legally recognizable cause of the harm. The equivalent of tort in civil law jurisdictions is delict.]

"What we do not yet know is the degree of corruption involved in protecting Obama as an unseated Defacto President in the face of Forensic evidence brought forth by someone in the Presidential Race with Standing asserting the claims with professional legal lawful authorities evidence." - Cody Robert Judy - 3X U.S. Presidential Candidate

[Legal injuries are not limited to physical injuries and may include emotional, economic, or reputational injuries as well as violations of privacy, property, or constitutional rights. Torts comprise such varied topics as auto accidents, false imprisonment, defamation, product liability, copyright infringement, and environmental pollution (toxic torts). While many torts are the result of negligence, tort law also recognizes intentional torts, where a person has intentionally acted in a way that harms another, and in a few cases (particularly for product liability in the United States) “strict liability” which allows recovery without the need to demonstrate negligence.

Next the Cold Case Posse make the Case Obama's Birth Certificate is a Fraud.
55,000 + Hits in just a few weeks!
Obama's Last Press Conference BLOWS UP with Birth Certificate

Tort law is different from criminal law in that: (1) torts may result from negligent as well as intentional or criminal actions and (2) tort lawsuits have a lower burden of proof such as preponderance of evidence rather than beyond a reasonable doubt. Sometimes a plaintiff may prevail in a tort case even if the person who allegedly caused harm was acquitted in an earlier criminal trial. For example, O. J. Simpson was acquitted in criminal court of murder but later found liable for the tort of wrongful death.] 

Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters. - Albert EinsteinWe just read Constitution and Civil Rights in the Tort Definition

We also read Civil Cases do not have to be beyond doubt and have a lower burden of Proof.

We also know Congress has passed specific concerning Legislation about Cartels involved with two or more Corporations involved in illegal activity for their benefit we can construe as illegal actions and representations that harm others in the Clayton Act with specific penalties therein for infractions causing harm.

We also know you do not have to be a A.G to bring those to the Court.

 "With the Evidence unopposed by Obama ie and his attorneys , and they have not responded, the Court is put in a very different position with an unseated defacto President and the evidence presented by a lawful and legal authority "Cody Robert Judy - 3X U.S. Presidential Candidate
I include a partial comment from which I made on this Post

[If there is no award the Court can give for damages or an accident which caused damages, then there is no Justice.

If Rules of a Race can be violated with only the Winners Reward being taken away, and the losers of the race still losing, then there is no race. . No game.

If the game like a football field has parameters and rules, just like a Presidential Contest Race, then we can apply those Rules and assess penalties.

I’m very familiar with the Scorn of the Judicial Branch represented and associated with many of my Cases.

Failing to state a claim upon which relief can be granted , just happens to be a cool catch phrase to excuse wicked behavior as I’ve experienced. Won’t say all the time, but like any Principle it can be abused.

The abuse of it becomes very offensive. The penalty for the abuse of it is what? (Oh your never going to become a U.S Supreme Court Justice.
Guess what? Big Whoopi.. didn’t expect it.)

In Lance Armstrong’s Case, he was stripped of all Official Awards from the Time he started winning Tour de France Races. .. but interestingly enough, they did not award the Titles to second place finishers.

I’m reminded of a Law Suit I won in Prison suffering Maximum Security 23h/7 days a week lock down simply for refusing to cut my hair. I sued for a modest $10 per day which after 3 years added up.

The Judge with great Scorned nearly yelled at me in admitting I was right , there was unecessary discrimination between men and womens grooming codes in the standard of hair. The Judge said, ” You won .. you got your hair!!!”

The $10 per day Judge? That was a joke to him.

I was relieved for my fellow native American Indians who had suffered longer then I had. Yes, a Civil Right had been established.. even in Prison. It had been infringed, and suffered for greatly. It had been lawfully established.

The suffering was part of the establishing.

It’s a Civil Right to a Presidential Candidate to run a Fair Race with all of the requirements established declared in the U.S. Constitution serving as parameters of the Civil Right. Only Candidates have that Civil Right as it pertains to the Race for that Office.

Not being able to point to a single case of Presidential Candidate v. Presidential Candidate in the claim of a rule violation in the Qualification specification of [ natural born Citizen] because there hasn’t been one, is indeed my problem. I related this to the 10th Circuit.

Duh! Just because no one had the crooked audacity to break that Rule , extend by Obama in some selfish scheme in an entitlement of the ego that rules did not apply to him , does not mean a Civil Rights Claim in violation was not established that can indeed be awarded in damages, it means the Judge’s had scorn and contempt, and pompous disrespect for the Constitution.

If a red car hits a blue car and it’s never happened before, is it any less an accident covered by insurance? The Judge’s in my Case say in other words, because it’s never happened before there is no Precedent Case to guide them.

It’s like officials under the cover or color of Law are God and can do ANYTHING. We know it is very very hard to question the logic of any person in the Office of President who can send off a drone and kill any of us now in the principle of the Bush Doctrine which also became a Precedent unheard of before.

My Sister said to me yesterday, ” Well, what does it matter now Code? ”

Why does Fraud, or Crime, or Cover Up of Crime matter? I guess when you suffer it all of a sudden it does matter.

Precedent Cases are Established that others don’t have to suffer. No Person in Prison or otherwise should be penalized for their looks. Now they aren’t.

It’s an interesting Conundrum.. Judges look for precedent Cases to establish Precedent as a credit to them, but so Few have the instinct for Precedent Cases.

It’s all the same, they are like robots and anyone comes a long to challenge their robot ways with something new? It’s never happened before we have no guide to defer to "Dismiss". . Or . . It’s all happened before nothing new can come along "Dismissed".

Well.., Trump became U.S. President, Tom Brady began a come back in the 3rd Quarter and Won a 5th unprecedentef Superbowl, while the NFL named Mat Ryan of the Atlanta Falcons League MVP just after the 1st half, but no QB in history has won 5 Superbowls!

We have seen because of the Officials screwing up calls in the NFL a Mandate for Review on every Touchdown. And the ability for the other Team to challenge with the benefit of slow motion.

It’s Nature and the God of Nature saying you can say this or that based on your tiny particle of experience, but it does not make it so you Thick Skulled Idiots throwing temper tantrums when your wrong.
You have to Establish why your Complaint should be Opened up First. . Then , you establish the right to proceed. It was done.] End Quote


Most Americans just got done watching the Superbowl. How would they feel if the Superbowl was decided on an Error made by an Official referee? That is why slow Motion replays are now required on every Score of the Superbowl, and why the NFL has implemented the ability for a Team to throw a flag and request an Official Review on any play that they think might not have been called right.

You would think the Judicial Branch would be just as concerned when they see a piece of official evidence in an identification forgery that Obama handed out. Criminal Conduct has no statute of limitations like two four year terms in the the Office of President and while we cannot totally undo Obama's eight years in the Office we can still hold him accountable as well as setting a Precedent Penalty so that in the future Candidates have more of a Case History to Refer to in the hope of Justice when someone has the audacity to break the Rules and Regulations in our Constitution.

The Presidential Race is a contest of sorts also with Rules and Regulations outlined in our U.S. Constitution as for the qualification of Candidates. The Federal Election Commission or FEC is an organization set up by Congress to see that Candidates Register and to keep track of donations and contributions which also have rules and regulations that Candidates must follow.

We certainly want to congratulate what was an unprecedented Superbowl Performance by the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots in one of the most exciting games in football history in a knuckle biting and unprecedented OVER TIME GAME!

The Atlanta Falcons may have lost the coin toss in the Over Time that gave the Patriots the first chance to score a touchdown, which they did winning the game, but the Falcons undoubtedly were part of one of the greatest games in American's memories now. Congratulations to Mr. Tom Brady for another unprecedented 5th Superbowl Win along with the rest of the New England Patriots players, coaches, and owners!

What do you think, let’s just say Obama as an unseated person now is found never to have been Eligible in the first place, would happen considering his honor, and the honor of his Signiture?

Do you think if Obama committed Fraud he should get away with it? Are you really advocating corruption in Elected Positions should be upheld?

Why would you not want a Court to adjudicate this?

Even the New York Times recognized that the U.S. Supreme Court was faulty at Hearing and upholding Minor v. Happersett in the face of the Obama's assault on Civil Rights.


The reason Cody wants you to understand that the Race for the Presidency is a really tough marathon race is because of the Standards of the Race that are defined in the U.S. Constitution have been something he specifically has stood up for with the standing that is represented by competitors in the Race. 

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