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Christians in Population Mirage

POPULATIONπŸ“Œ down the road Paints-a-Picture most are not aware of, and worse, few are prepared for. The recipe for Armageddon is forming and our selfishness, pride, and jealousies of religious tenants are contributing to the escalation. Those SAME tenants practiced by Abraham, Moses, Joseph Smith, Brigham Young and others revealed as Celestial Tenants I warned about 25 years ago that many made fun of in the 2002 Daily Show w Jon Stewart's Putting the Con back in Congress.

EVERYONE HEARD 🎧 I went to Prison. The Marriott Event Center Fireside in 1993 was a disruption of a Religious Meeting of 23,000 broadcast World Wide and was Reported by World News Tonight Feb 7th, 1993.

The Message was 🎯 clear and concise πŸ’Ό - a Religious Message and Warning given to me by our Lord Jesus Christ that was Rejected by the LDS GENERAL AUTHORITIES because I was a no- body . . Weak in the eyes-of-the-world by accolade, achievement, and economics.

They say if a Message is True you'll see the Fruit of it and if it be bad or good. It was a TALL ORDER for change. Something I had difficulty accepting myself as it required a Change of my core person or history of beliefs.

It shook me to my Core. . But I could not deny the Truth of it, or in other words, I knew doing so would be a regret far worse. I was a pretty good kid. . No juvenile or adult record. That changed when the [State] entered that [Church Meeting] and decided what my words meant contrary to the Evidence and my Testimony.

I have since run for Public Office - U.S. Representative, U.S. Senator (3X) and U.S. President (3X). I didn't win. 25 years have passed and the World has Changed and is on a Road that will change the World forever in ways to witt Parents will weep of the disaster they left their children, children will hate their Parents for, not the children's wickedness and sins, but their Parents own hypocrisy of Celestial Laws.

There are penalties short and long term you cannot escape from when you fail to do what God has said. I have suffered 25 years with the Media's [Frame Job] but that is nothing compared to suffering lamentations for Generations.

This life is short! 25 years have passed and my book has not made the New York Times Best Sellers but I think that is also going to change.

For when People realize The Message is more important than the Spelling of a word or two , they will SEE their Focus-on-False has been blinded, their thirst for Truth unquenchable with deceit, their Investment in Trust Bankrupt.

Then... they will sell their grandmother's china for the Truth. Then... what was or seemed important will be seen as a mirage sold to them by the author of all Lies.

The Truth for me, being obscrure hasn't been bad. It's in my book a blessing. I don't crave the spotlight or publicity. Far from some people's perceptions who don't know me very well.

I hope what I have done would be just enough to get-the-job-done that no one can or will say,
"Cody Robert Judy should have done more" I don't know very many days I haven't worked on making that so, because of the LOVE I've been shown.

It's an interesting Fact all the Devils of Hell are not satisfied with what they made. God is Satisfied with what he made. What does that mean?

Well, all the Devils of Hell are trying to get in to Heaven. They are held without by Sentinels. The opposite is not happening. We are not seeing God trying to go down from Heaven to Hell. The damned Devils are trying constantly to go up and they are lose on this Earth... and yes, they resort to all manner of devices, deceptions and deceit to pull God down. 
Revelation 16:14 “For they are demonic spirits, performing signs, who go abroad to the kings of the whole world, to assemble them for battle on the great day of God the Almighty.”
That's a merry way of saying " Don't be fooled! You will not be satisfied as you THINK you might be with all the sins you hold close and say are no sins but your peace. You cannot hold non-Celestial Principles up and say these are God's and will do just fine by me for Eternity.

[This video was produced almost a decade ago, and was actually shown on the floor of the U.N. General Assembly in 2009 and now shows over 16M Views on Youtube. The research and data was solid, but it could not have projected the wave of refugees or the terrorism we've seen that accompanied this population explosion over the Obama Usurpation over the last eight years.]

YOUTUBE Version Muslim Demographics 16M views

That is calling black white, and white black, which most have decided in this generation suits them just fine. I would be pleased with such temptations to stand at the Judgement Bar of God and say, " I was [not] satisfied on Earth as I am in Heaven and I was never understood till it was to late."

If you'd like to read that Message you can do so in my book: 


This population crisis happening in the United States of America has been the crux of Amnesty Legislation in the U.S. Congress. Of course they cared about "numbers", and "tax-payers" to fill in the balance sheets to get re-elected. 

Frequently Requested Statistics Migration Policy Institute 

When the U.S. cut down its average child per family the Taxes had to be adjusted and we have seen huge increases that shatter historic trends. Of course the land of opportunity has more tax-payers, but also has social adjustments and growing pains that can disrupt the peace if radicalization occurs. That radicalization can come from outside of Islam as well as inside.

Many Muslims like any other congregant will find the common ground when placed in the idiosyncratic nexus of persecution. They can be pushed to radicalize by those who are radical when their life or family are threatened. They can also be pushed to modernize by norms of U.S. Law.  

Glenn Beck had Zuhdi Jasser, a moderate practicing Muslim, on his show March 15th, 2017. He advocated a new Americanized Islamist Muslim was the recipe for giving Muslims some breathing room rather than throwing the whole Muslim Population into the same pot.

“I admit, Islam has a major problem within it. We’re frustrated. It has cancer. We are in the 15th century. But we need at least a little oxygen. Give us some breathing room to say, you know what, maybe reform is possible,” Dr. Jasser said.
As for the push to assimilate many more immigrants to balance the National Debt per population demands, Americans have not been pulling their weight in producing children, and that has put pressure on the Politician to produce for them to make sense of the numbers rather than just saying "NO", we can't afford that.

The next 25 years will be crucial for the Christian Populations who faces a distinct change of 'norms' from abroad if they do not adapt to producing more children in the bonds between male and female and make it more friendly rather than hostile as Utah just did.


[Utah Legislatures Harden Polygamy Laws]
EXCERPT 1 of 3 [said, during the discussion, that the bill was crafted and requested by the [attorney general’s office] to prevent a “constitutional challenge” to state law. ]
EXCERPT 2 of 3
The bill’s sponsor, Republican Rep. Michael Noel, who is Mormon, revealed that his great-grandfather was jailed for being a polygamist and he’s irritated that today’s polygamists refer to themselves as Mormons.
“They’ve hijacked my religion and I actually resent that,”Noel said in February.
EXCERPT 3 of 3
“This is really about control of a religious majority over a religious minority,” Darger said.
( I wonder what Christains Abraham, Moses, Jesus Christ, or for that matter Joseph Smith would say about the State of Utah's Hi-jacking Religion?)

It's an embarrassment of hypocrisy that the State involve itself as the "GOD" of Marriage and Sex with consenting adults, chasing good people and children away from the nice homes of affluent and wealthy people as fast as they can. πŸ‘« πŸ‘«πŸ‘«πŸ‘«

I can think of no greater Charity or Tenant of Religion which brings more opportunity under an umbrella of Christianity then the Religious Tenants and practices of Plural Marriage and Concubine Sealings practiced by Abraham, Moses, and advocated by Jesus Christ himself to Prophets Old and New.

Surely no one doubts the 12 Tribes of Israel numbering as the Sands-of-the Sea, yet so few Religions now days embrace the practices by which they were conceived and born under? Hummm.. that's a little like sayn God's successes are false?

Surely a greater witness has not been seen of the Head becoming the Tail, and the Tail the Head? Religions now days cowering in fear of their State Governments who steal and lie and tell people who and what to pray to and for?

How will ZION ever Break Fourth as a Dawn while such animosity exist for her tenants? How will we face God our Creator, and Maker, and say we would like to inherit ALL the Glories of his Highest Kingdoms whilst we Practiced and Advocated the tenants of Hell among the sons of Perdition and recommended them to our children?

Surely, if WORDS could change the Hearts of Stone they would? Surely, if ZION's appeal were foremost in the Hearts of the Shepherds the flocks would follow?

Exodus 10:7
But the Lord hardened Pharaoh's of Egypt s Heart, and it's True he would not listen. Of course, Pharaoh's fate is also known and recorded as miserable and childless in the end his armies buried in the bottom of the sea. It awaits those who fight against ZION to.

None shall be partakers who have been tried and tested and come up short who have been charged with the building up of Zion. If that is not the job description of Shepherds of Religion in Christianity I'm not sure what is.

We would have to conform the job title and description to Shepherds leading the people to Hell if it is not Zion right?

I was down on my knees this morning (March 12,2017) at 4AM supplicating and complaining about the saddest thing in my Heart, in my Life.

It wasn't I went to Prison for 3018 Days, half spent in solitary confinement, for Religious Tenants, not my loss of near the entire life's of my oldest three children, or the heart ache of losing 3 wives and 3 Estates, it was of my seeing, receiving, and knowing so much of ZION but it having such a inconsequential effect.

I can hardly explain in words how inconsequential. Shall I yell at the ocean to yield her bounds or scream at the Mountains to flip my Pancakes, or stop a river with a rope type of inconsequential?

I can hardly conceive of a greater report of absolute and total failure in context with God's Successful Laws. 

Surely failure is my name and I missed the Planet ✈ I was expected on for success?

"For I am amongst those who can't stand God. Who hate his policies and practices?" "I do all in their power to cling to Hell as the last loaf of bread on Earth?" Is that the modern day Christianity Message?

The success among colleagues I must surely not seek here, but must travel back in Time for in an inclusion of Generations past. If God sent me to do a small thing, like cut a blade of grass, surely it is my call in life to return to him and say, " I just could not do it. I failed! "

I really hate that thought. Once you have tasted the Fruit of Zion you just can't go back though. I've tried that rationalization. It's miserable.

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A MOTION FOR A RELIEF OF JUDGEMENT or to REOPEN the Case due to the new evidence provided by a law enforcement investigation Cold Case Posse unit deputized under Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa Country AZ provided the evidence that Obama's long form birth certificate is a Fabricated Forgery, not an original, with the use of Johanna Ah'Nees identity birth certificate and was only recently released and available for criminal consideration by the Judicial Branch. See the video below

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