Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Elephant Gun of Bail Out meant to knock America out

The sign reads “You Deserve a Bailout Too”, and advertises a carton of cigarettes. Is the Federal Bailout Program as addictive as nicotine because if it is, our politicians are becoming chain smokers?

Ironically there may be more to this than meets the eye if we dig a little deeper. It’s not news that smoking cigarettes can increase your chances for cancer, increase those pursing wrinkles around your beautiful lips, reduce your ability to some activities that require stamina, and lead to a shorter life span.

Rather than list every bailout here is a link that gives a list of the 700 Billion included inTARP and an itemization of the commitments of over 12 Trillion, yes the big T which stands for “Governments Tab in Trillions”.

Like smoking cigarettes, the Government Bailouts can cause some of the same symptoms.

Increase the chances for cancer

A new catch phrase entered our psyche in 2008 “too big to fail”. We hadn’t heard or dared to utter that sentence that I can recall with memories of the Hindenburg and Titanic, but it crept back into our daily coms with businesses that in deed had failed for whatever reason.

Before I get jumped for being unsympathetic to those who may lose their jobs without a government bailout money let me state I’ve been on that receiving end when one day you’re going to work thinking all is well with your job and the next day the company is no more and you all get pink slips without any warning. It is very unnerving, but there are worse things that can happen, and believe it or not there are good things still happening in your life. The suns coming up, the seasons are a changing and your alignment with positive forces is at hand; and, there are always positive forces happening.

Now let me get back to those businesses deemed “too big to fail” and our discussion. Can bailouts cause cancer? What is a cancer but an unwanted growth that starts to feed off of the life of the body? The cancer wants a life of its own and begins taking over and infecting more and more of the body. One cancer recently proposed in Obama’s regime was legislation that last I heard had already passed the House in which the Government can come into your business, fire the President, take over the business if a public interest is deemed appropriate by the Government.

This in affect negates all the hard work a business owner may have suffered at the hands of the Government through the early hard years of building where you’re not too big to fail. Now your decisions are trumped by the Governments and it all was created by a mentality that “you’re too big to fail”.

Well, at what point in the business decision making process does the Government decide your decisions as a business owner are not appropriate? Was it just before that risky new gadget that they don’t think will sell comes out, but actually becomes a hit and doubles your income? Or was it that property you bought that was abit risky and put your sales to debt ratio at an inappropriate and unsafe level?

Updated here 4-22-2010 read newest attack on Constitution

Pursing wrinkles around the beautiful lips

Are regulations and industries unregulated when it comes to profit, really what the Government is seeking as a free radical hoping to cling to and begin sucking for life on, as a cancer? Personally I know of no other thing that would cause an owner, president, or C.E.O. of a business to receive the pursing wrinkles around the beautiful lips then seeing their company taken, and their advice and counsel overrun by someone like Obama. I mean can’t you just see the pursing of the lips? These are actually premature aging wrinkles and as the cancer sets in with the Government takeover, we can assume in their own way of doing business; over borrowing, selling out to foreign interest, and a complete disregard for living within their means that premature wrinkles in the business are pretty much a foregone conclusion. In the name of “too big to fail’ already, we have seen Obama regime single out CEOs of automotive manufacturing corporations, financial industries, drug manufacturers, and health insurance companies for special, public floggings. Surprise? President Obama has found a convenient, new villain, Goldman Sachs, to be publicly filleted, to help drive support for the President’s new, financial regulations and bank oversight legislation, more free radicals running through all in the name of “too big to fail”.

Smoking can reduce your ability to some activities that require stamina

I know because I smoked for a few years and noticed. The good news seems to be the ability of the lungs to regenerate and repair if permanent damage hasn’t happened yet. So, in business what requires stamina is sometimes not growing too fast, patience, and again that ‘risk’ taking when the feeling strikes you as a safe bet, or spiritually speaking, your moved by the Spirit after prayer. Ok, how can that be, a little example?

I have to relate when I was laid off at that business that sold I’d worked 5 years for, I’d started another business and signed a lease not 3 weeks prior. Of course getting laid off wasn’t in my business plan at all in fact just the opposite. With the bad news coming and in my shock and horror I knew I was put at a much higher rate of risk making a new business a primary source of income rather than a second depending on the first as a backup.

Interestingly enough, 1 week before that business was sold handing us all pink slips, I’d related a dream to many of my colleagues of a tornado coming through the business and all of us running for our ‘jobs’ (which seemed almost out of place, instead of the word “lives”) I made it out of the building in my dream and stood at an intersection wondering which way to go. I looked up and saw the traffic light was ‘green’. That’s when I woke up.

When the news come in the business had been sold, and they only wanted the equipment and stock, I reflected upon the intersection and wondered about my new endeavor not able to calculate opening business cost because of so many variables and types of equipment needed.

I recalled the “green light” and felt a sure feeling that God had calculated them for me and I was to proceed with the new business rather than try to get out of the lease. The business was opened with my last few dollars going to buy the OPEN sign. I never attributed that inspiration to being ‘lucky’.

Though after 2 years that business “was allowed” to fail, it was my place of employment for that period of time, and just as it provided some relief during that time, other things came into view on the horizon I hadn’t expected, nor could have calculated.

With the risk had come the reward, and that’s why I think it’s so important for America never to be ‘too big to fail’, because being ‘to big to fail’ is really a statement that clips the wings of an eagle that can truly soar, and saying it’s just as beautiful in a cage. What can ‘freedom’ do if it’s allowed to soar? Great heights that might not have been reached otherwise are now possible if it’s protected.

Life span is foreseeable as being cut short

As our Government has grown and as our regulations have increased and as our debt also has increased, something is happening that is very apparent to so many people. America’s life span is foreseeable as being cut short and subdivided. Our freedoms and liberties are being systematically clipped with little regard for the heights also being clipped in the dissemination of our Constitution which has allowed great heights in the past.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the political head of our Executive Branch being constitutionally unqualified and allowed to infect the body politic like a cancer who wants its own life at the cost of ours. While policy after policy is fought courageously sometimes and fictiously by the major opposing party, in the end Americans are losing at the great cost of keeping politicians deemed “too big to fail”.

America, it’s time for some chemotherapy to rid ourselves of the cancers in our body politic.

When a problem infects the credibility of a product or brand, you have to ‘restore’ it to the consumers. Toyota is working hard on the gas pedals in the biggest recall in history. America has the same problem with Obama. The world’s confidence in us as leaders has been hurt by the seeming disregard of our own Constitution. Hence, to restore confidence in America and to restore confidence with our citizens a restoration in our Constitution is paramount. That requires Obama leave the White House as he is not a natural born citizen.

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