Saturday, April 24, 2010

Obama's/Dems Mad Illegal Immigrants Are Not free in AZ.Sen.1070 NBC Embraces Slander in AZ.

The Group Obama Democrats want to remain free: Illegal Immigrants
NBC embraces slander of Arizona

NBC video slanders AZ Governor by stating “Arizona embraces profiling” on the headline of their video, in spite of the Governors statement at signing that she would demand basically a fair balance between the Bill she signed today and the law which prohibits racial profiling.

While Obama called the Bill she signed ‘misdirected’, NM Governor Bill Richardson acknowledges huge problems in AZ. with illegal’s crossing the border, and the Federal Governments laissez-faire, or doctrine that an economic system functions best when there is no interference by government. It is based on the belief that the natural economic order tends, when undisturbed by artificial stimulus or regulation, to secure the maximum well-being for the individual and therefore for the community as a whole.

This seems to be just about the only issue the Democrats seem to embrace laissez-fair, because they are into controlling everyone’s health care, the finances of all the banks, WallStreet, and every business in America, as well as Cap & Trade Global Warming.

So let’s get this straight; Democrats want to control the food ( Codex Alimentarius officially covers all foods) water and air everyone breaths, they want to control the doctors, the bankers, the lawyers, the insurance industry, WallStreet executives, main street CEO’s, but they don’t want to control of “illegal immigration” and the “illegal aliens” from entering the country illegally? What is their interest?

While the rest of America is subject to ‘controls’ in nearly every aspect of our lives, every American reporting taxes, employment, and getting licenses for near every aspect of our lives including, birth certificates, ( accept for Obama who has never had to show a long form birth certificate to any official and made his first executive order about his executive privilege not to), drivers licenses, business licenses this is the one area, and the only people they don’t want reporting to them, and don’t want control over, Why would that be?

Can you say massive instant legalization of immigration to ‘control’ the election through the flood of voters created, and Democrats are happy to provide the flood of immigration with a subsidy of about everything they could want much less need, just for their vote?

When we were bombed, or invaded, at Pearl Harbor the need for ‘profiling’ came into play for reasonable protections. The U.S. Japanese citizenry were put out of their way for the way in which they looked upon because of the danger that had proceeded. We tend to forget safety for the Japanese was a strong consideration for the Japanese encampments, not just national security.

So how does that compare to the illegal infiltration of mainly acknowledged Hispanic population from Mexico and the relatively large drug war being conducted as well the secure enforcement of our borders from say illegal substances or in a worst case scenario, a lost nuke-case being smuggled over our borders into the wrong hands, while we are have two wars going on by the admission of most everyone in Congress and that man living in the White House?

Arizona is being very gentle and considerate of a large portion of their population who most assuredly understand what the Governor said, in essence, “ This is for the protection of every Arizona Citizen, and at the same time we want to uphold every citizens Constitutional rights.”

On the bully empire pulpit considering Az. Sen. Bill 1070, Obama, in a wildly power hungry remark exemplifying runaway Federal Control over States, declared essentially that the lack of Federal Control in States creates “irresponsibility in others” meaning State Governors and State Law Makers are irresponsible without the Federal Government Controlling them, or in other words, States being allowed to make laws that suit their particular needs are irresponsible.

While Rachel Maddow, of the Rachel Maddow Show, said they were referring to this bill as the “papers please” bill, one possible reason she does so maybe a reasonable fear that Obama may have to show his papers proving he is a natural born citizen. Natural Born Citizens are those having been born by two U.S. Citizens and being born within the United States, so as to clear by two generations any ties to a foreign government.

The Constitutional Qualification only applies to United States President our forefathers reasonable considered because of the control of armies and the highest office within the Executive Branch an office demanded every ‘natural safe guard’ possible within natural law of at least two generation. Rachel often backs her claim of Obama’s citizenship based upon 2 newspaper announcement of birth that Hawaii’s Department of Health places upon any request of any ‘birth certificate’ applied for including those born abroad, as well those actually in Hawaii. So we have never seen Obama’s long form birth certificate, no one has. Could it be it doesn’t exist?

It is easily understood that the Framers were indeed born within the United States borders before the adoption of the Constitution, but did not consider themselves Natural Born Citizens, because they and their parents were not, thus in order to make for their own exceptions, they included the phrase, “Or a citizen at the time of the adoption of this Constitution”. George Washington himself was 55 years old when the Constitution was adopted in 1776. He and his parents had actually lived under the rule of Britain as British subjects to the King, the same citizenship subjection that Obama’s father had but they didn’t leave a grandfather clause open in the Constitution to include Obama, but The British Nationality Act does:

Barack Obama Sr. as a British citizen and subject to the laws of the British Nationality Act 1948 (BNA). The following sections establish that Obama Jr. was subject to the same laws at birth:

e.“ (1) Subject to the provisions of this section, a person born after the commencement of this Act (1948) shall be a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies by descent if his father is a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies at the time of the birth.”

You can’t be a duel citizen and President or Vice President and those guys probably don’t want American tax payer to know that illegal immigration is costing them about 13 billion a year.

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