Monday, October 10, 2011

A Conservative Democrat Alan Keyes for a Constitutional Stand

From WND's Editorial Post by Alan Keyes
Which conservatives embrace socialist politics?
My considered answer

A Conservative Democrat Alan Keyes for a Constitutional Stand

That said, I would expect Allan Keyes to have no problem endorsing me for President in the Democrat primary and caucuses, on the grounds I am not a Republican Candidate yet have taking a stand on Obama's ineligibility, with standing as a candidate in 2008 and now in 2012. Oh yes, He also ought to be pleased that I was not partisan on the issue and filed in Federal Court against McCain for his foreign birth if you believe the Natural Born Citizen clause embodies "Born in the United States to Citizen parents". I would say his criticism about the Democrat Party must include me as I'm part of it running for President as a Democrat legally registered with FEC and a natural born citizen.

His conclusions fall on their face, based on a one eyed few of the Democrat Candidate(s), politically unfair, constitutionally immoral, and because Keyes is black I could include 'racist', because I'm white? YouTube: CODE4PRES -

I would conclude perhaps he hadn't recognized me as a mainstream candidate because I have not been in any debates, but wait! The Democrats haven't had any because Obama won't debate!

I could also conclude that being recognized by the FEC, and President 2012 Org, having a web site, 125 videos most about eligibility, federal law court cases on eligibility, amicus curiae's in Keyes case against Obama, the only candidate in 2008 to take the witness stand against Obama under oath in a 10th Amendment Trial, an Amicus Curiae on behalf of Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, and several national stories available on my 2012 candidacy and committee formed entitled The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign, might somewhere have crossed Mr. Keyes personal vision, yet it is confirmed with his article that he himself accuses Republican Candidates of being blind, when he himself has not seen.

Mr. Keyes is a very articulate, educated, and bright minded person, but with the argument I've presented it is a somewhat clear conclusion that he himself has become part of the question, “How could the elect have been deceived?" I don’t take Mr. Keyes to be a fool because at least he has in common with my candidacy a sober conclusion that the eligibility of a president is pivotally important to our Supreme rule of law in and under the Constitution which is the only binding tie of the United States, and thus is tied directly to our economy. Our Constitution created our economy in so many ways, that it is not a stretch to say to the degree that our Constitution stands, our economy flourishes. The same math might be applied with a negative connotation- from the dilapidations of the principles of our Constitution our economy has become terribly troubled. We might even conclude domestically terrorized?

The answer may well be, (and if it is we must conclude another parallel with Mr. Keyes criticism with other Republican Candidates and himself as one who sweeps under the table the Constitutional light), “ Because they only looked at the ‘mainstream’ media for their news?

But what the heck, it’s still early enough for him to come clean with a little recognition and nudge with my request that he first- officially recognize my candidacy the same way the Federal Election Commission has, second – reconsider his analysis with the new factor, and retract from his conclusions the disparaging remarks about the two party system which indeed had good and constitutional candidates to choose from and support. - YouTube: CODE4PRES –


  1. I too wrote to Mr. Keyes asking him respectfully why he appears to be unaware of the one and only Democrat party presidential candidate, Cody Robert Judy, who rejects the socialist politics and challenges obama's eligibility. The 2-party system does work if we refuse to vote for the candidates who are no different from the current crop of lawmakers, judges, law enforcemnet officials and government officials at all levels of gov, who absolutely will not touch the obama eligibility issue, but vote for Cody who stands up tall for our US Constitution, including article 2!

    In keeping with supporting Cody Judy, I suggest the following fun and no cost way to spread the words -
    use the postage pre-paid envelopes from junk mails, including the Rs and Ds' 'survey' and solicitation for donation', to send a message, such as:
    "OMG - obama Must Go!
    Vote for Cody Robert Judy in the 2012 Democrat Primary!"

  2. ;) That's a great idea Chris- Thanks for posting!