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Re: Article in the Post & Email

Saturday, October 15, 2011 at 9:16 PM
Dear Ann, BobSR, Chris, Steve T and Sharon:

You are the reason we have hope, my heart becomes determined and my faith increases because of the “heart” you all demonstrate. Steve T has excellent suggestions for Mr. Dummett, as far as collateral or indirect attacks. For example I have entered complaints with both the House and Senate Judicial Committees challenging
Guyana-born New York attorney Abdul Hassan who is seeking FEC approval as a candidate for President.
My complaint revolves around the fact that if someone is not qualified how the MUDHOLE can the FEC allow them to raise funds from citizens on the basis of being a qualified candidate when they are in no way able to constitutionally qualify. Its like the FEC is encouraging fraud and a usurpation of the United States Constitution. Mind you this is a malignant organ of our Federal Government that has the ability to remove Obama from the ballot if we can get other FEC Candidates to complain and register their support for this endeavor it could help.

I wish Mr. Demmett all the luck as a candidate and hope he will take note from my actions in 2008 against McCain and Obama and realize depending upon a single Federal Court Judge to compromise Obama is politically speaking at least a 3-5 year process to the United States Supreme Court, which also takes a lot of time and money. I hope he can get in the GOP debates and work his way into the field. He does have to win the GOP nomination before he will get close to Obama.

While more Republican Citizens are behind the birther movement, they seem more willing to sleep with their candidates who are content to keep the issue under the carpet…however; I’m working on a secret project that may be a BIG SURPRISE to a lot of people that may or may not involve one major Republican Presidential Candidate that may with a concerted constitutional effort be seen as reaching across the isle with a match setting ablaze O’s White House for good.

This is the reason I ran as a Democrat, because I knew there would be no infiltration of the top R Candidates and the Media on the Eligibility Claim, Obama is not a natural born citizen! I have 50 possible shots at the State Caucuses and Primaries if people will get involved in their state. That’s much better odds than 1 General Election where Obama has raised just this quarter some 45 million that will dwarf even Mitt Romney’s and Rick Perry’s combined 30 million or so.

I believe firmly that any effort that does not have the eligibility clause firmly planted will not have the success the Republicans have placed their bets on because its a house of cards over our Country.

Of course the Post & Email will get the scoop first because I just love the Patriots involved with her. Yes, affectionately I called the P&E a ‘her’ because she reminds me of the Statue of Liberty, a place to blow the trumpet and hold the flame of liberty high.

God Bless You all- To all other we Birther Candidates are doing our best, but we do need your support and help financially. I’m determined to carry on and keep the campaign open, and your help will simply be put to commercials that will impact others to join our cause.

Its our Country, and our Constitution… its our Heart and Soul of America.

Cody Robert Judy

Post Note:
The following article serves to demonstrates the need for immediate Congressional Investigations in the 2008 elections and the integrity of the FEC as a watchdog serving the general electorate.

This article also demonstrates the need we can all do as part of a patriot march through out this country to get petititons to place me on the ballot for a primary with Obama and the need for signatures to be legit, with phones, addresses, and signitures.

Everyone who is motivated in their state can begin this process at locations appropriately traveled by voters for our Country and Constitution.

Post Note 2
I'm sure that given the choice of facing removing Obama for scandals like 'fast & furious gunwalker' verses removing him for being ineligiable by our Constitution's standards, Congress would prefer the former.

Big Media Outlets Ignore Corruption

Any Attorney General who refuses to uphold the Constitution on our Commander-In-Chiefs qualification demands is certainly deserving of fast and furious justice sweeping down on him. A.G. Eric Holder, your a disgrace for protecting your corrupt boss. Get an honest job!

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  1. The ideals presented are yea and amen. It would add higher credibility to use spell check in formulating the platform statements. i.e. signatures vs. signitures in the above article.

    Make us proud.