Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Standard Betrayal- Its the other guy Kicking Cain to the Curb

The standards of service that the Media has become accustomed to serving the public now is akin to the repugnant regurgitation standards most politicians dish-up as policy citing the economy as priority over the Constitution.

Gone are the standards that lifted us up with fair and unbiased journalism, replaced with the fear that reporting something without ridicule, cynicism, and a blatant misperception would raise the ire of fellow colleagues?

Recently there was an article I found myself in that was simply a case in point vis-à-vis entitled: “What’s ahead Nov. 1: for 2012 GOP hopefuls, it’s the economy”, by James Q. Lynch.

While committed for reporting to the Iowa Public concerns about the Iowa Caucus coming their way in just two short months, the author at 2011 was unmercifully blatant in this degenerate transformation of journalism for no other reason that could be ascertained but for pure political motive. That motive is and would be to get Barack Obama re-elected.

Now I resolutely understand that presidential candidates can’t tell a reporter what to say, or how to say it, nor will they probably ever be completely satisfied with what a reporter would call a ‘gleaming article full of softballs’, however, such a gross misrepresentation to the public which I’m about to express, is either highway robbery of the truth or such a gleaning of the kernels of truth that the ear of corn is easily rendered as barren.

I am also aware that in the industry of print, 5 paragraphs of a straggly 14, which included the unimpressive action of some 7 GOP hopeful presidential candidates in the National Association of Manufacturers forum at the Vermeer Corporation headquarters, is considered a literary climax about my campaign, the best of which for a strident reader at least includes a place to go: “his website”.

The introductory paragraph rivals me as a challenger to Obama, along with anti-abortionist Randall Terry who also has toted his campaign to Eastern Iowa, and the two closing paragraphs are mostly filled with exact quotes from my email. I can’t complain about those or I’d have to eat my own words, something Mitt Romney is acclimatized towards with his, and Herman Cain is getting a lesson in now.

The most important framing two paragraphs, which sum collectively up for the reader some facts, may make his reader’s faces resemble the Texas Rangers who lost in the World Series; filled with such hope just before losing game 7 to the dark horse,St. Lois Cardinals, that paraded their way back to win.

To quote his third paragraph, “ However Judy, who according to his website, is single but thrice married father of three, 5’10”,200 pounds, graduate of- I’m not making this up- Box Elder High School and now a meat wholesaler, believes the president can use some toughening up.”

Now to get a sensible grasp of the gravitational pull downward you need to go to my web site and read CRJ’s Bio Page. While the author excuses himself pre-mortally by saying it was a ‘quick read’ of my email that suggested to him, rather wisely, I wasn’t convinced I could win the nomination, Mr. Lynch really hangs three things out to fry; my family, my education, and my political point of view.

My family: he says I have 3 children when I have 4, which are all recognized in the same paragraph of my bio. He says’ I’ve been ‘thrice’ married? Is that even a word? How about “once, twice, three times a lady”? That’s the equivalent of a homophobic calling a homosexual a queer in public. I’m heterosexual and am not opposed to being married; big deal. 50% of the American populations been divorced if I got all their votes I’d win. Could I be offended?

In the same connotation of personal attack, Herman Cain gets excited about the word ‘nigger’ he says, white guy Gov. Rick Perry can’t say it, write it, or think about saying it or he’s offended? Is there a better word to describe every American’s portion of 14 Trillion in debt?

Yeah, I understand his version of “freedom of speech” perfectly and where he draws the line on hate speech and potentially incarcerating violators singular to their race and vocabulary. So yea I’ve been married three times and I’m single now. I haven’t been married for 25 years. At least there’s potential for all the eligible single ladies to decorate the White House, but Mr. Cain better understand that when he plays the race card, it’s not his race to win, and its a cheap way to get nominated for debates with Obama. I don't think America's gonna go for it a second time.

My education: Mr. Lynch doesn’t recognize a 3.7 GPA throughout a B.A. Degree from Utah State University that is printed in the exact same paragraph that he got my high school name from. It’s an insult to both, as there is a box elder bug, and a U.S.U, however the good news is unlike Obama, I’m a natural born citizen, won’t seal my education records, and my social security card hasn’t been someone else’s. These things are supposed to be 'mainstream'.

And finally, my political point of view- Mr. Lynch merely says the page suggest I am a Birther. My oh my, I don’t know of a suggestion that could be so blatantly minimized when it calls for exclamation. Hell yes I’m a birther! I’m the only Presidential Candidate in his whole article that is taking a stand for the Constitution, which I remind everyone is the only document that holds 50 separate States together in the greatest hope of united freedom and liberty the world has ever seen. I’m a Patriot of the United States.

I am not like the other mealy mouthed, fraud and forgery defenders, tromping the constitution mentioned in his article whom actually call the occupant of the White House the “P” word rather than the Occupant, disgracing and discrediting the Supreme Law of the Land with the very breath of life it takes in honoring those whom have been valiant for our Country with their blood, dying for our Constitution and its united demands in our Republic. I am the Reviver of the true Democrat Party.

Yes, I am different in that I don’t carry a push-broom around so I can sweep under the carpet the very document I’m prepared and will swear to preserve and protect so help me God, like all those Republican Candidates have in front of them to protect their racist stands for presidential qualifications, and warrants for civil unrest and protest.

We all know they gave the foreign born, 2 time Congressional Action, Panama loving McCain a pass so they had to put tape on their mouth about Obama’s not being a natural born citizen while they sold 2 generations of Americans down the slave entrenched China river, rather than taking a stand for the United States Constitution, but I did not.

Those 7 GOP Candidates you call “hopefuls” represent protocol for the 7 deadly disasters with which if you elect you will serve up every American Youth as a sacrifice to indentured servitude; there again violating our Constitution Amendment abolishing slavery started from Clinton's revokation of Glass Steagal Act running right through Bush's Iraq-Afghanistan and Obama's Tarp II spending sprees. We've been betrayed and sound Constitutional principle would have prevented this debacle.

On high horses they wonder what mal-content the youth in the occupy WallStreet protest could possibly have against your Republi-Cons and their blow horns Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, who can’t even recognize the demands our Constitution has made from Sept 17th 1787 till now, near 225 years, on the President’s qualification demands, while fraud and forgery flash before their eyes, and they sold out the very people who elected them for protection from slavery?

My name’s Cody Robert Judy and I’m running for President of the United States of America because there isn’t another Presidential Candidate who’s taking a stand for our Constitution. If you like those values and believe their credible you’ll have no problem supporting my candidacy. If you don’t like those values well there’s a host of disasters to choose from.


  1. Wow very nice site Cody, I've been writing about the Cain situation a great deal and haven't put up the posts yet, please feel free to grab anything off my site and use it as your own. Track backs are always appreciated. Thanks for visiting AchargingElephant/WethePeople J.C.

  2. Thank You J.C., and I am apreciative of your time and talent at A Charging Elephant/ We The People. I appreciate your "news blast" and find them very informative and most importantly defending of our U.S. Constitution.