Friday, November 4, 2011

Why Gov. Jon Huntsman would not be a good President America?

Why former Gov. Jon Huntsman would not be a good President America? He fails to protect, preserve, and defend the Constitution. Quite frankly Gov. Huntsman, with your inflated use of the word 'germane' in the following interview seen at the end of this post, I'm surprised you don't find running for President 'germane' to upholding the Constitution.

This email was sent to Mr. Huntsman at his campaign website between Oct. 10th and October 24th,2011 and the video at was loaded up on October 29th,2011.

Dear Mr. Jon Huntsman:
RE: 2 suggestions for you to change the tide.

I am a candidate for President on the Democrat side, and with your help I think a mutual benefit could take place-Obama called in by a Congress for verification of Constitutional Qualification Hearings.

1-Barack Obama is not a natural born citizen with a foreign born father- Our Constitution demands that only a natural born citizen is qualified to be President. There are no GOP Candidates who have the courage or political resume to bring this up with the main stream media without being labeled a racist, as Donald Trump was, accept for me(accept I'm running as a D), because of the strings attached to them with McCain’s good ole boy non-binding U.S. Sen. Resolution 511 endorsed by all Republicans.

I apposed McCain in Fed Court Judy v. McCain as well as Obama as a candidate in 2008 thus do not have the 'racist' tag around my neck. I hope and pray you will find that in running for President you now can be a bigger voice in support for the Constitutional Principle demanding a natural born citizen then Mr. Donald Trump.

You could help to unite The Birther Movement across party lines totally eliminating Obama from the Democrat nomination in 2012, as well as dismantling in history Obama as the legitimate 44th president of the United States made secure only by the biggest perpetrated fraud and forgery upon the American People in our history. Obama’s sitting in the White House is an embarrassment to our Nation, our Constitution, and the blood of all that has been defensively spilt and this by God cannot stand.

The Birther Movement among Republicans was around 75% who felt Obama was not qualified. While partisan politics may play out running for President, we should be able to come together for the Constitution and agree the law at the time of Obama's birth demanded "born in the U.S. with Citizen parents."

If you took this issue on by yourself, I think you'd be hammered just like Trump was. However, if you brought this up with me, with my resume in suing McCain, I believe you would gain a huge bump for courage in the Republican party setting your campaign out from all the rest. One only need ask the question, who would any of the Republican Candidates rather go up against in a General Election, myself or Obama?

That said, defending the Constitution and coming together with a Democrat Candidate for president in that common goal, would and could necessarily put many more Republicans and Independents in your corner as well as attracting for your campaign an infusion of courage.

The story of your coming out in support of Art 2, Sect 1, Clause 5 and calling our Constitution more than just rhetoric, and Obama a moron (referenced for Jon using the word that week) for thinking he could get away with it, would garner you tremendous support for standing for the truth while your fellow GOP Candidates for President were willing to sweep it under the carpet.

Its bold, beautiful, and could be the biggest national boost to separate you from the pack politically available. The key would be not to alienate someone like me who has been in the fight. I sued McCain before he was made the nominee at the RNC in 2008.

This could actually be seen as your reaching your hand across the aisle, because I am running as a Democrat. I was ready to offer my Birther Resume to Trump but he was a plant for Obama to release his Long Form B.C. and cement it without review and Oprah's endorsement. I believe the Presidential Race is the only arena that could bring this out again for review with the same force Obama tried to close it with putting out the forgery. With so many candidates in the GOP Presidential Race funds are hard to come by, and setting oneself apart even harder with voters. Standing up for the Constitution Mr. Huntsmen is never and could never be even framed as a bad thing when the President's job is to preserve and to protect it. I extend my hand to you in this patriotic endeavor.

Emailing me or calling the number and leaving a number for me to call back would probably be the best way to get together if you'd like to pursue this endeavor. "Utah boys make good on the Constitution", that’s the kind of story the restores faith in Government and Politics for our up and coming generations who are so demoralized by the crookedness and corruption that hope is all but lost.

Cody Robert Judy

After Receiving this letter Gov. Huntsman blows it with the following remarks which refer our U.S. Constitution's demands for a President to be a natural born citizen as 'NonSensical". Quite frankly, I find running for President 'germane' to defending the U.S. Constitution Gov. Huntsman and I've found your position afar left of the Constitution along with your fellow Republican Candidates for President.

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