Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cody Robert Judy asked, "Is the Democrat Party Doomed in light of Georgia?"

Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S. C. Eligibility Campaign is the campaign committee honored to represent Cody Robert Judy who is also a patriot courageously standing up for the Constitution in the Atlanta Georgia Obama Eligibility Hearings represented by Orly Taitz, as a Democrat in the disregard of the demands of the Constitution by Barack Obama.

Proceedings in the hearing were concluded around 11 am Jan. 26th, 2012 and Cody Robert Judy twittered comments regarding the proceeding during the hearing which can be viewed at .

For a reporters view of the hearings:

A very good blow by blow of the hearing held is found here

Also,Dr. Jerome R. Corsi of WND reported on the hearing here:
Sharon Rondeau reported from the Post & Email here:

From the Huffington Post we see a head line that was searing in its nature about the contempt Obama has for the rule of law-
Obama Birther Case In Georgia Unlikely To Bring The President, Despite Judge's Order.

“I was sadly disappointed for America to see the arrogance of Obama and his attorney to boycott the hearing after responding with a “motion to quash the Subpoena” on record and a second attempt to run around the whole proceeding with a document letter to Georgia Sec. of State Kemp which also was responded to.” , said Mr. Judy.

When asked about how the Democrat Party should feel about Obama’s boycott, “ As far as the Democrat Party is concerned I am embarrassed about Obama’s behavior in a very simple request to produce some documents that have never been produced and to address the concerns I have represented in my complaint along with Georgia Citizens. Obviously not all Democrats boycotted the hearing, I was there represented and I feel representing the Constitution for the Democrat Party. Remember we are all Americans under the Constitution.”

“The concern I have is that all of America will think that the Democrat Party is representing an example of snubbing a court of law if things don’t go your way with a couple of motions you get denied, that is not the case, and Obama is not representing the values and principles of America the Democrat Party is accustom to representing.” Cody Robert Judy said.

When the Democrat Candidate for President was asked what he thought would be the outcome of the hearing he said, “Well, if I were in the Judges place and I realized first hand Obama’s attorney had responded to the Subpoena and also been warned by the Secretary of State in Georgia that boycotting the hearing might be a bad idea, I would have to consider all the evidence presented on its face value as un-challenged by Obama and or his representative Attorney and thusly fact if it was comprehensive to law and rational understanding. In that light, not only recommend Obama not be allowed on the ballot due to his ineligibility of not being a natural born citizen, but I would have to certify my contention that a criminal investigation was needed due to the crimes being represented in social security fraud, identity fraud or perhaps be guilty of misprision of felony myself.”

“It seems Obama has no empathy or moral code to throw as many people under the bus as he can. Those who have been run over find themselves having to go along or be tried for sedition or treason themselves. This narcissism knows no bounds and victimizes everyone around him including very sadly his family.”

“If it hasn’t become clear to the American People by now it should be very clear now that we have in the White House a man who not only is not qualified, but has known he was not qualified, and made every effort to make us think otherwise. This is the essence of fraud, forgery, and deceit. If the leadership of the Democrat Party continues to align itself with such principles it will find itself extinct. I have offered a reasonable choice and extended my hand for the sound principles America was built on and to represent to everyone the Democrat Party is alive and well with the standard of the Constitution.”

“I would encourage all Democrats to see the writing on the wall and understand the Titanic did sink when it struck the iceberg that was infinitely bigger than the ship. As such our Constitution and America and all those who have died and do now fight for our Constitution is infinitely bigger than the corruption of Obama’s actions as one man.”

“It is time to jump into the life boats, and begin representing a clear and Constitutional choice in my candidacy, which is clearly a clean message compared to the mainstream Republican Candidates who we see are very willing to sweep the dirt under the carpet, as well as our Constitution, and that’s not the President’s job or oath!”

Cody Robert Judy website can be seen at , his blog , and 142 videos on his YouTube Station CODE4PRES.
The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign

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